Victory Gundam Ep. 9: Departure


Uso slowly transports the Victory Gundam while carrying Odelo, Warren and Suzy. She asks why they can’t just fly back to Kasarelia, and he says that the Camion group would spot them if they did. He nearly drops them all when he detects something on the radar. He leaves them behind to check it out. Cronicle patrols Kasarelia with a squad of Zolos and with Katejina as his passenger. She thanks him for watching out for her. He thinks about the humiliation he faced because of Uso and receives a call from Fuala on the Recarl. She tells him to proceed to Kasarelia while she heads to Arti Gibraltar. One of Cronicle’s men reports that he’s found a house with smoke, and Cronicle decides to investigate. He lands his Zolo and enters the house with Katejina. Katejina tells Shahkti that Cronicle is the man who had saved her before. Cronicle remembers Shahkti and thinks it’s an odd coincidence that he’s bumped into her three times already. Uso hides the Victory Gundam nearby and watches the house. Two Zolos fly by and spot him. They start shooting, and the Victory Gundam slides down a hill. Uso is unable to get inside, and falls to the bottom of the hill. One of the Zolos sticks its rifle in Uso’s face, and he is captured. The Zolos tow the Victory Gundam over the hill and present it to Cronicle. Uso falls into a pile of hay, and Shahkti runs over to see if he is okay. Uso sees Katejina and asks if she surrendered. She says that the League Militaire has the wrong ideas and she wants to learn about Zanscare from Cronicle. They are taken inside the house, and Cronicle tests out the Victory Gundam. He finds the acceleration and maneuverability to be excellent even without a beam rotor. Since he captured it, Fuala believes she will not have to face the guillotine. Warren, Odelo and Suzy show up and sneak around the house. Suzy rides by the house with several lambs, and Odelo bonks one of the Zolo pilots on the head. The other runs outside and sees a stick jumping around by itself next to the unconscious pilot.

Odelo attacks the pilot, and the pilot knocks him down and starts kicking him. Uso jumps him, but he flips Uso and sticks the gun in his face. Suzy rides by with the lambs, which knock the pilot down, allowing Odelo to take the gun away. Odelo ties up the pilot and keeps his gun trained on Katejina because he believes she is a traitor. Uso sees that Cronicle is using the Victory Gundam, so he runs over to one of the Zolos. Oliver, flying in the Core and Bottom Fighters, tells Uso not to fly around. When he is attacked, he realizes the pilot isn’t Uso. Cronicle is about to slash Oliver with the beam saber, but Uso blocks him with the Zolo. Cronicle severs the Zolo’s legs and sends it crashing into the forest. Oliver hits the Victory Gundam and destroys one of its legs. Cronicle lands to switch to a Zolo when Odelo shoots at him. Katejina stops him and says she’s trying to spy on the Zanscare. Odelo doesn’t trust her and says she can prove herself by bringing him results. Oliver is attacked by the Recarl, and Uso tries to help him. Cronicle takes off in the Zolo, and Uso separates his damaged bottom terminal and has it slam into Cronicle’s Zolo. Uso then gets into the damaged Victory Gundam and attacks the Recarl. Fuala orders pilot Metchet Rubence to shoot down the Victory Gundam, and he manages to destroy the other leg. Oliver ejects his Bottom Fighter and gives it to Uso. Uso docks and chases away the Recarl with his constant fire. He is about to shoot at Cronicle’s attacking Zolo when he sees that Katejina is inside. After the battle, Shahkti finds a note Katejina wrote to Uso and hides it. Uso says they have to leave Kasarelia now that the Yellowjackets have found them. Shahkti says that Uso’s mother won’t be able to find them if they leave, and he says if she is looking it doesn’t matter where he is.


A plus about this episode is that Cronicle and Katejina are featured more prominently in it. It looked like Katejina was being held by Cronicle, then it seemed like she had actually betrayed Uso. Though she tells Odelo she is trying to spy on the Zanscare, he doesn’t really seem to trust her. Uso has no idea what’s going on and thinks she has betrayed him. She probably explained everything in the note she wrote, but for whatever reason Shahkti hid it from Uso. I don’t think she likes Katejina that much, but it’s no reason to hide the truth from Uso. I guess Uso must be killing a lot of good BESPA pilots, because the latest bunch Cronicle has working for him are idiots. What kind of pilots get beaten so easily with lambs and sticks? Then again, Cronicle himself got dumped into a lake by a kid…

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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