Macross Ep. 26: Messenger


The Macross goes on battle alert and prepares to fire its main gun when Britai’s ship approaches. He sends a message that they are approaching alone and wish to negotiate for a cease fire. A group of Gnerls fly towards the Macross and are destroyed by Britai’s ship. Kamjin asks him what he’s doing, and Britai says if they don’t open negotiations their fleet will tear itself apart. A Regult Tactical Scout launches and is escorted to the Macross by Hikaru’s squad. After it lands, the pilot exits and brings down a micloned Exsedol. Exsedol thinks miclones must be rather helpless at their size, and he finds it odd to look at another Zentradi from their perspective. Maistrov pulls up in a jeep and introduces himself to Exsedol. He shakes Exsedol’s hand as a sign of friendship and asks him to come to the conference room. He tells two soldiers to offer the Zentradi pilot food, and they wonder how they can possibly feed someone so big. As they drive through the city, Exsedol is shocked when he sees a billboard with a sexy girl on it. When Maistrov says it is difficult to explain, Exsedol assumes it is a military secret. He asks Maistrov about a nightie, and Maistrov stumbles and says that’s a military secret too. Exsedol is brought into the conference room with Global and has a drink. Max and Milia come in, and Milia is surprised to see Exsedol. Hikaru comes in next, and Exsedol remembers him as one of the prisoners from before. Loli, Warera and Conda come in and are also shocked to see Exsedol. They begin to panic and try to explain things, but he tells them nothing will happen to them. Exsedol says two important people are missing, and he wants them to bring in Shao Pai Lon and the person at the center of their psychological attacks. They understand he wants Kaifun, but when he starts singing “My Boyfriend is a Pilot,” they realize he also wants Minmay. The two of them are brought to the conference room, and Kaifun protests and says the military doesn’t care about civilians. Global shuts him up and tells him they are conducting negotiations. Minmay asks Kaifun to cooperate because it could help bring about what he’s always wanted. Global wonders if negotiations with Exsedol can be successful.

In Alaska, Takeshi goes to visit Misa in her new job as a radio operator. She mentions the negotiations and asks if it will be possible to avoid using the Grand Cannon. He says they probably will still use it because the cease fire only applies to Britai’s fleet, not all the Zentradi. On the Macross, Exsedol asks Kaifun what his rank is, and Kaifun says he is only a civilian. Exsedol doesn’t understand because Kaifun has super powers, but Global explains that that was only a movie. Exsedol asks about the destructive power of the barrier, and Global explains that was purely technological. Exsedol sees that humans are Protoculture, and he explains that long ago those who were contaminated by Protoculture were destroyed. He also says that the main fleet will probably come and destroy Earth. Laplamiz asks Britai why he called a cease fire, and he says the fleet is in no condition to fight. She says that doesn’t matter since Boddole Zer’s main fleet is coming. He can’t believe she told Boddole Zer, and he explains to her that they will also be destroyed because they’ve been contaminated by Protoculture. He calls Exsedol and tells him that the main fleet of 4,790,122 warships is on the way. He asks Global if the Macross could escape from Earth, and Global says that’s impossible. Exsedol sees that they have a common enemy, and he thinks there’s a way to win. In Alaska, Misa drives through the base and heads to the Central Core to speak to her father. She asks Takeshi what will happen to the Macross, and he tells her it will be used as a decoy and probably be destroyed. She asks him to transfer her back to the ship, and he refuses. He says he won’t send his only daughter to her death and is willing to lock her up in the brig if necessary. Britai asks Laplamiz and Kamjin what they will do, and Laplamiz decides to fight at Britai’s side. Kamjin refuses to help and has his ships leave the area. Exsedol explains to Global that if they can destroy the 2,000 capital ships in the main fleet the other ships will retreat. He says they may never have a chance to hear a song, so he asks Minmay to sing. She agrees and sings “My Boyfriend is a Pilot.” Suddenly, millions of ships begin to de-fold around Earth. Boddole Zer’s main fleet has arrived.


Well, this was quite the episode. While there’s no combat here, there’s quite a lot of plot advancement. Misa tries to convince her father to stop the Grand Cannon’s use and send her back to the Macross, but she fails on both counts. Exsedol has been micloned and sent in as a negotiator because Britai realizes the situation has changed. However, Laplamiz and Kamjin can’t see it as clearly as he can. Many Zentradi misunderstandings are cleared up, but it’s too late now since the main fleet has arrived. While the Macross has fared well enough so far, five million ships is a ridiculously high amount of enemies to deal with. We’ll see what happens when the final battle begins next time.

Original Review: May 1, 2000

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Macross Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Shoji Kawamori
Noboru Ishiguro
Sukehiro Tomita
Kenichi Matsuzaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

36 episodes

Japan 10.03.1982 – 06.26.1983


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