Victory Gundam Ep. 29: The New Suit: V2


Gomez and the rest of the crew are caught in a firefight in the spaceport with the Macedonia Army. Shahkti asks Odelo not to fight, but Suzy hands him a new machine gun when his runs out of battle. The Victory Gundam Hexa units arrive, and Juca knocks away a Heavygun before it attacks. She tells the pilot that if a battle breaks out in the spaceport it will destroy the colony. Elsewhere, Uso shouts out that he knows Katejina is piloting the Gedlav. He asks her to kill him, and Lupe knocks him out of his Core Fighter and grabs him. The crew gets back inside the Reineforce Junior and opens the space door. Gomez uses the ship’s beam shield to cut away the door and allow the ship to escape. Shahkti wonders where Uso is, and Marbet tells her he should be back soon. Lupe and Katejina meet with Goya and ask him what happened. He says it’s their fault for attacking that the League Militaire escapes. Lupe puts the blame on him and says it’s his fault for not telling Cronicle the truth. Goz smacks Uso around while he is handcuffed, and Lupe stops him and says she has something else in mind. Odelo and the others try to get inside Macedonia to look for Uso, but the security is too tight. Shahkti suggests sending Haro and Flanders to find him. Uso is placed in a bathtub and is shocked when a naked Lupe gets in with him. He asks her what she is doing, and she says she wants to test his potential and see if he really is a Newtype. They begin to struggle, so she dunks his head in the water. He comes up for air and says he’s just a normal kid. Uso bites one of Lupe’s breasts and jumps out of the tub. He grabs his boxers as he escapes and is chased by the guards. As he climbs up a wall, the guards grab him and pull of his boxers. Uso makes it to a ledge outside, and the soldiers taunt him by offering him his boxers if he comes down. Haro and Flanders begin attacking the soldiers, and Uso jumps down and gets into the Core Fighter. His damaged Core Fighter takes off and heads for space, and Katejina follows with her Gedlav and Einerad. Uso sends out a distress signal to the Reineforce Junior and uses some hair from Flanders to plug up a hole that is leaking air out of the cockpit.

Cronicle wants to find the Reineforce Junior and doesn’t want to have any further dealings with the Macedonia Army. Lupe quickly catches up with Katejina and wants to punish Uso for what he did to her. Katejina asks her not to be rash and rush ahead. Uso searches for the Reineforce Junior and is attacked by Katejina, Lupe and Goz. The small carrier White Ark fires its mega particle gun in the middle of the battlefield. Their attacks are blocked when Oliver shows up in his Victory Gundam Hexa along with Marbet and Cony in their Gun Blastors. Marbet attacks Katejina with a beam saber and tells Uso to escape. Uso sees the White Ark in the distance and flies over to it. Elisha spots Haro floating by and sends Tomas out to get it. Uso is informed that the White Ark has no cargo area for his Core Fighter to dock inside of. He tells Elisha to have Haro blow some soap bubbles between the Core Fighter’s hatch and the ship’s hatch. Uso and Flanders float through the bubble and safely pass into the ship. Martina and Elisha uncuff him and are shocked to see that he is naked. Uso quickly puts on a pilot’s suit and wonders why they keep looking at him. He goes out into space and activates the new Victory 2 Gundam that the White Ark is carrying. He launches and takes the damaged Core Fighter with him. Uso rejoins the battle and uses the wings of light from the Minovsky drive to slice the arms off Lupe’s Gedlav. Uso attacks Katejina with a beam saber and slices into her Einerad. He then slices off one of her arms and forces her to retreat back to the Motorad fleet. Goz moves in to attack, and Uso tosses the Core Fighter in between them. He fires his beam rifle through the Core Fighter and destroys a Gedlav. When the Gedlav’s reactor explodes, Cronicle has the Motorad fleet move away so as not to be caught in the explosion. After returning to the Reineforce Junior, Martina and Elisha tell Shahkti the embarrassing story about Uso. Marbet asks Uso what is wrong, and he wants to know why people hide things from him. He says that the plans for the V2 Gundam were designed by Myra Miggelle, his mother. Leonid tries to explain that no one knows about each other’s personal lives, and Oliver says no one knew Myra and Hangerg Evin were married. Uso wants to know where his mother is, and Oliver says he should still be at the League Militaire’s factory on the Moon. Shahkti tells Uso that though she is afraid of the V2 Gundam, it connects him to his mother and that makes her happy.


After the cliffhanger from the last episode, we see that Uso didn’t manage to escape from Katejina. I wonder if he really did want her to kill him or if he just said that to throw her off balance. Also, what the hell is with Lupe’s strange interrogation techniques? She wants to see if Uso is a Newtype by getting into a bathtub naked with him? That doesn’t make much sense, but it does set up a series of embarrassing circumstances for Uso. You have to laugh at Zanscare soldiers trying to get Uso to surrender by offering him his boxers. We also get to see the new White Ark here, along with the mid-series upgrade Victory 2 Gundam. The new V2 Gundam is quite a bit more powerful than its predecessor, as seen by how Uso uses it so far. It turns out his mother designed it, and it’s an old cliche that one of the pilot’s parents designs the mecha they use. But when will he meet her?

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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