HG-02R Rick-Do Gyanko


Model number: HG-02R
Code name: Rick-Do Gyanko
Unit type: custom mobile suit model kit
Inspiration: Kaoruko Sazaki; MS-09R Rick Dom (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Builder: Tateo Sazaki
Dimensions: overall height 24.5 meters
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: plastic
Equipment and design features: none
Fixed armaments: beam bazooka, mounted on flexible arm behind right shoulder; giant bazooka, mounted on flexible arm behind left shoulder; diffuse beam gun, mounted in chest
Optional hand armaments: heat saber, stored on backpack

HG-02R Rick-Do Gyanko was a custom Gunpla built by Tateo Sazaki. It used an “MS Girl” aesthetic and combined the likeness of his older sister Kaoruko with the MS-09R Rick Dom from the 1979-80 anime TV series Mobile Suit Gundam. Rick-Do Gyanko’s armaments mirrored its anime inspiration and included a giant bazooka, a beam bazooka, a diffuse beam gun and a heat saber.

Pilot: Tateo Sazaki
First appearance: Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue
Original mechanical designer: Fumikane Shimada


Build Fighters Battlogue Info

Masami Obari

Yousuke Kuroda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Takayuki Yanase
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Kenichi Ohnuki

Musical Composer(s):
Yuuki Hayashi
Asami Tachibana

5 episodes

Internet Release:
Japan 08.04.2017 – 12.07.2017
Global 08.04.2017 – 12.07.2017


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