Zeta Gundam Ep. 19: Cinderella Four


Beltorchika walks in on a meeting and is informed by Hayato that the mayor of Hong Kong wants the Audhumla to leave immediately. Hayato thinks it’ll be OK if they can leave by midnight, but more supplies are still incoming from Luio & Co. Kamille runs into Amuro in a corridor and mentions his meeting with Four, saying that the feeling he has about her is different from falling in love. He says it feels more tangible and asks Amuro if he’s experienced it, to which Amuro answers that it’s not the feeling of a Newtype. He explains that people with great insight can understand each other the first time they meet. Kamille mentions a feeling of being pulled, but Amuro can’t follow up because Beltorchika interrupts the conversation. Beltorchika comments that Kamille is describing love at first sight, and Kamille angrily asks what she wants. Amuro tells Kamille that he’s better off keeping a distance from Beltorchika, and as Amuro walks away, Mirai tells Beltorchika to leave him alone. Beltorchika asks Mirai to tell her about Amuro’s experiences fighting Zeon’s pilot, and Mirai answers that she can’t say anything if Beltorchika thinks she already knows the truth. Beltorchika counters that she’s worried about Amuro and can’t care for him unless she knows more about him. Mirai responds that Beltorchika is carelessly jumping too deeply into other people’s hearts, and Beltorchika counters that she thinks she’s only talking about her own heart. After Beltorchika leaves, Kamille asks Mirai about the pilot, but she answers that she doesn’t know much. What she does know is that Lalah was responsible for pulling Amuro away from reality, even though she was dead. Kamille asks if Amuro loved Lalah, and Mirai explains that they were enemies and barely knew each other. She asks Kamille if he thinks two people can love each other enough to change their lives, but he believes it’s impossible. She then says that was Amuro and Lalah’s relationship, and Kamille thinks to himself that Four could be to him what Lalah was to Amuro. Four aimlessly wanders the streets of Hong Kong and is nearly run over by a truck. She then sits on a bench and watches as people pass by and carry on with their day. Kamille sneaks off the Audhumla and steals a parked motorcycle from Luio & Co. Elsewhere, the Sudori tows the Psycho Gundam, and Namicar reports to Wooder that she’s finished adjusting the suit’s program. He comments that they’ve been depending too much on Cyber Newtypes and can’t afford to not use the power of the Psycho Gundam. He doesn’t particularly mind if Hong Kong is destroyed as a result of that. Namicar notes that Hong Kong is leased territory of the Federation government, but Wooder counters that all of Earth is under the control of the Titans now. Four meets with a Titans officer who has come to pick her up, and she slaps him in the face when he calls her Number Four. The Titan pulls out a pistol when he spots Kamille in the distance, so Kamille puts his hands up. Four asks what he’s doing here, and he answers that he thought he might be able to see her again. Four tells the Titan not to leave, but when he insists he has orders from Wooder to bring her back, she promises to return by midnight. Four asks him to forgive her for slapping him and to grant her this time to herself. The Titan agrees, but only if Four wears a tracking device. Four then runs over to Kamille and jumps into his arms. They then head to a rooftop, where she runs around for a bit before sitting down on a bench. Four laughs about how they seem to be enemies, but Kamille says that’s only according to the lines drawn by adults. Four thinks that the Federation and AEUG are no different aside from the uniforms, and she asks Kamille what it feels like to pilot a mobile suit. Kamille answers that he’s only in it to fight, and Four leans in and asks him to kiss her. After they kiss, Four tells Kamille that he’s kind and explains that she’s a war orphan. Four asks if Kamille likes her name, and he answers that he does, but she hates it. She explains that she’s the fourth test subject in a lab, so her name is Number Four. Kamille asks what her real name is, but she doesn’t know because she has no memories of her past. She’s trying to find them, but Kamille notes that she can make many new memories from this point on. Kamille embraces Four, but the moment is interrupted by a nearby explosion. Kamille watches in horror as the Sudori carpet bombs the city, and Four feels a sensation that reminds her of when she fought the Gundam Mk-II. Kamille shouts that the uniforms aren’t the only difference because the AEUG would never do something like this. The Psycho Gundam then appears over the city and Four wonders who is piloting it. Kamille asks Four to come with him, but she says her memories are on the Sudori. Four states that she hates feeling lonely and not having any memories to comfort her in that loneliness. She tells Kamille that someone with parents couldn’t understand, and she runs away. Kamille chases her down the stairs and stops her in the street, but she pulls away and he loses sight of her as a large crowd attempts to flee the Psycho Gundam. As the Audhumla pulls away from the port, Amuro launches in the Rick Dias on a Dodai Custom. Wooder has trouble controlling the Psycho Gundam and crashes into a building. 

