Macross Ep. 21: Micro Cosmos


On the Macross, a party is held to celebrate the upcoming release of the movie Shao Pai Lon. Minmay has a drink alone outside, and her manager asks what she’s doing. She tells him she’s tired of her life, and she asks him if he can get a VIP seat for Hikaru. He leaves, and Jamis comes along and tries to deliberately spill wine on Minmay. In her hotel room, Minmay calls the barracks and is told Hikaru is on duty. She leaves a message saying that a seat has been reserved for him. Hikaru returns and is told Minmay left a message, but he runs out to call Minmay before hearing the rest of the message. He calls her hotel room, but she isn’t there. The next day, Milia sees everyone in line for the movie and wonders if Max is in line. A limo pulls up, and the crowd cheers when Minmay and Kaifun get out. Inside the theater, the director Shoo Blackstone introduces Kaifun and Minmay. Minmay comes on stage and notices Hikaru isn’t in the front row. She sings the movie’s title song, and the movie begins. Milia watches Kaifun’s martial arts skills and wonders if he’s the one who defeated her. Hikaru feels uncomfortable hearing people gossip about Minmay dating Kaifun. Elsewhere, Britai and Exsedol watch the movie and think it’s an old combat record. They wonder why the miclones would watch something so old and primitive. As the fighting continues, they are shocked when Kaifun defeats a giant with one kick. Britai can’t believe the miclones have such power, and Exsedol thinks it explains the barrier in Ontario. In another part of the ship, Loli, Conda, Warera and other soldiers watch the movie and are amazed by it. In the movie, Kaifun kisses Minmay, and the Zentradi don’t understand what that means. Loli and the others brag that they did it all the time with Minmay. When Hikaru sees Kaifun kiss Minmay, he can’t take any more and pushes his way through the crowd to leave the theater.

As Hikaru leaves the theater, he trips in the crowd and accidentally grabs Misa’s butt. They end up making a scene in front of the crowd, so she pulls him out of the theater. Before she can say anything else, a battle alert is sounded and the transformation sequence begins. Hikaru thinks they should head for a shelter, but Misa thinks they should head for the base. However, the street they are standing on begins to transform and rise up into the air. Minmay slips as the street splits in front of her, but Kaifun grabs her and saves her from falling to her death. As she looks up, for a split second she thinks that she sees Hikaru rescuing her instead of Kaifun. Hikaru and Misa travel through a narrow corridor and are boxed in when a wall behind them transforms. Misa blames him for getting them lost, but he says if they had gone down another path they would have been crushed. Hikaru wonders why a transformation occurred so quickly, and Misa says it’s because Shammy is running the bridge in her absence. On the bridge, Shammy frantically gives orders that no one is able to understand. Misa pulls rank on Hikaru, and he stays quiet and ignores her. She asks him to speak because she gets lonely when people don’t speak. He’s surprised that she would make such an admission. He’s also surprised that she would go to a movie, and she reminds him that she’s a normal girl like anyone else. He wonders why she would go and figures out it’s because she likes Kaifun. He teases her, and she jabs back at him by saying things can’t be going so well between him and Minmay. He shuts up, and she apologizes. She tells him that Kaifun looks like someone she loved who died before she could say how she felt. He realizes that they both left the theater for the same reason. To pass the time, they discuss the war and Misa explains that the Zentradi are confused because they have split into two forces: one that thinks humanity is Protoculture and is afraid, and another that wants to fight. The two look at each other and begin to move closer, but the battle suddenly ends and the ships transforms again. As they stop to get a cola, Hikaru pushes Misa behind the machine when Kaifun and Minmay enter their hotel. Hikaru decides to return to the Prometheus, but Misa takes his hand and asks him to stay with her a little longer, which he does.


The situation with the war seems to become more complex with each new episode. The Macross has been banished from Earth, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting any support from U.N. Spacy. The Zentradi are still split in regards to what to do about the Macross, but the misunderstanding regarding the movie is bound to galvanize them into action. There’s also changes occurring with the characters; the main focus now seems to be on Hikaru and Misa. Hikaru is coming to realize that he and Minmay live in different worlds and are getting further and further apart. Likewise, Misa is starting to see that though Kaifun may resemble Riber they’re nothing alike. In addition to realizing this individually, it looks like they’re realizing they might have more in common than they thought.

Original Review: May 1, 2000

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Macross Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Shoji Kawamori
Noboru Ishiguro
Sukehiro Tomita
Kenichi Matsuzaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

36 episodes

Japan 10.03.1982 – 06.26.1983


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