Victory Gundam Ep. 18: Space Fleet Battle


As the Reineforce continues on course for Hiland, it prepares for battle with BESPA. Shahkti and Suzy check the levels of oxygen on their normal suits just in case they need them. At Hiland, Uso talks with Karel’s older brother Tomas. Tomas gives Uso an upgraded version of Haro, complete with wires. Uso asks why Hiland doesn’t send power to Asia anymore, and Tomas explains the EFF made them stop a year ago in the event that Earth falls under Zanscare control. Nearby, Warren ineffectively hits on Martina, and Odelo fails in the same way with her older sister Elisha. Near Keilas Guilie, Cronicle reports to Tassilo that the 50-year-old ship Reineforce launched from Arti Gibraltar. Tassilo responds that he can only spare an Amalthea and two Sinopes, but Cronicle says that is enough. After he leaves, Tassilo tells Godwald that he wants to see how good of a pilot Cronicle really is. On the Reineforce, battle alerts are sounded, and Gomez orders the mobile suits to launch. Oliver launches first in the modified Victory Gundam Hexa, followed by Junko, Cony and Peggie in their Gun-EZs. Junko tells Juca they will need her help because they aren’t accustomed to fighting in space yet. Back at Hiland, Odelo asks Elisha what the Zanscare could want her and her sister for. Warren interrupts and says they are hostages, and Elisha mentions that the Zanscare have set up Keilas Guilie in orbit nearby. Uso asks Marbet if she has contacted Jinn yet on the Gaunland, but she hasn’t. He wonders if Jinn is a nice guy, and Marbet sees that he is looking for info on his parents. Uso launches in the Victory Gundam, followed by Marbet in the repainted Zoloat they captured. Four Zoloats launch from Cronicle’s Sinopes, and his ships hold formation. He figures the old Reineforce won’t be much of a challenge. Marbet detects a Sinope following them and has Uso go tell Tomas to turn back. Tomas says he was bringing weapons, and Uso says to leave them and go back. Warren asks Uso what do when he likes a girl, and Uso suggests giving flowers. Uso rejoins Marbet and enters the battlefield where the Reineforce is under enemy fire.

Shahkti and Suzy watch the battle, and Suzy spots Uso’s Victory Gundam. Marbet approaches the bridge of the Reineforce and identifies herself so that they don’t shoot her. On the Amalthea, Cronicle launches in a Zoloat and joins the battle. Junko fights with a Zoloat and has some problems with the beam wires. Once she gets rid of them she figures out how to deal with the wires. Nearby, Cony is surrounded but fights with two rifles to destroy a Zoloat. Junko tells Cony and Peggie they don’t have the advantage and should stick closer to the Reineforce. Uso is attacked by Zoloats and slices at the wires with his beam saber. Marbet attacks another Zoloat with beam wires and destroys it. Cronicle attacks Uso and the two begin to fight with beam sabers. Tomas and Odelo approach the battlefield in their Sinope and try to fire missiles to help Uso, but the Minovsky particle density is too high to target. A hole is blasted into the Reineforce‘s hull, sucking out Shahkti and the others. Jinn arrives with the Gaunland and sends six Javelin suits to join the battle. Uso continues to fight with Cronicle and separates all three parts of the Victory Gundam. With the Core Fighter alone he is able to blow off the Zoloat’s legs. With the arrival of the Gaunland, Cronicle is forced to retreat to the Amalthea. Uso lands on the Gaunland and asks where Jinn is. He goes to the bridge and sees that Jinn is a short and obnoxious fat man. He can’t believe that such a man is the leader of the League Militaire and returns to Hiland. He tells Marbet about Jinn, and she sees that he didn’t meet Uso’s expectations. She gives him a hug and says his parents are safe. Odelo tells Uso that Marbet already has Oliver, and Uso jokes with him and says Elisha already has Tomas. They overhear Warren talking to Martina and giving her flowers. Martina calls him an idiot because flowers are used for air purification and can’t be picked. Uso decides to help out on the Reineforce while Odelo helps out at Hiland. Elsewhere, Shahkti, Suzy, Karlmann and Flanders float out in space alone.


Here we have the first big space battle in the series, and it’s impressive so far. Uso is quickly adapting to battle in space, and the Shrike Team seems to be doing well too (hopefully they won’t lose anyone else). Oliver launched early in the battle, but he disappeared entirely after that. Uso has his first duel with Cronicle since episode 9, and his skills have certainly improved a lot since then. We’re also introduced to some more new characters here, mainly Tomas and Elisha. It’s funny to see how inept Warren and Odelo are at hitting on these girls. However, it seems Warren is even worse because of that flower fiasco. We also get to see Jinn for the first time, but he’s an annoying fat man. Also of note is his ship, which is the old Alexandria class from Zeta Gundam. The end of the episode has Shahkti and the others is a pretty bad situation. Since no one ever discovered them as stowaways, they probably think they’re still at Arti Gibraltar. The question now is, will anyone find them, and whom?

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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