Gundam X Ep. 28: Is Shooting My Only Option?


Jamil meets with Willis and Luchs to discuss what they will do next. Luchs tells Jamil that their surrender goes into effect in four days, so the Freeden will have to leave before then. After Jamil leaves, Willis suggests having a final dinner with the crew of the Freeden. Luchs tells him they have many things to do before the surrender, but Willis makes it an order. Elsewhere, Yurina kisses Roabea goodbye and tells him she’ll be back after work. Roabea goes back inside the house and examines the weapons underneath Yurina’s bed. In Estardo, Kid tells Rococo and Nine to enjoy the extravagant food before they go back to the junk served on the Freeden. Several men ask Witz about Lee’s last moments, but he doesn’t feel like talking about it. Garrod and Willis talk on a balcony outside, and Willis laments not being able to talk to Garrod longer. He says he wanted to become strong like Garrod, but Garrod doesn’t think of himself as strong. Willis tells Garrod that even if he doesn’t see his goal, he’s cutting his own path and making his own destiny. Grant takes Jamil aside to speak to him about Willis. When the Freeden takes off the next day, Toniya wonders if Roabea will come back. Elsewhere, the Frost brothers present pilot Milra Draid with the gigantic mobile suit Gable. Shagia promises him a two rank promotion for defeating the Double X, and Olba asks him if he’s afraid of death. Milra answers that he is seeking death and wants to live his life to the extreme to die. Yurina asks Roabea if he’s going to return to the Freeden because the ship will pass close to them. She tells him that even though he acts like an adult, he’s really a kid because he runs away from answers. Yurina’s guerilla friends from the National Liberation Front come to her house, and Tessa Tain asks Roabea to join them. Roabea refuses, and Tessa pulls his gun out. Yurina blocks them and tells them they’ve gone mad because using force when people don’t agree is the way of the New U.N.E.. One of the guerillas informs them that New U.N.E. soldiers are surrounding the area. The guerillas then escape by jumping out the window. Roabea tells Yurina she’s strong, but she says she only wants to believe in other people. Roabea realizes that’s what he lives for and tells Yurina he likes her. As she goes out the window, a New U.N.E. sniper shoots her in the heart. In a desert canyon, the Freeden stops to pick up Willis as planned. Garrod goes out to meet with Willis and Grant. Willis wonders if his cowardice can be forgiven since he’s abandoning his people. The ground begins to shake, and the massive Gable appears in front of them. Garrod runs back to the ship to take off in the Double X, followed by Witz in the Airmaster Burst.

Garrod and Witz attack Milra, but the Gable’s armor deflects their beam weaponry. Witz tries to attack from the air and crashes while avoiding the Britova’s punch. Milra moves in on Witz, but Garrod attacks him from behind. Jamil asks Willis if he’s ever seen a battle before, and Willis says it’s his first time. Tiffa comes to the bridge and tells Jamil she senses something is wrong. At the canyon’s entrance, Gastar’s Pyrons and tanks approach the Freeden with orders to prevent Willis from escaping. On the Bandaal, Romanov orders his soldiers to clean up the remaining guerilla forces in Estardo. Roabea holds Yurina in his arms, and as she dies she asks him to return to his friends. Tessa tells Roabea to leave because he doesn’t belong there. He pulls a pin out of a grenade and rushes towards several New U.N.E. soldiers before he explodes. In the canyon, Garrod and Witz continue their futile attacks on the Gable. Milra grabs the Double X and punches it repeatedly with the Gable’s massive arms. Jamil asks Kid if the GX Divider is ready, and Kid tells him he modified the cockpit to work without the G-controller. Willis asks Jamil if he’s going to fight, and Jamil answers that everyone on the Freeden fights when they must. Jamil launches in the GX Divider and shoots at the Gable to rescue Garrod. However, their subsequent attacks still prove useless. Roabea drives into the Freeden‘s hangar and launches in the Gundam Leopard. He viciously attacks the Gable and is warned by Jamil that beam weapons won’t work. Milra grabs Roabea and begins to crush his hands. Roabea fires all his shell firing weapons at point blank range and destroys his own arms in the process. With the Gable’s armor damaged, the other Gundams fire all their beam weapons at it. As the Gable explodes, Milra cries out because he has achieved the thrill he was looking for. Shagia and Olba conclude he wasn’t a Newtype either and leave. Gastar’s forces approach the Freeden, and Willis decides to hand himself over. Grant objects, but Willis insists that he has to take responsibility. Later, he meets with Luchs in the palace and finds a dinner waiting for him. Luchs tells Willis he can die happily now that Willis is becoming a true leader. Willis doesn’t understand, and Luchs explains that he made a deal with the New U.N.E. to take full blame for the war and face execution to spare Willis. Willis cries in Luchs’ arms, and Luchs tells him that’s the last time he can ever cry in front of people. Later, Willis signs the declaration of surrender, giving the New U.N.E. total victory in the conquest of South Asia.


The Estardo saga comes to an end, but not before some personal tragedies occur and big decisions are made. I’d always assumed that Luchs was some kind of snake working to use Willis for his own benefit, but in reality it was the exact opposite. He was always looking out for Willis and in the end forfeited his life so that Willis can live on. That’s certainly more meaningful than Lee’s pointless death, which accomplished nothing. Roabea’s wandering and brief fling with Yurina comes to a tragic end, but you knew he had to return to the Freeden eventually. Her death puts him into a sort of berserker mode, which is evident by his wild attack on the Gable. The third card playing maniac also fails, and yet again the Frost brothers don’t seem disappointed. After failing to accomplish anything in Estardo, what will the Freeden face next?

Original Review: August 24, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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