Zeta Gundam Ep. 20: The Heated Escape


Amuro knocks on Kamille’s door and says he wants to talk, but Kamille is in bed and won’t answer. He then runs into Beltorchika in the corridor and declines an offer to have coffee in her room. She asks what’s bothering him and says he’s not like Quattro and not the type to lose himself in battles. Amuro responds that he’s surprised to hear that from her since she’s finally starting to recognize and accept the realities of battle. Beltorchika says this isn’t what she expects from Amuro and asks if he wants to return to space. Amuro comments that going to space will expand Kamille’s potential infinitely, and if it influences him in a positive way, he’ll do it. On the Sudori, Wooder is informed that their five remaining Hi-Zacks are almost ready for battle, and they’ve almost caught up to the Audhumla. Four comes to the bridge and asks if she’s being sent into battle, and Wooder responds that they haven’t caught up yet with the Audhumla. Four moves to leave the bridge, and Wooder comments about how she wants to get her memories back. He tells her that she just has to slow the Audhumla down so they can deliver them into the hands of the Titans base in New Guinea. However, if the Titans’ trust in her declines, they might close the Murasame Lab in response, meaning that her memories will be lost forever. Four feels emotional distress upon hearing this, and Wooder comments that everything depends on her accomplishments. Wooder is informed that the Audhumla is in sight and that they’ll intercept in 15 minutes, and Four runs off the bridge. Amuro and Hayato examine plans for the Titans New Guinea base that they received from Luio & Co. The base is still under construction and lightly defended, so Hayato believes they can destroy the base on their own. The Audhumla receives an encrypted message from Luio & Co. stating that the Argama will stay in satellite orbit for 24 hours. Hayato sees that this is too soon because they won’t reach New Guinea until tomorrow morning at the earliest, but the discussion is interrupted when incoming Hi-Zacks and the Psycho Gundam are detected on sensors. Amuro runs off the bridge, and Kamille wakes up and gets out of bed when the battle alert sounds. Amuro launches in the Rick Dias with a Dodai Custom and opens fire at Four. She responds by firing her diffuse mega particle cannons, but Amuro evades. Multiple Nemos on Dodai Customs launch, and Hayato orders the Audhumla to ascend at top speed to avoid the incoming Psycho Gundam. Amuro shoots at Four again and causes her to miss hitting the Audhumla. Hayato asks Beltorchika where Kamille is, and she angrily responds that she’s not his babysitter before immediately apologizing. Kamille launches in the Gundam Mk-II with a Dodai Custom, and Four transforms the Psycho Gundam and grabs Amuro’s Rick Dias off of its Dodai Custom. Four then feels intense pain in her head, and Amuro wonders what this sensation is. The Psycho Gundam starts falling toward the ocean, so Amuro uses the opportunity to break free and get back to his Dodai Custom. The Psycho Gundam then crashes into the ocean but resurfaces in mobile fortress mode and retreats. Kamille destroys a Hi-Zack’s Base Jabber and then targets another enemy. The Hi-Zack jumps off its Base Jabber to attack Kamille, but Amuro destroys it and tells Kamille he’s letting his guard down. In space, the Argama enters satellite orbit of Earth. On the Sudori, Namicar confronts Four about retreating and tells her that she has to fight. Four responds that she’s tired, and Namicar slaps her and says her efforts are for nothing if she doesn’t fight. Namicar asks Four if she wants her memories back and says it could happen if she wrote it in a report. Namicar comments that she’s a flawless Newtype and just has to prove it in battle. Four reluctantly agrees and launches once more in the Psycho Gundam. Wooder addresses the Sudori’s crew and announces that with no mobile suits left aside from the Psycho Gundam and no time to resupply, his only option is to use the ship in a suicide attack. He orders the crew to escape and states that the suicide attack will begin when they catch up again with the Audhumla. Most of the crew evacuate, but a few regular EFF officers ask Wooder for permission to stay behind. Hayato asks if they’ve received word from the Argama yet, but he’s told there’s too much static. Amuro notes that even if the Argama arrives, they still don’t have a shuttle to send Kamille back with. Beltorchika approaches Kamille and tells him that she doesn’t want Amuro to stay by his side because it makes him overdo things. She thinks that’ll get Amuro killed, and Kamille asks if she’s saying he’s not strong enough. Beltorchika responds that she isn’t saying that, just that Amuro tries too hard, and Kamille answers that there’s nothing he can do about that. Kamille tells Beltorchika that all she can do is ask Amuro to be more cautious, but she says he wouldn’t listen. 

