Macross Delta Mission 9: Uncontrollable Limits


Messer wakes up from a nightmare about his past. Kaname calls to ask about his wound, and he tells her that he’ll be back to regular duty soon. On the Macross Elysion, Arad informs Delta Flight that following the last mission, the military stopped importing Windermerian apples and using water from the ruins. A search into the suppliers revealed a trail of dummy corporations, and further research discovered that the Seidznole produced from the combination of the apples and water helps fold bacteria grow, thus accelerating the spread of Var. Kaname states that Var Syndrome is likely caused by the fold bacteria infecting the cells responsible for powerful emotions, thus turning people into a violent mob. She adds that the members of Walkure were chosen for possessing fold receptors that can suppress fold bacteria. Walkure auditions are the cover for finding people with fold receptors, and Arad reveals that Hayate possesses them too. Kaname explains that during the battle on Voldor, his receptor levels skyrocketed, and he seems to resonate with Freyja. Chuck asks about the susceptibility of people without the receptors to Var, and Mikumo explains that Walkure’s songs protect them. Mirage asks about people already infected, and Kaname answers that there’s no cure, so they might be susceptible to the Windermerian song. After the meeting, Mirage and Hayate visit Messer, and she mentions that two years ago his home planet Alfheim was destroyed by Var infection, so she wonders if Messer was infected then. Hayate asks if he should tell Arad what happened, and Messer says that he already knows. Messer insists that he’ll return to work and yells at Hayate when he picks up a music bracelet. Hayate drops the bracelet, which causes it to start playing “AXIA,” an old Walkure song with Kaname singing lead vocals. Messer begs them not to tell anyone about him. The bridge operators spot Hayate with Mirage and spread the gossip to Freyja, Reina and Makina. Mirage returns to the dorm and encounters a nervous Freyja, who immediately runs away. Mirage asks Kaname about “AXIA,” and she explains that it was from before Mikumo joined Walkure. Kaname reveals that she had a short career as an idol that didn’t pan out, and her fold receptors got her into Walkure. “AXIA” was the last song recorded with Kaname as the lead vocalist of Walkure. Messer wakes up from another nightmare and clutches his hands. Later, Walkure sings at Ahgul Padra, the planet’s Protoculture ruins, but there’s no reaction. Kaname discusses this with Arad and points out that the occupied planets with Protoculture ruins have shafts that connect to the planets’ cores. Messer reports for duty and tells Arad that he’s alright.

Later, Chuck, Hayate and Mirage engage in mock combat against Messer, who outmaneuvers them all as his face pulsates with Var infection. Freyja thinks about Hayate and Mirage and then panics when she sees them sitting on the beach. Mirage feels guilty that she’s worried about herself when they should be thinking about Messer. Hayate reminds her that they have Freyja and Walkure to protect them. On Windermere, Roid tells Keith not to worry about the recent setbacks. Mikumo thinks about her experience in the Protoculture ruins and wonders what that wind she felt means. Late at night, Hayate and Mirage confront Messer about his Var, but he refuses to step down. Mirage points out that he could come under enemy control, and he answers that they should kill him if that happens. Mirage asks if this has to do with Kaname because Messer’s bracelet only has her song on it. Messer explains that “AXIA” saved him when he ran amok. Freyja eavesdrops on the conversation, which is interrupted by the Aerial Knights suddenly de-folding above the planet. The Macross Elysion‘s forces are lessened by the absence of the carrier Hemera, and Delta Flight launches and engages the enemy. Bogue’s Draken III zeroes in on Hayate’s Siegfried, but Mirage flies in to back him up. Messer fights Keith and struggles with the Var infection, so Arad asks Ernest to deploy Walkure. Messer continues to fight Keith, and his Var infection continues to spread despite Walkure’s singing. Bogue fires missiles at the Macross Elysion in an attempt to kill Walkure, but Hayate intercepts them. Theo completes a scan of Ragna’s underwater Protoculture ruins, and the Aerial Knights withdraw when reinforcements show up. Messer catches his breath as his Var infection recedes. After returning to base, Messer is told by Arad that he’s at his limit. Kaname asks Ernest if he knew, and he answers that Lady M approved as long as they sent her Messer’s data. Hayate and Mirage have a drink with Freyja at Rag-Nyan Nyan and tell them about Messer’s situation. Freyja goes outside and sees Messer sitting alone on the beach. He asks if she worries about her future, given the short life spans of Windermerians, but she answers that she only has time to worry about the present.


Delta Flight is back home after last episode’s sneaking mission, but not all is well. We learned last time that Messer suffers from Var infection, but seemingly only Hayate and Mirage didn’t know. What’s so perplexing is that leaders like Ernest and Arad were aware of it and allowed Messer to keep flying. How does it make any sense to have an ace pilot who at any time could turn against you in combat? That’s a huge liability for the entire squadron and puts them all in danger. It’s understandable that Messer wouldn’t want to step down, but senior officers should know better. We also get a little background information on Kaname and learn that she was a failed idol singer before becoming the first vocalist of Walkure. Finally, the Aerial Knights’ attack on Ragna was solely for the purpose of scanning the Protoculture ruins, so clearly they’re up to something sneaky.

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Macross Delta Info

Kenji Yasuda
Shoji Kawamori

Toshizo Nemoto
Tatsuto Higuchi
Ukyo Kodachi
Touko Machida

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Hidetaka Tenjin
Stanislas Brunet

Character Designer(s):
Chisato Mita
Masaru Shindo

Musical Composer(s):
Saeko Suzuki
Mina Kubota

26 episodes

Japan 04.03.2016 – 09.25.2016


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