VOTOMS Ep. 32: Ypsilon


At the Balarant command satellite, two of Zanjeny’s senior officers argue about the risk of entering the Nonaggression Zone and potentially trigger another war with the Gilgamesh. Zanjeny concludes that because they don’t know where Space Battleship X came from, they must hide their presence in the Nonaggression Zone and watch what happens. A Leslion class ship pursues Space Battleship X, and the captain reminds his men that the people they’re chasing aren’t normal humans. Fyana makes a difficult decision to save Chirico’s life and takes off in Kanjelman’s shuttle. Aboard the Teltain, Futtor and Ypsilon speak with Killy in a video conference and receive orders to kill Chirico and retrieve Fyana. The Schmitel twins attach sensors to Ypsilon to check up on his condition. The Teltain‘s radar picks up Fyana’s shuttle in space. Fyana flies toward the Leslion class ship and stops ahead of it. The captain thinks she doesn’t intend to attack and hails her. Fyana explains that she’s the only PS on the ship. The Balarant can’t believe that Chirico fought so well without being a PS. Fyana agrees to surrender to the Balarant on the condition that they don’t harm Chirico. The Balarant captain agrees and opens the shuttle bay for Fyana to land. As Fyana approaches the hangar bay, a missile from the Teltain hits the hangar and destroys the ship. Fyana escapes and returns to Space Battleship X. The Teltain picks up a fragment of Fyana’s communication with the Balarant, and Ypsilon becomes furious when he hears mention of Chirico’s name. Fyana returns to Chirico and tells him that the Balarant ship was destroyed by the Teltain. Chirico says that the Teltain ruined his life, and he vows to kill everyone aboard it and destroy the Secret Society. Fyana struggles with Chirico until he lies down and falls asleep. She intends to save him even if it costs her life.

Space Battleship X enters orbit of the planet Sunsa and comes under missile attack from the Teltain. Fyana attempts to contact Ypsilon directly, but the radio suddenly dies. Futtor orders the AT team to attack, but Ypsilon objects and says they should wait until the ship lands before they attack. Futtor says they have the advantage now and that the decision isn’t up to Ypsilon. A team of Standing Tortoise Mk IIs launch from the Teltain and land on Space Battleship X. Fyana comes under attack and manages to sortie in a Scopedog II. She fights off the Standing Tortoises inside the ship and asks the Teltain to send out Ypsilon. A second AT team launches, led by Ypsilon’s Strike Dog. Fyana blasts her way out of the ship to meet Ypsilon. She says she has a favor to ask, and Ypsilon guesses that it’s to leave Chirico alone. Fyana begs and says she will do anything, but Ypsilon says he doesn’t owe anything to the man who sent him into hell. Fyana refuses to abandon Chirico, and Ypsilon attacks with his Strike Dog. He fights with Fyana in the air and grapples onto her with one of his claws. Two Standing Tortoises begin to fly Fyana back to the Teltain as it unleashes another barrage of missiles on Space Battleship X. Fyana breaks free from the Standing Tortoises and returns to the ship. As the ship crashes on Sunsa’s barren surface, Chirico struggles to get to his feet. Fyana fights off several Standing Tortoises, but her Scopedog II is damaged. Chirico breaks through the ceiling in a Scopedog II and destroys the Standing Tortoises. He asks Fyana if she’ll fight alongside him until they both die, but she says she won’t do that because they’re going to live. As the sun rises, Chirico blasts out of the ship and comes face-to-face with Ypsilon’s Strike Dog.


Chirico and Fyana’s mysterious journey finally ends with the ship landing on the barren world of Sunsa. The pursuit by the Teltain intensifies with a missile assault and AT attack. After spending some time sick and delusional, Chirico mysteriously recovers just in time to save Fyana and have a showdown with Ypsilon. The Schmitel twins note that Ypsilon’s love for Fyana surpasses his hate, so he still hasn’t been tuned to be the Perfect Soldier that the Society wants. Once Chirico and Fyana deal with Ypsilon, the question still remains why they are on Sunsa and who brought them there.

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Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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