Macross 7 Ep. 38: Sivil of the Forbidden Planet


Squads of Thunderbolts fly patrols around Rax at night in search of the Protodeviln. Gigile emerges from hiding and runs through the forest with Sivil. Elsewhere, Gamlin, Basara and Mylene fly away from the Protoculture ruins on a transport. Gamlin is bothered that they lost a chance of finding out how to destroy the Protodeviln. With repairs completed, Battle 7 docks with City 7. Milia asks Max why he didn’t tell her about the Protoculture ruins, but they’re interrupted when Miho calls about enemy sightings. When Max returns to the bridge, Sally tells him that they’ve picked up 70,000 ships that were hiding behind the asteroids. Geperuniti calls Max and says they’ll absorb Spiritia forever as part of the Spiritia Farm. Exsedol interprets that to mean that they’re livestock, and Max wants to get off Rax. Ray asks Basara about his trip, and Basara says he saw the whole galaxy. Finally reunited, Fire Bomber begins practice by performing “Planet Dance.” Geperuniti gives orders to kill Gigile and Sivil for interfering with his dream. A Thunderbolt spots Gigile and opens fire, and another plane moves in to capture them. The planes are suddenly destroyed when Gavil arrives with a strike team of Panzersolns. One unit tries to suck Spiritia from Sivil, but Gigile knocks the pilot out and steals the unit. Gavil opens fire on Gigile, and the Varauta ships open fire on a Thunderbolt unit, blocking all escape routes from Rax. Exsedol says they may have to become livestock, and Max decides to fold from their current location. Exsedol tells him that folding from a planet’s surface is extremely dangerous, but Max orders them to proceed. The fleet begins to fold, and Geperuniti proclaims that it’s Spiritia Dreaming. The Macross 7‘s fold system suddenly fails due to a space-time warp, and the same occurs with the rest of the fleet. The distortion is caused by an energy wave created by Valgo undersea.

Geperuniti calls Max again and says they can’t resist his dreams, but Max ignores him and orders their forces to attack. A Thunderbolt squad attacks Valgo, but a squad of Panzersolns arrives and attacks them. Emerald Force fights the Panzersolns, joined by Gamlin. Sound Force launches as well, and Chiba sends out the sound boosters. Basara begins singing “Holy Lonely Light,” and the song energy generated by him and Mylene hits Valgo. Nearby, Gigile fights off his pursuers, but he’s hit and Glavil grabs Sivil. Basara breaks off and flies over to rescue Sivil. Gigile tries to attack Gavil, and his Panzersoln is destroyed. Gigile flies out on his own, and Gavil is surprised because Gigile’s body hasn’t awakened yet. Gigile begins to glow as he sings “Power to the Dream,” and Basara joins him. Glavil is repulsed by the music and flies away, and Gavil smacks Gigile with his Zaubergeran. He then attacks Sivil, and Gigile’s Protodeviln body awakes and appears on Rax. Gigile holds Sivil in his hands and says he won’t forgive anyone who tries to kills Sivil. Gigile begins to glow with dark power and destroys the surrounding Panzersolns, as well as Gavil’s Zaubergeran. Sally reports that the space ahead of them is disappearing. Sound Force is protected by an energy shield created from their music. Gigile’s body feels heavy stress as the black space continues to spread, destroying everything in sight. Valgo is killed by the black space, removing the wave affecting the fold systems. As fighters return to their ships, the fleet performs a a space fold. A soldier reports to Geperuniti that their fleet is in danger due to Rax’s impending collapse. Geperuniti states that he’ll create a new plan and orders a retreat. The Macross 7 fleet appears in space near Rax, which is completely consumed with black space. Gigile’s body melts away as he sings “My Soul for You” to Sivil. The entire planet breaks apart, leaving only a field of rocks. Floating in space, Sivil cries for Gigile.


This was a pretty fast-paced episode. Geperuniti makes his gamble to begin his Spiritia Farm by completely surrounding Lux. Unfortunately, Gigile ruins his plans with his continued interference. As a result of the battle, Gigile’s Protodeviln body is awakened from its deep sleep. He doesn’t get to use it for long, as he begins to spread black space that destroys the entire planet and kills Valgo. The spread of black space also costs Gigile his life, but he’s able to save Sivil in the process. With Rax destroyed and the Macross 7 fleet safely escaped, it certainly puts some dents in Geperuniti’s plans for the Spiritia Farm.

Original Review: July 19, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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