Victory Gundam Ep. 40: Beneath the Ultra-High Altitude Attack


At night, the sound of bells ringing far off wakes up Karlmann. Shahkti takes him outside and finds Uso there. He can also hear the bells, but he doesn’t know where they’re coming from. Odelo and Warren are woken up by Karlmann’s crying and wonder what’s going on. The next morning, Uso visits Myra’s grave before the White Ark sets off for the Largaine base. At the Largaine base, Marbet supervises the docking of a space booster onto the White Ark so that it can go back to space. As Uso works on the ship, two young girls throw rocks at him and shout that the League Militaire killed their father. Uso pulls a picture out of his pocket and sees that they are Mathis’ daughters. Lerna Walker tells her daughters it’s shameful to throw stones at people. Uso goes over to tell her he’s sorry. She tells him that a boy like himself shouldn’t be a guerilla and should instead cultivate the land. Lerna and her daughters leave, and Juca tells Uso to get back to work. Later that night, Odelo and Warren try to peep into Shahkti’s house to see Martina and Elisha. Shahkti catches them, and they try to cover by saying that they’re looking for the toilet. Shahkti goes down to Uso’s computer room because she wants to research something. She does some research on bells and learns that it was a tradition to have those executed by the guillotine wear bells around their waist. At the Largaine base, a powerful beam from high in the sky hits the residential area. Gomez orders the Reineforce Junior to take off immediately before it’s hit. Uso runs over to the residential area and finds the Walkers. He asks them to come with him to a safe place. Marbet launches the White Ark and heads for Kasarelia as the beam attacks continue. Lerna wonders who could be attacking, and Uso says that neither the EFF nor the League Militaire have beam weaponry that can attack from so high in the atmosphere. The ship lands in Kasarelia, and Marbet, Tomas and Odelo get into their suits. Uso gets into the V2 Gundam, and Lerna is shocked that he’s a Gundam pilot. He holds out his hand and asks her to come with him. She asks where he is taking her, and he says it’s to Mathis’ grave.

Uso takes off and flies over to where all the graves are. One of the girls yells at him and calls him a killer. Lerna scolds her and says that a killer would have no reason to take them to Mathis’ grave. She tells her daughters that Mathis is watching over them in the sky and would be disappointed by what they’ve said about Uso. The three pray at Mathis’ grave and begin to cry uncontrollably. Shahkti drives by with her hovercraft and goes over to Uso. She tells him that she understands his pain, but he has to be more careful. She tells him what she learned about the bells and says that Fuala used to use the guillotine for executions. Uso takes off and returns to the White Ark. The Reineforce Junior holds position nearby, and the beam attacks begin again. The White Ark uses its booster to fly high in the atmosphere and find the source of the attack. Uso launches in the V2 Gundam, followed by Juca’s V-Dash Gundam and Odelo and Tomas’ Gun Blastors. As they climb higher, they spot a flying saucer. The Reineforce Junior dodges another attack, and the mobile suit Zanneck charges its particle accelerator for another attack. Tomas tries to get in close to attack, and the Zanneck beheads his Gun Blastor. Juca tries to attack the Zanneck’s shoulder-mounted particle accelerators, but she is shot at by a hidden beam cannon. Marbet fires the White Ark‘s mega particle gun, but the Zanneck fires its mega beam cannon and deflects the shot. Uso tries to get in closer, but the Zanneck fires missiles at him and escapes back into space. Gomez orders Marbet to immediately return to space, but she and Uso plea with him for more time. Jinn wants them to go to, but Gomez eventually caves in and gives them a day for repairs. The next morning, Uso visits Myra’s grave to say goodbye. Lerna comes up to him and lays down flowers on Myra’s grave. As the White Ark flies by, Shahkti and the others use wire guns to board the ship. Uso says goodbye to Lerna and uses his wire gun to swing onto the ship.


This was a very dramatic episode, but boy is it depressing. It looks like the cease fire is now over. This time we get to see the powerful Zanneck mobile suit, and we meet the Walkers. Though the daughters are understandably angry at Uso, Lerna doesn’t hate Uso for what he had to do. You can visibly see the guilt he feels over Mathis’ death. There’s several mysteries surrounding the Zanneck. First, why would it attack the Largaine base when there’s still Zanscare people there? Second, what’s with the bells that only Shahkti, Uso and Karlmann can hear? I guess we’ll see the answers to these questions once everyone returns to space.

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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