Macross Ep. 30: Viva Maria


At the U.N. Spacy base in Macross City, escape boosters are attached to Hikaru’s, Max’s and Milia’s Valkyries so they can break out of the atmosphere. The Valkyrie squad launches, followed by a Star Goose shuttle carrying Misa, Claudia and Exsedol. The Valkyries and the Star Goose break out of Earth’s atmosphere and fly to Britai’s ship. The Star Goose docks inside the ship while the Valkyries land on the surface and take a lift down with several soldiers. Britai greets everyone and tells them they’re looking well. As Hikaru and Max walk through the ship, they realize it’s not the same experience as when they were last on it two years before. Max tells Hikaru they should have a party because he wants to have a house warming celebration for Milia. On the bridge, Britai notes that it’s been two years since his last battle, and he never expected his next one to be a joint operation with humans. Once all preparations are complete, Britai orders the ship to begin a space fold. In the human-sized rooms, everyone has their attention on Max and Milia’s baby daughter Komilia. Misa asks if she can hold Komilia, and Milia tells her that if she wants to hold a baby she should make her own. Max tells her to let Misa hold the baby, so Milia tosses her in the air for Misa to catch. Hikaru asks Max if Milia was mad about him bringing Komilia, and Max tells him he should worry about Misa. He says that Misa looks happy holding a baby, and he asks Hikaru if he’d like to see her holding a baby of her own. Misa asks them what they’re talking about, and Hikaru says it’s man talk. Later, Hikaru, Misa and Claudia leave. Claudia tells Hikaru to have fun and decides to go to bed, so Misa walks her to her room. Claudia lies down on her bed and says to herself that she was never able to hold Roy’s baby. Misa returns to her room and finds Hikaru looking at a picture of her and Riber. As she is about to tell him something important, she and Claudia receive a call to report to the bridge. Britai shows them pictures of a recently destroyed Supervision Army battleship. Misa wants to investigate it to learn more about the Supervision Army, but Exsedol says it could be booby trapped like the Macross was. Misa reluctantly agrees, and Britai orders the final fold operation to begin.

Britai’s ship de-folds near the factory satellite, which is defended by a large Zentradi fleet. Britai wants to call commander Dagao and ask him to surrender, but Misa suggests they do something to demonstrate they are the Protoculture. Britai asks Exsedol what he thinks they should do, and Exsedol says a kiss would be quite a shock. Britai asks Misa if she could kiss Hikaru again, but she is too embarrassed. Max and Milia launch in their Super Valkyries and head for Dagao’s ship. Britai asks Dagao to surrender because they have culture now, and Dagao laughs and asks Britai what he plans to do with a single ship. Hikaru reports for duty, and when Misa asks him to kiss her, he refuses. Milia asks Max what Hikaru’s problem is, and he tells her Hikaru has no choice because Misa has made up her mind. Exsedol begins playing Minmay’s “Zero G Love,” and Dagao and the other Zentradi panic at the culture shock. Hikaru is momentarily distracted by Minmay’s song, so Misa moves in and kisses him. Dagao and the Zentradi are further disgusted by this, and Max and Milia blast into the bridge. Milia identifies herself as a former Zentradi pilot, and she shows them Komilia to demonstrate the power of culture. The disgusted Zentradi soldiers run away out of fear of contamination. Hikaru’s FAST pack equipped Skull Squadron launches, followed by Zentradi Regults, Glaugs and Queadluun-Raus. Dagao orders his men to attack, but his ship is destroyed by Zentradi fearful of contamination. The other Zentradi ships launch Regults, Glaugs, Gnerls and Nousjadeul-Gers to fight back. Hikaru, Max and Milia destroy many of them and take advantage of all the confusion. Britai fires his ship’s cannons, which disables another ship in the Zentradi fleet and causes them to finally surrender. Exsedol asks what to do with all the captured soldiers, and Britai tells him to accept any soldier that wants to join them. His ship docks inside the factory satellite, and preparations are made to fold the entire factory back to Earth. The factory folds and after a long trip de-folds near the moon.


After several episodes, we finally get to see some space combat again. However, this time it’s kind of odd seeing Valkyries and Regults fighting side-by-side. The factory satellite seems quite a massive force, and it will be necessary due to the fear of the Zentradi attacking Earth again. We also hear mention of the Supervision Army, so it seems they’re still around out there somewhere. However, as Macross 7 explains, the Supervision Army is controlled by the Protodeviln, which humanity won’t encounter for at least another 30 years. There’s also some development here on the romance front, but Hikaru is still too blind to see what’s going on. Even with Max and Claudia’s encouragement and Misa’s advances, he still doesn’t realize that she’s in love with him. Consequently, this episode is also Britai’s final appearance in the series.

Original Review: May 1, 2000

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Macross Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Shoji Kawamori
Noboru Ishiguro
Sukehiro Tomita
Kenichi Matsuzaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

36 episodes

Japan 10.03.1982 – 06.26.1983


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