Amuro reaches the city center and opens fire, and Wooder responds by firing the diffuse mega particle cannons. Four wonders if Namicar is piloting the Psycho Gundam without her permission, but she concludes that it must be Wooder because only he would dare. The Psycho Gundam stops responding to Wooder, and another hit from Amuro causes it to crash into the ground. Amuro realizes he can’t destroy it in the city so he tries to lure it away. The Psycho Gundam takes off on its own without Wooder controlling it. Kamille uses the motorcycle’s headlight to flash light signals, and Amuro spots them and flies over for a pick up. The Psycho Gundam flies toward a construction site where Wooder spots Four glowing with blue light. Wooder opens the cockpit and tells Four that they’ve been looking for her, and the two switch places. A Nemo blasts a Hi-Zack riding a Base Jabber, and Kamille tells Amuro that if he won’t talk to him about Newtypes, he has to go and find things out for himself. Stephanie slaps Kamille when he disembarks from the Dodai Custom and asks if he’s taking these battles seriously. She tells him not to leave at a time like this, and he tells her that he’s not fooling around. Kamille jumps into his cockpit and grumbles that Stephanie is like a female Wong. Kamille takes off and joins Amuro and the Nemos in combating the Hi-Zacks. Four cries as she crashes into buildings and says there’s no point in making new memories if she can’t get the old ones back. Four wants everything to burn and comes across the rooftop she was just at with Kamille. She then smashes the building and Kamille jumps onto the Psycho Gundam from behind. Each feels a Newtype sensation and realizes who the other is. Four asks if Kamille was created to make her suffer and fires her cannons, but he evades the attack. She opens fire again and destroys another building, so Kamille pleads with her to stop fighting. Four shouts that she has to suffer eternally because things like this exist, and she backs Kamille toward the water. Amuro yells at Kamille that he’s going to get himself killed, and he hits the Psycho Gundam from behind as it grabs the Gundam Mk-II. Kamille tells Amuro to stop attacking, and both Gundams fall into the bay. Kamille gets onto the Psycho Gundam and exits his cockpit so he can talk to Four. She opens her hatch and tells him that she needs her memories so she can know more about herself. The only way the Murasame Lab will do that is if she defeats the Gundam Mk-II, but Kamille thinks they’re lying and won’t follow through on that promise. Four asks if it’s wrong to want to know about herself, and Kamille asks her to come to space with him so the AEUG can help her. Four thinks that’s useless and closes her cockpit hatch, saying that Kamille knows everything about her. He counters that she can live because someone knows her, and she tells him to stop being her enemy. Kamille gets back into his cockpit and is picked up by Amuro, who wants to destroy the combat system that is forcing Four to fight. Amuro tries to scan for the combat system’s core and is forced to dodge when Four opens fire. He then returns fire and damages the Psycho Gundam, but his rifle hand is suddenly blown off by a Hi-Zack. As the Psycho Gundam escapes a Hi-Zack knocks Kamille into the water, so he uses his beam saber to destroy it. After Four returns to the Sudori, Wooder tells Namicar that he’ll force Four to fight. Mirai says goodbye to Hayato and tells him she’ll probably return to the Coral Oriental and head for India. Mirai asks Amuro where Kamille is, but a negative nod from Amuro indicates that Kamille won’t be coming around. Mirai regrets that and says she was hoping to talk to Kamille one more time before leaving. Mirai asks Amuro to take good care of Kamille, and he responds that he intends to fulfill his promise to return Kamille to space. Mirai tells Beltorchika that there’s no sense in rushing things and that in any relationship people should take time to understand each other. Beltorchika says that she doesn’t understand, and Mirai responds that she will when she’s older. Mirai and her kids join Stephanie in a helicopter and depart from the Audhumla. Amuro asks Beltorchika what Mirai said, and she answers only that it was women’s talk. Kamille bites his fingernail and watches the helicopter fly away.


Four has another encounter with Kamille, but as the episode title alludes to, like Cinderella, it’s not fated to last past midnight. The big reveal here is that each learns that they are enemies. Four is singularly driven by her desire to get her memories back, and Kamille is unable to reason with her, even though he’s right that the Titans won’t keep their promise. Four’s despair at her lack of a past leads her to go on a wrecking spree in Hong Kong, and not even Amuro can figure out how to stop her. Beltorchika continues to be a nuisance, although Mirai obviously isn’t intimidated by her. Even though Mirai is a civilian now, she hasn’t lost any of that determination from her time in the One Year War. Her quest to reach space ends, but Kamille’s will continue on.

Original Review: November 21, 2000

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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