VOTOMS Ep. 21: Upriver


As the gunboat travels upriver, Potaria exclaims that he is tired of fighting but will hold out because the fighting will end soon. Several Veela helicopters fly overhead, and Kan Yu orders everyone to cover the guns and hide. Kiderra tries to shoot the helicopters after they fly over, but Chirico convinces him not to because they’re on a secret mission. Kiderra says he doesn’t like secret ops missions and just wants to kill Veela. Soon after, a civilian junk boat approaches and everyone prepares to hide again. Kan Yu wants to stop it and search it, but Chirico says they shouldn’t do that because they would reveal themselves. Kan Yu notes that he’s in command until they reach the enemy base and has the boat stopped. His soldiers board the boat and rummage through all the boxes until they find nothing. As the boat pulls away, Kan Yu fires the aft machine gun at it and destroys it. Potaria asks him how he could waste people’s lives like that, and Kan Yu says he saw an antenna on the prow of the ship. Kiderra asks Chirico if he’s going to be in charge of the battle, and Chirico replies that he’s just following orders. At the palace, Ypsilon vows to Fyana that he will definitely kill Chirico the next time they meet in battle. Borough calls him away when the mission briefing begins. At the strategy meeting, Kanjelman discusses with his men how the Melkian and Kummen armies will attack. His advisors say they are moving slower than expected and will probably come up the Munamera River. Borough says their plan could be more complicated now that the Melkians are supporting them. Ypsilon asks for permission to attack to raise everyone’s morale, but Kanjelman tells him there’s no need to do that right now. As the gunboat continues its journey it approaches the ancient Ramoh Temple. Potaria explains that it’s a famous place where monks and priest come from all over to visit. Kan Yu decides to stop there, and Chirico says they should be heading for their destination as quickly as possible. Kan Yu says the boat from before could have radioed them, and he intends to remove any obstacles to their missions. He orders everyone to get in their ATs and prepare to attack.

The ATs assemble at the temple’s dock and head for the temple. The high priest tells Kan Yu that there are no soldiers in the temple, and he asks them to leave. Kan Yu orders everyone to split up and search the temple. Chirico enters the temple with his Marshydog and is accompanied by several foot soldiers. Chirico spots an anti-AT cannon and orders the soldiers to stop searching. Outside, he reports to Kan Yu that there’s nothing suspicious inside the temple. Kan Yu stops in front of a building and asks what it is. The high priest says it’s a storehouse, and Kan Yu gets on foot to investigate. A Veela guerilla hides inside the storehouse while Kan Yu searches it. He says there’s enough food to feed soldiers for a month, but the high priest explains that it’s for travelers who stay overnight. Everyone returns to the dock, and Kan Yu orders the foot soldiers to search several junk boats moored to the dock. The soldiers find nothing, and Kan Yu orders them to cut it loose. As the boat drifts away, Kan Yu destroys it with his machine gun. Suddenly, the Veela open fire from the temple with bazookas and machine guns. Kiderra runs inside the temple and is ambushed by a group of Standing Turtles. Chirico comes inside the temple to help Kiderra. A Standing Turtle knocks Chirico down and tries to smash him, but he quickly opens his visor and shoots through the cockpit of the Standing Turtle with his handgun. Kan Yu orders his men to protect the boat, but several missiles hit the boat and destroy it. Kan Yu fires at the gun emplacement high in the temple and sets off all the ammunition stored there. Chirico, Kiderra and Shako rush out of the temple as it explodes. Kan Yu is happy about their progress, but Chirico says they failed their mission and blew their cover, aside from losing their boat. Kan Yu tells Chirico he has no command ability and says he is taking command of the whole mission. A helicopter piloted by Vanilla appears and lands. Vanilla gives Kan Yu a message from Gon Nu stating that their mission has changed and that Chirico is in full command.


What starts out as a secret mission is almost immediately ruined by Kan Yu’s stupidity and his desire to constantly show up Chirico. He destroys a boat full of innocent people for no reason and diverts them from their mission simply to gain some glory for his extremely inflated ego. Chirico was right in every one of his statements in the episode, but Kan Yu is too blind and stupid to understand any of that. With their cover blown and their transportation gone, how will they get close enough to the palace to attack it and rescue Fyana? At the very least, whatever happens now will go more smoothly with Chirico in command.

Overall Rating

Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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