Victory Gundam Ep. 21: Strike the Strategic Satellite


The Sinope from Hiland approaches the battlefield at Keilas Guilie. Odelo wonders why Elisha didn’t come and says he wants to be by her side. Tomas says he thought Odelo wanted to help the League Militaire, and Odelo makes up some excuse. In the battlefield, Uso fights with a Zoloat and has his beam rifle destroyed, forcing him to hide in an asteroid field. Nearby, Oliver tells Junko to go help Uso. Junko asks Uso where his skills went, and they hide together behind an asteroid. She gets out of her Gun-EZ and goes over to the V-Dash Gundam. She tells Uso that Shahkti was probably captured by the enemy and that he needs to liven up. They return to battle, and Uso pulls out a beam pistol to fight close range. Oliver tells Marbet to cover Uso and Junko, and she’s mad that she is always the one having to cover other people. A Zoloat rushes at her with its beam saber, and Oliver saves her. He tells her to be more aware, and she wonders if she is a bitch. Uso destroys a Zoloat and hears a high-pitched shrieking noise that he believes is life fading away. Another Zoloat attacks him and destroys his overhang cannons, so Uso ejects the V-Dash pack. He is afraid to now destroy any suits because he doesn’t want to hear the sound of life fading away. The Sinope comes in closer and Odelo and Warren begin releasing mobile suit weapons. Tomas fires a flare for Uso to see, and he flies over to the Sinope and sees that it brought him weapons. One weapon is a mega beam rifle, while the other is a  beam trident. Odelo and Warren perform minor repairs on the Victory Gundam, and Uso returns to battle. He rejoins Junko and fires the incredibly powerful mega beam rifle at a Zoloat. She says he needs to stop treating killing people like a game, and that a powerful weapon like that should only be used against Keilas Guilie. She also says that even though he is a Newtype he can’t allow himself to be swayed by emotions. Uso uses the trident to create a beam barrier that destroys a Sinope. On the Reineforce, Jinn orders Gomez to have the automated Gaunland move in closer to Keilas Guilie to attack. Cronicle’s Contio is finally completed, and he tells Katejina he is leaving. He gets inside and launches out into space.

The Gaunland‘s beam shield is deactivated, and it begins to automatically fire all of its weapons at Tassilo’s Squid class ship and the surrounding ships. Cronicle begins his attack on the Gaunland, and Uso sees the strange light of his weapons. On the Reineforce, Jinn babbles about how they are close to victory now. Gomez gives the order to self-detonate the Gaunland when it approaches the enemy ships. The Gaunland explodes and destroys many suits and several battleships. The Reineforce approaches the Squid, and Tassilo sees that he was too hasty in trying to use Keilas Guilie on Earth. He orders the crew to prepare for hand-to-hand combat with invading soldiers from the Reineforce. He also orders that Shahkti be transferred to another ship so that she can escape. The soldiers from the Reineforce invade the Squid, led by Gomez. Haro escapes from the ship and begins floating around in space. Gomez’s men fight off the BESPA soldiers and later help them stabilize the ship to prevent it from exploding. Katejina puts on a normal suit and flies out into space with a hovercraft. In the Contio, Cronicle searches for Tassilo and finds him inside a corridor. He punches into the corridor and tells Tassilo to get in his hand. Katejina finds Cony’s Gun-EZ and asks her to pass along the message to Uso that Shahkti and the others are safe. Cony asks who she is, and Katejina vanishes. As Cronicle escapes, he is attacked by Junko and two other Gun-EZs. He fires the Contio’s shot claws to hold back Junko. She pulls out her beam saber to attack him, but Marbet stops her. She says that fleeing enemies are very dangerous and that she can’t let Junko die. Haro approaches the window of the room where Shahkti and the others are. She asks Haro to tell Uso that she is okay. On the Reineforce, Junko thanks Marbet for stopping her, and they decide to have a drink together. Cony gives Katejina’s message to Uso, and he is very happy to hear that Shahkti is alive.


The first major engagement ends with a victory for the League Militaire. They now have Keilas Guilie in their hands, and Tassilo runs off as a failure. Losing Keilas Guilie is far worse than what Fuala did on Earth, so I wonder if he will suffer a similar fate as her. While people talk about Uso being a Newtype, this is actually the first time we see a major manifestation of those powers. As with other Newtypes like Amuro Ray, Uso feels extreme discomfort after killing people. Since Newtype abilities seem to manifest themselves in space, it’s likely that more will happen to Uso the longer he stays in space. Also, what is up with Katejina? While she told Odelo long ago she was spying on BESPA, it seems like she’s just hanging out. However, she does go through great personal risk during the battle to deliver that message to Uso. Whose side is she really on?

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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