Macross 7 Ep. 36: Men’s Passionate Song


A soldier reports to Geperuniti that Rax is completely surrounded, but Geperuniti is concerned that something will happen to Gigile and Sivil and wonders if Anima Spiritia is the cause. As he sleeps in his Excalibur, Basara dreams of facing down a mountain as a boy and playing guitar. He then dreams of himself there as a man, with Sivil standing atop the mountain. Basara wakes up and suddenly takes off, waking up Mylene. Outside the Macross 7 fleet, Barton forces the Jamming Birds members to sing and march in Thunderbolts as part of their training. Max watches the training and comments that it’s not suited for combat, but then he realizes the same goes for Basara and Mylene. Max calls Ray to find out about Mylene, but Ray tells him he doesn’t have any news. A gust of wind hits Basra’s fangirl, causing her radio and bouquet to fall in a river. Basara reaches a strange area over the ocean covered with dark clouds and decides to fly into it. Experiencing heavy turbulence inside, his Excalibur’s engines give out and send him into a freefall, but he recovers and discovers a volcano with Sivil and a giant image of herself floating over it. His controls malfunction again, and he barely recovers in time to get back up to the side of the volcano. Basara hears Gigile’s voice and sees him standing overhead. Gamlin and Mylene continue their search to no avail, so Gamlin suggests splitting up. Gigile takes off and heads for Sivil, and Basara follows until his engines give out again. Gigile tells him he won’t be able to fly because of energy faults, so Basara switches to GERWALK mode. Gigile tries to knock Basara aside, but Basara pulls ahead of him and begins to climb the volcano in Battroid mode. Gamlin calls Mylene and asks her not to sing because it will set off his song detector. A rockslide begins on the volcano, sending Basara tumbling down past Gigile, who ignores him and keeps climbing, even though Basara is unconscious.

Gigile continues to climb, but he stops and goes back down to dig Basara’s Excalibur out of the rubble. Given their pasts, he wonders why he’s stopping to help Basara. Basara wakes up, and Gigile tells him to not be so clumsy. Basara asks Gigile why he rescued him, and Gigile answers that he just needs Basara to wake Sivil up, but he’ll kill him later. Basara says that Gigile woke her up, but Gigile explains that she’s not really awake yet. Gigile falls when a rock gives way, but Basara catches him. Gigile asks him why he isn’t singing yet, and Basara says he’ll sing when he wants to. As he flies around, Gamlin wonders if Basara has forgotten how to sing. Basara suggests that they travel through a cave since Gigile’s Elgersoln is too damaged to climb. Gigile ignores him, and just then one of his arms falls off. They walk through the cave, and Basara rescues Gigile when the floor crumbles over a lava pit. Basara can’t pull up, and Gigile’s Elgersoln begins to sink into the lava. He fires his weapons and says he doesn’t want to die holding hands with Basara. With the Elgersoln almost completely submerged in the lava, Gigile jumps out of the cockpit and climbs up to the Excalibur, saying he can’t die until he rescues Sivil. Basara flies up and smashes into the chamber where Sivil is floating in suspension. Gigile runs over to her, but he gets electrocuted by an energy field. Basara takes the shock with his Excalibur and tells Gigile to hurry over to Sivil. Basara then jumps out of the cockpit, and the electrical field vanishes. The chamber begins to crumble, and Sivil sinks into a hole. Gigile drops down into the hole after her, and Basara begins singing “Power to the Dream.” Gamlin and Guvava pick up Basara, and they head over to the location. As the volcano sinks into the ocean, Gigile begins singing as well. Sivil begins to rise up again and wakes up when she hears Basara’s voice. Water rushes into the cave as the volcano completely sinks into the ocean. Gamlin and Mylene arrive too late and fly overhead as a light emerges from where the volcano was. An enormous building then rises out of the ocean, with Basara, Gigile and Sivil standing on its steps.


Basara’s quest finally comes to an end as he and Gigile both discover Sivil in a mysterious volcano. Although Gigile is still cranky and antagonistic, he rescues Basara. Even though he says he’s just using Basara and plans to kill him, it’s clear he doesn’t mean it. If he didn’t believe in what Basara was doing, he wouldn’t sing himself. Meanwhile, we see Barton try to train the Jamming Birds for battle in just about the most wrong way possible. I doubt marching and being forced to sing is going to give the Jamming Birds the same passion as Fire Bomber has. Barton knows music has power, but he doesn’t really understand why it does or how it works, seeing it only through a military lens. Sivil’s awakening also unveils a strange building that was underwater, with more mysteries to be revealed.

Original Review: July 19, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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