New Macross class (Macross 1)

General and Technical Data Class: New MacrossName: Macross 1Ships of the line: NMCV-001 Macross 1, NMCV-003 Macross 3, NMCV-004 Macross 4, NMCV-005 Macross 5, NMCV-006 Macross 6, NMCV-007 Macross 7, NMCV-009 Macross 9, NMCV-011 Macross 11, NMCV-013 Macross 13, ...

VF-17D Super Nightmare

General and Technical Data Model number: VF-17DCode name: Super NightmareUnit type: mass production special operations variable fighterManufacturer: Shinsei IndustryOperator: U.N. SpacyRollout: AD 2035First deployment: AD 2035Accommodation: pilot only, in standard canopy-style ...

Valhalla III

Stealth cruiser mode Launch attack mode Stealth cruiser mode Launch attack mode General and Technical Data Class: unknownName: VC-551 Valhalla IIIUnit type: stealth submersible strike carrierManufacturer: unknownOperator: U.N. SpacyFirst ...

Megaroad class

General Information Unit type: super long-range colonization shipShips of the line: SDF-2 Megaroad-01, Megaroad-02, Megaroad-04, Megaroad-06, Megaroad-09, Megaroad-13, Megaroad-24, Megaroad-25Manufacturer: OTEC CoOverall length: 1,770.0 metersStandard operating displacement: 30,300,000.0 metric tonsPrimary systems: fold system, impulse drive ...

Stellar Whale

General and Technical Data Class: N/AName: Stellar WhaleUnit type: passenger transport shipManufacturer(s): Shinnakasu Heavy Industries; Meyer Corporation; SiemensOperator: civiliansFirst deployment: unknownComplement: 300 crew; 3,500 passengersDimensions: overall height 116.0 meters; overall length ...

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