Zeta Gundam Ep. 18: Mirai Captured


Four makes an unauthorized launch from the Sudori in a small hovercraft, and Namicar yells at her to return if she wants her memories back. At the port, Hayato supervises the arrival of additional supplies from Luio & Co. In another part of the port, Amuro and Beltorchika visit Mirai on the Coral Oriental. Amuro wants Mirai to join them on the Audhumla and is sure that Hayato would agree. Amuro asks Mirai if she’s gotten her flight ticket yet and notes that the worse the war gets, the harder it’ll be to travel to space. Mirai explains that she won’t take her kids to battle zones just so she can see Bright, and she tells Amuro that she needs more time to think about it. Hathaway tosses a toy glider in Cheimin’s direction, but she misses it and it veers away to land. Beltorchika tells Amuro that it’s time to go, and he reminds Mirai that the Audhumla leaves tomorrow morning. Outside the ship, Four walks around and picks up the toy glider. Nearby, the Sudori launches four Marine Hi-Zacks to search Hong Kong for Four. Namicar thanks Wooder for the help and notes that a large investment has been made into creating Four, so finding her is important. Wooder speaks to the special service officers who are helping him find Four, and they think it’s a good opportunity to also take control of the Audhumla. Wooder thinks that if Four is a complete Cyber Newtype that she’ll eventually make contact with the enemy. While waiting in the car, Kamille sees Four playing with the glider. Beltorchika asks Amuro why he’s wasting time trying to get Mirai on the Audhumla when she isn’t AEUG or Karaba, and Four overhears while climbing stairs onto the ship. Cheimin spots the glider, so Four hands it over and wonders who Mirai is. Beltorchika asks Kamille why he’s here, and he explains that he’s come on Hayato’s orders. Four hears Kamille addressing Amuro and wonders if Amuro has been piloting the Gundam Mk-II. Kamille comments that everyone gets worried when Amuro leaves without informing anyone, especially if he’s with Beltorchika. She angrily counters that she came along to keep Amuro in check, and Kamille asks them to return immediately. Kamille gets into the car and Four asks for a ride into the old city, which he agrees to. Four asks Kamille if he knows Amuro and Beltorchika, but he answers that he doesn’t know anything about a man and woman who lick each other’s wounds. Four says that sounds pathetic, and Kamille agrees. A Titans officer watching from a nearby car reports that Four is on the move and that Amuro is acquainted with a family on the Coral Oriental. Kamille asks Four if she likes gliders, and she tells him she loves anything that flies. They each introduce each other, and he comments on how she has a difficult name. Four says that Kamille is a kind name, but she laughs when she sees that he dislikes his own name. Mirai prepares to do her laundry, but two Titans operatives force their way into the room and kidnap her and the kids. Wooder hears the news and tells Namicar that once they start their plan against the AEUG, Four will show up. Four asks Kamille to buy her a drink at a shop and says she’ll go wherever he does, even if it’s to go meet Amuro. Kamille asks if she’s an Amuro fan and says he’d be jealous if she was. He continues to drive, unaware that a Titans officer is following him. Four laughs and tells Kamille that she’s looking for someone who can understand her. Ben uses civilian radio to broadcast a message threatening that if the AEUG don’t hand over the Audhumla within 24 hours, he’ll indiscriminately attack the city. A hovercraft flies by Amuro and drops the toy glider, and Ben announces that he’s taken Mirai, Cheimin and Hathaway as hostages. Four asks Kamille if he’s a member of the AEUG and if he pilots mobile suits, and he answers that he does. She decides to get off, so he pulls over to let her off. Kamille asks if they’ll meet again and Four answers that she’d like that. Four runs over to the Titans officer in the other car to complain that she doesn’t like such tactics, and he tells her that if she doesn’t like it she should take part in the operation. She’s not interested in such an operation, and the officer tells her she’ll be executed for desertion, but she counters that she’s checking out the enemy. Hayato discusses the situation with Stephanie, and she thinks that a couple of hostages don’t compare to handing the Audhumla to the Titans. A crying Beltorchika phones Hayato to relay the news that Amuro went to the enemy hover cruiser alone despite her protests. Stephanie asks Hayato why everyone is so swayed by sympathy and reminds him not to forget about the AEUG’s cause. She tells Hayato not to get Luio & Co’s Stockpile Base involved in this mess, and he decides to move the Audhumla.