Kamille agrees that Amuro probably wouldn’t listen, and when Beltorchika asks him to think about the situation, he repeats that there’s nothing he can do. Their conversation is interrupted by a battle alert, and Beltorchika asks Kamille to bring Amuro back safely. Kamille counters that that’s the selfishness of a woman and that it could get a man killed. Amuro prepares to launch in the Rick Dias, but Kamille steps in and says he wants to take off first. Four spots Kamille approaching and says that it’s like he was waiting for her, so she opens fire. Kamille evades and uses the clouds as cover, but he doesn’t return fire. Amuro tells Kamille to stay back, but Kamille insists that he can handle it because he knows Four well. Amuro spots the Sudori in the distance and realizes that it’s up to something. Kamille fires his vulcans and crashes his Dodai Custom into the Psycho Gundam to try to avoid Four’s grasp. Four grabs onto the Gundam Mk-II, and Amuro attacks the Sudori as it continues on its suicide course. Four asks Kamille why he didn’t take her down right away if he launched into battle, and Kamille tells her to open her cockpit hatch. Kamille gets out of his cockpit, and Four brings the Gundam Mk-II closer to her cockpit. Four comments that Kamille is reckless, and he says there’s something he hasn’t told her yet. He explains that he watched both his parents die when they got caught in the middle of the battle between the AEUG and the Titans. He then talks about how his parents developed the Gundam Mk-II and his mother overlooked his father’s infidelity because she was so obsessed with her work. He then mentions how Fa would always tell him to stop biting his nails and how he’s always hated his name because it’s a girl’s name. Kamille took karate, flew a Homo Avis and designed mobile suits out of a need to prove that he was a man. Kamille starts crying and wonders why he’s telling Four all of this. Four takes Kamille’s head into her hands and asks again if he still dislikes his name, and he answers that he doesn’t because it’s his own. She then pulls a pistol and tells Kamille that they should each return where they belong. She then fires a warning shot and says that the next time he gets close to her, she’ll shoot for real. Kamille returns to his cockpit and breaks free of the Psycho Gundam’s grip, and Amuro continues attacking the Sudori. Four transforms the Psycho Gundam into mobile fortress mode and slams into the side of the Sudori. Kamille lands on Amuro’s Dodai Custom, and Amuro asks him what’s going on, but Kamille doesn’t know. Wooder is informed that Four is trying to move the shuttle booster, so he runs to the hangar. Wooder reaches the hangar and asks Four what she’s doing, but she shoots at him and hits an EFF officer. She then shoots the controls but gets shot in the leg by Wooder while trying to return to the Psycho Gundam. Wooder demands an explanation, and when she answers that she’ll do what she wants, he shoots her in the back. Kamille and Amuro experience a Newtype sensation and hear Four’s telepathic message about using the Sudori’s shuttle booster to return to space. Amuro offers to provide cover while Kamille uses the shuttle booster and says that if the enemy voice belongs to Four, she’s risking her life to help Kamille. Amuro tells Kamille that if he ignores her good intentions, he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. Kamille then jumps onto the booster, and Amuro tells Hayato that they can reach the Argama now. Kamille connects a cable from the Gundam Mk-II to the booster and sees Four struggling to get back to her cockpit. Wooder gets into a gun turret and shoots at Kamille. Hayato is informed that their current course aligns with the Argama, and he orders a message to be sent to the Argama to pick up Kamille. Wooder fires at the Rick Dias and injures Amuro, but Amuro then smashes his rifle through the gun turret and kills Wooder. Amuro’s Dodai Custom crashes into another shuttle booster in the hangar and sets off an explosion. Four tells Kamille to go back to space and says goodbye. Another explosion occurs and causes Amuro’s damaged Rick Dias to fall toward the ocean, but a Nemo catches him. Kamille activates the booster and takes off just before the Sudori explodes. Bright tells his crew to use their eyes to spot Kamille and says they’ll use a ballute to get as low as possible to pick him up. The Argama deploys the ballute when it reaches its limit, and Kamille jumps off the booster and grabs into a cable fired out from the ship. On the Audhumla, Beltorchika sits with Amuro while he recovers in bed. Bright welcomes Kamille back, and when Kamille asks where Fa is, Bright explains that she went to Granada with Quattro and Katz.


An intense battle brings Kamille’s time on Earth to an end. Having suffered multiple losses, Wooder decides to go the route of a suicide attack. I would note that the last time an enemy tried a suicide attack with a plane and Amuro was around, it didn’t work out well, either. In between fights, Kamille has another confrontation with Beltorchika, who continues to be insufferable with her weird overprotectiveness of Amuro. Perhaps she is right given some of the reckless things that Amuro does later in battle, but at least he survived. One of the highlights of this episode is Kamille’s conversation with Four in the Psycho Gundam’s cockpit. It’s a rare show of vulnerability from him as he talks about his parents and how he hated his name his whole life and tried to prove himself a man. The phrase “toxic masculinity” definitely didn’t exist in 1985 when this originally aired, but it’s precisely what Kamille is describing suffering under. He overcompensated to show the world that he was a man despite having a girl’s name, and the most visible example of that overcompensation was attacking Jerid in the first episode. But after everything that he’s been through, Kamille is able to finally embrace his name as his own, thanks in part to Four.  It’s a sold ending for the Earth arc.

Original Review: November 21, 2000

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Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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