Macross Delta Mission 22: Extreme Bravery


Roid leaves the Temple of Time, and the Aerial Knights discuss the temple’s sealing and Heinz’s collapse. Bogue notes that without the Wind Song they can’t maintain the Domain of the Wind or fully defend Sigur Berrentzs. Kassim looks at the progress of his apple seedlings, which are ready to be transferred to the orchard and given to his young son, Alec. The Macross Elysion prepares for launch, and Hayate asks Mirage how she got him reinstated to duty when there’s no test results for him. She explains that the condition was she takes full responsibility for anything he does. Hayate asks what happens if he loses control again, and Mirage vows that she’ll take him down herself if he threatens civilians. Walkure members get ready to perform and reassure Freyja since she seems distracted. Keith visits Heinz and apologizes for his intrusion the other day. Heinz wants to keep it a secret and says he asked the same of Roid. Heinz asks what else Keith wants, and Keith asks for Heinz’s opinion about recent unforeseen events. He answers that Roid believes it will not affect their plans, and he has faith in Roid’s guidance. Keith recalls that on the day of Heinz’s birth, Grammier showed him how to ride the true wind. Keith vows that he will serve as Heinz’s sword as he wills. Hayate runs into Mikumo and comments on what a mess everything has become, and Mikumo says she’s jealous of how simple he is. Mikumo says that she always thought her singing was cold, and she wonders why Hayate reacts to Freyja’s singing. He thinks that he’s connected to Freyja somehow, but he also thinks it’s impressive how Mikumo accessed the Protoculture system. The Macross Elysion disconnects from the Island Jackpot and transforms into cruiser mode for spaceflight. Ernest tells the crew that they’re outnumbered and dealing with a Protoculture system they don’t fully understand, but they won’t give up. The ship folds away, and Heinz is later informed that planet Randall is under attack by Voldorians. The Macross Elysion de-folds near the Voldorians and provides support fire. Roid orders the Aerial Knights to launch in response. The Aerial Knights deploy to Randall, and Keith wonders why the wind feels still.

Roid receives a report that Alfheim is under attack from Delta Flight and realizes that Randall was a diversion, but he wonders why they’d attack such a desolate place. He pulls up a display and has a realization. As Delta Flight and the Walkure Shuttle descend into Alfheim’s atmosphere, Arad reminds everyone that they’re going to do a tactical performance to open a fold gate to Windermere and destroy the Protoculture system. He tells them that this could be a one-way trip and thinks about Messer. Walkure starts singing next to the Protoculture ruin, and Reina runs a scan and sees that Freyja’s Bio-Fold Waves are unstable. Hayate hovers his Siegfried next to Freyja and asks her what kind of singing that is. He realizes that she’s scared of making him lose control, but he tells her to sing like she means it. Freyja starts to object, but Mirage tells her to believe in Hayate. The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of several Drakens, led by Kassim and the Jussilas. Hayate tells Freyja to believe in her singing and takes off to fight. The rest of Walkure encourage Freyja to sing, and they start singing “Our Battlefield.” Hayate recognizes Kassim’s emblem as their planes cross close to each other. Kassim’s rune starts glowing, and he flies with increased abilities that start to turn his skin white. Hayate has a Var reaction and starts firing randomly in all directions. Mirage rushes in and protects Hayate with her pinpoint barrier, but he aims at her and starts firing. She manages to dodge his attack and calls out his name, and he goes back to normal. Hayate vows that he won’t lose control again and turns his attention back to Kassim. Mirage and Hayate work together and land some hits on Kassim’s Draken. Walkure’s Bio-Fold Waves create a fold gate, and they board their Shuttle and head into it, followed by some of Delta Flight and Kassim and Xao. The two Aerial Knights open fire after emerging from the gate, and one shot hits the Shuttle, sucking out Kaname and Freyja into the open air. Mirage and Arad rescue them, and Kassim presses his attack on Hayate, which reminds Xao of how Keith moves. Kassim gets a lock on Hayate, but the strain on his body causes him to lose control and go into a freefall. Hayate gives chase and sees that Kassim can survive if he crashes into nearby trees, but Kassim deliberately crashes into an open field. After the crash, Hayate, Mirage and Freyja run over to the downed Draken. Kassim removes his helmet, revealing crusty white skin and a fading rune. As he dies, Kassim asks if the apple orchard is safe and thinks of his son, Alec.


After two episodes that really ground the pace of the show to a halt, Xaos finally goes on the offensive with a plan to get to Windermere and bypass the dimensional fault that surrounds it. Hayate going Var is still a concern, but Mirage has vowed to take him down herself if he loses control again. That’s put to the test when he actually does lose control and fire on her, but luckily he comes to his senses. He claims that he won’t lose control again, but I don’t know how he’s supposed to manage that. Speaking of losing control, we see Kassim experience the Windermerian version of that, as his rune powers him up and allows him to fly on Keith’s level. However, the price to be paid is with his very life, as it crusts up his skin far more quickly than normal for a man his age. It’s basically a rule in mecha anime that the honorable enemy has to die, so as soon as Kassim went overboard, that was a certainty.

Overall Rating
Macross Delta Info

Kenji Yasuda
Shoji Kawamori

Toshizo Nemoto
Tatsuto Higuchi
Ukyo Kodachi
Touko Machida

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Hidetaka Tenjin
Stanislas Brunet

Character Designer(s):
Chisato Mita
Masaru Shindo

Musical Composer(s):
Saeko Suzuki
Mina Kubota

26 episodes

Japan 04.03.2016 – 09.25.2016


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