VOTOMS Ep. 18: Turnabout


Assemble soldiers hold Chirico under guard as a helicopter arrives to pick him up. The next morning, Coconna receives a phone call from Gotho saying that Chirico came back and is at the Assemble base. She is so excited that she nearly runs out the door until Vanilla reminds her that she’s only in her underwear. At the infirmary, Gotho, Coconna and Vanilla visit with Chirico until Kan Yu and Gon Nu arrive to interrogate him. The doctor says that Chirico could die if they wake him, but Kan Yu insists. Kan Yu says he thinks that Chirico cut a deal with the Veela and is working for them. Gotho yells at him for wanting to kill Chirico after he came back alive. Kan Yu responds by grabbing Gotho and slapping him. Gon Nu decides to leave Chirico be and tells the doctor to watch over him. As soon as they leave, Chirico wakes up and the doctor says he won’t cover for him like that again. Gotho asks what happened, and Chirico explains that he met Kanjelman and was helped in his escape by Fyana. At the palace, Fyana watches Kanjelman and Ypsilon practice balancing. Ypsilon charges, but Kanjelman jumps in the air and smashes Ypsilon’s lance. He tells Ypsilon it is admirable to show pride, but he warns him that pride is also his weakness. Ypsilon tells Kanjelman he didn’t let Chirico escape, and Kanjelman believes him. He says he would understand if Ypsilon had, because he knows that Ypsilon wants to face Chirico on the battlefield. After Kanjelman leaves, Fyana tells Ypsilon that she let Chirico escape. He says he knows and he believes Kanjelman probably figured it out as well. A soldier informs Kanjelman and Borough that the Melkian army is sending an envoy to meet with the Kummen government. Kanjelman can’t believe that after 20 years of fighting the Kummen government would side with the Melkian government. At Assemble EX-10, Gon Nu boards a helicopter to fly out to Zaiden. He gives Kan Yu orders to leave Chirico alone. Gotho is suspicious about Gon Nu suddenly going to Zaiden, and he decides to go there himself. At night, Chirico sneaks into Gotho’s house to wait for his call. Gotho calls and tells Chirico that the Melkians have signed an agreement with the Kummen government and are teaming up for an offensive against the Veela. At that moment, Kan Yu and some soldiers burst into the house and take Chirico into custody for acting suspicious.

Coconna prepares to leave the Fantom Club while Vanilla counts the day’s receipts. She says she wants to visit Chirico, but Vanilla tells her to leave him alone. Potaria calls looking for Chirico, but Vanilla says he’s not there. Kan Yu has Chirico tied to a chair and demands to know if he’s working for the Veela, but Chirico says nothing. A soldier tries to punch Chirico, but he kicks him and knocks him away. Potaria knocks on the door and tells Kan Yu he’s looking for Chirico. Kan Yu tries to close the door, but Potaria sticks his foot in. Kan Yu then receives a phone call that the Veela are approaching the base and surrounding Niitan. Chirico asks Kan Yu for orders, and Potaria and Kiderra laugh at Kan Yu. Vanilla tells Coconna they can live easily in three years. Coconna tells him he doesn’t understand how she feels about Chirico, and he tells her she doesn’t understand how he feels. Vanilla says he didn’t crawl through sewers for Chirico’s sake, but rather for Coconna’s. Just then, the Veela attack Niitan with missiles. Kan Yu’s platoon mounts up on their ATs and are airlifted with AT Flys to the Veela positions. Chirico attacks the Veela missile trucks and finds it strange that there are no ATs attacking. Vanilla tries to put fires out at the Fantom Club, and Coconna asks him to escape with her. Chirico tells Kan Yu that they’ve been suckered into a decoy attack while the Veela attack Niitan, but Kan Yu tells him to shut up. Chirico begins to leave the battlefield and is joined by Kiderra and Potaria. Kan Yu yells at them for violating regulations, and Potaria notes there are exceptions, such as having incompetent commanders. Kan Yu vows to have them shot for insubordination. Chirico, Kiderra and Potaria return to the base to use a transport trailer, but two Diving Beetle pilots confront them. Shako breaks through a fence with his Berserga and smashes into both of the Diving Beetles. He then jumps into the cab of the truck while everyone loads their ATs on the back. Shako drives towards Niitan, which is now under heavy attack.


Chirico returns to Assemble EX-10, but of course Kan Yu uses this as an opportunity to interrogate him again and try to beat him. He really has it in for Chirico if he’s willing to violate Gon Nu’s orders just to get his hands on Chirico. Luckily, all of Chirico’s teammates recognize that Kan Yu is an idiot and are willing to back Chirico up. Coconna isn’t happy about Chirico always going after Fyana, and at the same time Vanilla admits to Coconna that he has feeling for her. There’s nothing like a love rectangle in a mecha series. The Melkians are teaming up with the mercenaries to destroy the Veela, so the Veela are making a preemptive strike. Gotho mentions that Gon Nu is hanging out with a Melkian officer, and I’ll bet that officer is Rochina.

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Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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