Gundam X Ep. 30: I Feel Like I’ll Never See You Again


On Sains Island, Ennil continues to face off against the New U.N.E.’s Daughtress mobile suits. A man named Nicola Fafas watches Ennil from a helicopter flying overhead and is impressed by her abilities as a mobile suit pilot. In Europe, Bloodman holds a meeting with his senior staff to discuss the difficulties in conquering North America. The officers tell Bloodman that they weren’t expecting the Vultures to unite with the mercenary mobile suit pilots against them. They wonder how they should release the news from space, which will unite the people of Earth. On the Freeden, Toniya wonders what the Newtype Labs is like, but no one knows. In the mobile suit hangar, Kid shows Roabea and Witz the newly upgraded Gundam Leopard Destroy. He wants to show it off to Garrod, but they tell Kid not to bother him. Garrod fidgets in his chair while posing for a portrait that Tiffa is drawing. Elsewhere, Nicola introduces Ennil to a bunch of suspicious men in a bar who are to be her comrades. Shagia arrives at the Newtype Labs, which is actually a hidden city built within a mountain. At the same time Olba lands on the Bandaal with information concerning the Newtype Labs. Shagia meets with head researcher Caron Latt and tells her that Jamil and Tiffa are on their way. He thinks that Tiffa is the last chance for the Flash System since all the other candidates failed. Caron thinks fighting Vultures will be difficult, but Shagia wants her to play a game and welcome Jamil. He tells her that once Jamil is lured in, he will lead a task from from the General Staff Office in an attack. On the Bandaal, Olba tells Capt. Kazov that the Newtype Labs is arranging secret meetings with Jamil to overthrow the New U.N.E. and establish a new government. Shagia takes off in the Gundam Virsago and departs just as Nicola’s helicopter lands. Garrod is awakened during the night by a knock on his door and finds Tiffa crying outside. She tells him that she had a dream where she’d never see him again. Garrod tells her such a thing won’t happen and promises to be with her forever. He watches her turn around a corner, but she turns around and watches him back. In the morning, the Freeden approaches the Newtype Labs and is hailed by Caron. She welcomes Jamil, and when he asks how she knows him, she tells him any Newtype researcher would know who he is. She offers to guide his ship in, but he insists on going alone. Nearby, Shagia and Olba head for the facility with a large force of Balients. Olba is happy because the day has arrived for them to destroy everything.

Jamil meets with Caron to discuss Newtypes. She says that Newtypes possess tremendous power in war, and he says that because he knows that he must deny it. He says that Newtypes aren’t tools for war, and she retorts that anyone who has an ability should use it. Caron says that wars give birth to Newtypes and that they will create the future. Jamil tells her he saw the future once, but the future still depends on what people do. She asks what he would do if she told him she planned on continuing to use Newtypes, and Jamil responds that he would destroy the facility. Caron laughs and tells him it is he who must surrender. Outside, the General Staff Office’s task force attacks the Freeden. Garrod and Witz take to the skies while Roabea stays on deck with the Leopard Destroy. Several Balients attack him, but he unleashes his new weapons on him and destroys them. Shagia calls Caron and tells her the plan has change. He and Olba blast their way into the facility and begin destroying everything. Before killing Caron, they tell her that Category F’s will make the future, not Newtypes. Despite their telepathic abilities, they hate scientists for rejecting them simply because they couldn’t use the Flash System. In the carnage, one of Nicola’s dying companions asks him to continue the Barbena operation. Nicola finds Jamil and offers to fly him to safety in a helicopter. A Balient appears behind the helicopter, but Garrod destroys it and escorts the helicopter to the Freeden. Shagia prepares to attack with the megasonic gun, but he is interrupted when Jamil attacks with the GX Divider. Nicola kidnaps Tiffa from her room and shoots at Kid when he tries to stop him. He takes Tiffa in his personal helicopter and escapes from the ship. Garrod chases Nicola and fends off a barrage of missiles. Suddenly, a Space Shuttle with a rocket booster takes off carrying Tiffa and Nicola. In Europe, Bloodman decides to make public the news that the S.R.A. forces still exist. He doesn’t want the S.R.A. forces to land in North America and team up with Vultures, so he believes announcing this news will show the people they still have an enemy in space and that the old war isn’t over. As the shuttle heads for the upper atmosphere, Garrod desperately chases it but is unable to catch up. He shouts out that he wants Tiffa back because he promised he would be with her and has many things he wants to say to her.


After a few mentions a long time back in Zonder Epta, we finally see the Newtype Labs. Now, the motive of the Frost brothers is clear. They hate the concept of Newtypes and feel insulted that their special power was overlooked because of their failure with the Flash System. They believe they will make the future, and that apparently involves killing every Newtype they can find. Thanks to their devious nature, they play the Newtype Labs and the New U.N.E. against each other perfectly. Bloodman makes the surprising revelation that the S.R.A. still exists and is slowly advancing on Earth. I guess that mean the old war will continue. It also looks like Garrod will have to go into space to chase after his beloved Tiffa.

Original Review: August 24, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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