Amuro approaches the Titans hover cruiser and after identifying himself tells Wooder that he’d be a more valuable hostage. Amuro comments that he’s sure the Titans don’t want to be known for unfair tactics like taking women and children hostage, and Wooder orders that the hostages be brought out. Four pushes through a crowd to watch the situation unfolding in the bay. Stephanie takes a call from the city’s mayor, and Hayato orders that all mobile suits be ready to launch at any time. Stephanie assures the mayor that she’ll have the Audhumla flee Hong Kong to avoid having the city get caught up in the war. Amuro boards the hover cruiser and tells Mirai to go to the Audhumla. Wooder says that it’s an honor to be joined by a former hero, and Amuro asks why he’s going to such lengths to get the Audhumla. Wooder responds that he doesn’t know anything about politics, but as a soldier, it’s his duty to follow orders. Amuro comments that the present government is trying to destroy the Earth, and Wooder punches him in the face. Amuro tells Mirai to leave immediately, but when she tries to drive his hovercraft away, a Marine Hi-Zack grabs it from underneath the water’s surface. Kamille spots the Audhumla taking off as he drives through the city, and he hears Wooder announce on the radio that he’ll kill all four hostages if the Audhumla escapes. Four thinks about how she took part in this operation because the Murasame Lab has something important that she wants, and to get it back, she can’t let Wooder get in her way. Kamille pulls up near the water and flashes a signal with his headlights, which Hayato spots. A Nemo takes off on a Dodai Custom and flies over to pick up Kamille’s car after he jumps off the road. Kamille asks how the Titans ended up with more hostages, and Hayato explains that Amuro went to trade himself, but the Titans kept everyone. Hayato comments that if they don’t do things right the hostages could be killed, and Stephanie thinks that the Sudori might be laying a trap. Kamille changes into his pilot suit and says that there’s always the chance they have to fight an enemy other than the Sudori. Hayato tells Stephanie that he’s got a plan to use the Gundam Mk-II that would both save the hostages and the city. Hayato says they’ll hand over the Audhumla, and Kamille immediately objects, but Hayato elaborates that they’re just pretending. Stephanie asks Kamille if he can stay calm, and he assures her that he can, while also wondering about the kindness and strength he senses from her. Kamille gets into his cockpit and tells Hayato that he’ll need exact timing for his launch. Karaba crew climb to the top of the plane’s hull and hoist a large white flag to signal surrender. Kamille jumps off the Audhumla and heads underwater, where he picks up the four Marine Hi-Zacks on sensors. Wooder spots the Audhumla with binoculars and informs Amuro that he won’t have to die now. Four feels an intense headache while trying to hotwire a boat and laments that she needs to rely on Namicar to get rid of such pain. Kamille slowly travels underwater and wonders if Hayato will be able to back him up. Mirai reassures Cheimin that they’ll be rescued, and Hathaway asks if Amuro will also be saved. Hayato and Stephanie climb out of the bridge and stand atop the hull to help sell their fake surrender. Wooder orders the Sudori to fly in and initiate the takeover of the Audhumla. Kamille accidentally disturbs a rock formation underwater, which catches the attention of the Marine Hi-Zacks. Kamille and one of the Marine Hi-Zacks jump out of the water, and the waves they create knock Hathaway off the hovercraft. Kamille then fires his bazooka and destroys the pursuing Marine Hi-Zack. The hover cruiser is knocked around by the suit’s explosion, and Amuro uses the opportunity to jump into the water. The Titans open fire on him, so Kamille buzzes the water’s surface to distract the Titans and allow Amuro to swim away. A Marine Hi-Zack grapples onto Kamille from behind, but he breaks free and blasts it with his bazooka. Kamille struggles to hit the enemy underwater, and Mirai cuts the ropes on Amuro’s hands so he can get back in the water and save drowning Hathaway. Amuro manages to get Hathaway back to the hovercraft and tells Mirai to give her son mouth-to-mouth air, while Kamille lands a hit and destroys a Marine Hi-Zack. Hayato orders the Audhumla to launch and ready its mobile suits. Namicar seizes the hover cruiser’s controls and tells Wooder that the plan has failed now that they’ve lost their hostages. Wooder then takes the controls, and Kamille fires to force the remaining two enemies out of the water. He uses his bazooka to destroy one enemy midair and then pulls out his beam saber to stab the last one in the cockpit. Four struggles from her headache and says that calm periods are always followed by this. Amuro docks the hovercraft in the harbor, and Beltorchika is relieved to see him. Kamille accidentally destroys a pier while trying to land on it, and Mirai asks Amuro if Kamille is like him. Amuro answers that Kamille is nothing like him but has much more promise than he did. Kamille chats with Cheimin, and Beltorchika yells at Mirai that it’s her fault Amuro put himself in a dangerous situation and forgot about the AEUG. Mirai responds that Amuro isn’t such a weak person, and Beltorchika cries in Amuro’s arms. Hayato and Stephanie pull up in a boat, and Mirai tells them she’s OK thanks to Amuro and Kamille. Amuro and Kamille then thank each other and shake hands.


After the Psycho Gundam’s devastating debut in the last episode, Hong Kong gets a short reprieve from that level of destruction, but it remains under the gun. With Four going AWOL, Wooder hatches another plan to defeat the AEUG/Karaba by kidnapping Mirai and her kids. Lest you think this was just a tactic used by Bask, it seems that even low level guys like Wooder have no qualms about using innocents as hostages. It’s even worse in this case because he literally broadcasts his intentions to attack the city if he doesn’t get what he wants. In the midst of this, Kamille and Four have a fateful encounter, but at this point neither is aware that they’re enemies. Amuro takes a risk in trying to trade himself as a more valuable hostage, but it doesn’t pay off because Wooder gets greedy and keeps all the hostages. This episode features Kamille’s first experience with underwater combat, and he definitely struggles with it at first as Amuro did before him. It seems as though Amuro and Kamille have finally earned a mutual respect for each other, and Amuro goes so far to tell Mirai that Kamille has more promise than him. Unfortunately, Amuro still keeps hanging around with Beltorchika, who irrationally blames Mirai for causing the situation…by daring to get kidnapped by the Titans. Beltorchika served a function in guiding the Audhumla in North America, but none of her actions since then have demonstrated that she’s a useful, productive member of Karaba. They should’ve just left her behind when they reached the Pacific Ocean.

Original Review: November 18, 2000

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Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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