Macross Delta Mission 18: Sense Emergence


On Voldor, Walkure and Delta Flight hide in a forest and conduct recon on the Protoculture ruin. Kaname tells Arad that the last time they were here, Messer was with them. Alberto calls Arad and tells him that several Windermerian cruisers have de-folded in orbit of Voldor. On one of the cruisers, Roid gives the Aerial Knights their orders, which includes investigating the Protoculture ruins. Once a reaction is confirmed in the ruins, he wants them to retreat. Keith asks if Heinz knows about this, and Roid claims that he has been given full authority for this mission. Mirage and Mikumo slip past Voldorian soldiers, and Mirage is surprised that Mikumo hasn’t disappeared yet. After landing on Voldor, Kassim asks Bogue and Hermann if they agree with this mission and says he feels an ominous wind. Bogue responds that casualties happen in war, and all that matters for them as knights is to follow orders. In an underground tunnel, Kaname asks Arad why he put Hayate and Freyja together, and Arad answers that he needs their skills, so they have to get over what they’re going through. Kaname asks if Arad knew Wright well, and Arad answers that Wright was his commanding officer. She notes that he let Hayate into Delta Flight anyway, and Arad says he was going to tell him the truth someday. Kaname mentions that Hayate’s profile only says that Wright was KIA, and Arad says all large organizations have skeletons in their closet. Outside, Hayate tries to find a way they can sneak into the ruins, and Freyja smells something. Kassim roasts apples by a fire and hears Freyja stepping on a twig. He then grabs Freyja and tells her he’s not a knight at this moment, so he won’t try anything if she won’t. Freyja remembers that he’s an apple farmer, and he introduces himself as Kassim of Exdale, which is a town near Freyja’s town of Ravengrass. He asks if she knows Gustav, the mayor, and mentions that he’s lost many times to him at the apple fair. Kassim laughs and offers Freyja an apple. Hayate wonders where Freyja has gone off to and runs over to the ruins when he hears her scream, which is just a reaction to Kassim telling a story. Hayate pulls a gun on Kassim and is immediately disarmed. Kassim tells Hayate to sit down and says he knows they must’ve come to destroy the Protoculture system. Kassim asks Freyja if she’s ok being with an Earthling and says she’s just making things harder for herself. He asks Hayate his age and is told 17, and he notes he was that age when he had his son. Kassim shows them a picture of his son, now six, and talks about how he got his first apple seedlings at the same age and it took years for the tree to grow. He notes that even if he gave his son some seedlings now, he might not be alive to see the trees bear fruit. Kassim offers to help bring Freyja home, but she refuses because there are songs she wants to sing and people she wants to be with. She says she doesn’t know how to end the war or what’s right anymore, but as long as she lives she wants to sing with Walkure. Kassim says that Windermerians don’t live long enough to be with Earthlings, and Hayate counters that the only thing to do is make the most of the time you have. Mirage reports to Arad that she and Mikumo have arrived at their destination.

Mikumo feels the wind and feels fear as she recalls images from her dream. She starts singing “Giraffe Blues” and emits a purple glow, which activates the Protoculture ruins. Berger asks Roid what he intends to do, and Roid decides to let them sing. Arad tells everyone to get to their planes and defend Walkure. Kassim tells Hayate and Freyja to leave before he puts on his coat and becomes a knight again. He tells them that he doesn’t know what’s right anymore and wants to reclaim their honor, so he’ll be a Knight of the Wings. Kassim tells Hayate that the next time they meet in the sky, he won’t hold back. They trade names, and Kassim reacts when he hears Immelmann mentioned. Freyja tells Hayate that she’s going to sing for him and everyone, and he vows to protect everyone. Hayate gets into his Siegfried and drops Freyja off at the platform where everyone else is. Walkure change their holographic costumes and sing “Our Battlefield” while Delta Flight deploys multi-drones and engages the Aerial Knights. Bogue opens fire on Walkure and is able to blast through the protective barrier erected by the multi-drones. Hayate senses something from Freyja and is able to destroy Bogue’s rifle before he can fire. Hayate moves with improved reaction times, and Reina scans him and finds he’s resonating with Freyja’s Bio-Fold Waves. Hayate goes after Keith, and Roid asks Heinz to sing the Wind Song in the Temple of Time. The resulting Bio-Fold Waves cause disruptions to Walkure’s singing. Bogue’s Draken rushes in again to attack Walkure and has a strange reaction with the other knights. Kassim feels the same reaction, and some of his skin becomes crusty. Roid is informed that there’s a disturbance in Heinz’s Bio-Fold Waves, and Keith moves in to kill Walkure and end the disruption. Hayate rushes in to defend Walkure and chases Keith away. Keith feels a raging wind from Hayate, and Mikumo has a strange sensation. Roid is informed that Bio-Fold Waves have covered 65 percent of Voldor’s surface and is causing abnormalities in the Voldorians’ brain wave patterns. A Mega Fold Gate appears above the Protoculture ruins on every planet in the Globular Cluster, and Mikumo sees flashes of images about herself. Hayate exhibits signs of Var, and when Reina detects abnormalities in Freyja’s singing, Kaname knocks her to the ground to stop her. Hayate returns to normal and loses control of his Siegfried. Mikumo mutters “Rudanjaar Rom Mayan” and starts singing, which creates a bright light that envelops the area and brings Heinz to his knees. A part of the ruins on Voldor explodes, Mikumo collapses, and Hayate crashes into the ground.


Walkure’s second infiltration of Voldor goes awry once more, but this time for entirely different reasons. Freyja has a non-hostile encounter with Kassim and learns that they’re basically neighbors on Windermere. Their dialogue isn’t surprising, given that Kassim has questioned what Windermere is doing multiple times since Grammier’s death. While some of the younger Aerial Knights are hotheads, Kassim and Hermann embody the trope of the honorable enemy that is so common in mecha anime. He makes note of how limited Windermerians are due to their short lifespan, and Hayate’s comment about maximizing time shows he learned where he screwed up earlier with Freyja. The mysteries around Mikumo deepen as she sings and sets off some crazy reactions across the planet. Freyja’s singing powers up Hayate to the point that he has a Var-like reaction. It seemed like a plot convenience that he could become an ace pilot just by hearing her sing, so it’s a good thing that there’s a downside to too much of that.

Overall Rating
Macross Delta Info

Kenji Yasuda
Shoji Kawamori

Toshizo Nemoto
Tatsuto Higuchi
Ukyo Kodachi
Touko Machida

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Hidetaka Tenjin
Stanislas Brunet

Character Designer(s):
Chisato Mita
Masaru Shindo

Musical Composer(s):
Saeko Suzuki
Mina Kubota

26 episodes

Japan 04.03.2016 – 09.25.2016


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