VOTOMS Ep. 50: Storm Clouds


After crashing on the surface of Quent, Fyana, Gotho, Vanilla and Coconna walk across the desert to Gomor. Vanilla and Coconna argue about his piloting skills and about who Coconna will marry, until she suddenly bumps into Shako. Shako asks where Chirico is, and Vanilla says that Chirico has gone crazy, saying he’s Wiseman’s successor. Shako explains that Meji predicted a Child of God would walk the land again to decide the fate of the galaxy. Aboard the Secret Society Flagship, Chirico is informed that someone sabotaged their navigational program. Chirico has the Schmitel twins brought to him and says that only they have the authority to change the ship’s course. Because of the change, they are now 20 hours behind schedule in reaching Quent, and they’ve been using that time to foment rebellion. Chirico has a soldier brought in who apologizes to Arron for giving him up. Arron says that he and his brother have been Wiseman’s tools, but he’s not ashamed of that. He knows that Wiseman is God, and he can’t accept that Wiseman would give his power to Chirico. He pulls out a gun and shoots a guard, but Chirico draws his own weapon and shoots Arron through the heart. He then says that it was Wiseman who discovered Arron’s treachery and ordered his execution. He says he is still Wiseman’s tool and that Wiseman knows all and sees all. As he says this, Rochina taps into the ship’s communication system and listens in. The officers of the Gilgamesh fleet decide that this time they may have to destroy Quent to prevent the secret of Wiseman from becoming known. When the flagship enters orbit of Quent, Chirico launches in an AT Landing Craft and heads for the planet. An officer tells Gurran that they could take out Chirico’s dropship, and Gurran tells him to shut up and think of nothing else except helping Chirico. Gotho and Vanilla work to repair an old Berserga DT. Fyana talks to Shako and says she believes Chirico has a plan. Shako would like to believe that because he likes Chirico as well. As Chirico’s landing craft descends, Shako goes off to meet him. Chirico launches in his custom Rabidly Dog and heads for Gomor’s tower. When Shako approaches, he explains that Meji predicted what would happen. He says he wants to help, and Chirico explains that he needs to examine Quent’s defense system so that he can use it when the Gilgamesh-Balarant fleet arrives.

Shako and Chirico head into the tower with Fyana and the others following closely behind. Shako says he is surprised by all the technology that still exists on Quent. He wonders if it was left there to protect the Quentians or just Chirico, but Chirico says he doesn’t have time to talk. After traveling through a long corridor, Chirico gets out of his Rabidly Dog and touches a glowing orb which transports him and Shako to another corridor. Fyana runs up and touches the orb, followed by Gotho and the others. Chirico and Shako walk through the corridor, and another orb transports them to the defense system control room which houses the mother computer. A central console displays visual information along with text written in the ancient Quentinese language. Shako translates the text, which says that all systems are normal. He asks Chirico if he really is a Child of God and if he’s off to meet Wiseman now. He says that the entrance to Wiseman’s complex is near Shako’s village. He goes on to explain that the universe needs to be controlled, and that although he was born an Overman he didn’t reach his full potential until he was on the battlefield. He says that war takes many lives, but it also creates new civilizations and is the driving force of history. When he becomes God he plans to control the galaxy to this end. Shako grabs his machine gun and threatens to shoot Chirico, but Chirico says that’s useless. Shako fires at Chirico with no effect, so he instead shoots at the mother computer and destroys it. After a struggle, Chirico grabs the machine gun and shoots Shako in the left leg and shoulder. Fyana and the others arrive, but Chirico warns Fyana to stay away before he escapes. After escaping from the control room, Fyana launches in the Berserga DT and vows to bring back Chirico. Chirico calls Gurran, who tells him that 500 ships are approaching. Chirico tells him that the defense system was destroyed, and he orders Gurran to send down as many ATs as he can and fight off the fleet. Fyana makes contact with Chirico over the radio, but he tells her to stay away because he never wants to see her again. He tells her he’s abandoned everything and says she should get off Quent. At the same time, Gilgamesh and Balarant dropships head for Quent’s surface.


As the series marches closer to its end, Chirico becomes even more ruthless in his determination to take Wiseman’s place as God of the Astragius Galaxy. This time he even goes as far as to shoot Shako and threaten Fyana. The sheer ruthlessness he shows makes one wonder if he really has abandoned everything as he states he has. Because Shako destroyed the defense system, the Gilgamesh-Balarant combined fleet can now approach Quent without fear of being destroyed. This certainly puts a wrinkle in Chirico’s plans. Now he’s on a solo journey to reach Wiseman’s underground layer, but can he really take on thousands of ATs singlehandedly?

Overall Rating

Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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