Zeta Gundam Ep. 4: Emma’s Decision


Distraught by his mother’s death, Kamille flies around wildly and chases after Jerid’s Hi-Zack. Emma launches in Gundam Mk-II Unit 1, followed by Quattro in his Rick Dias. Quattro tells Kamille to calm down, but Kamille continues pursuit and fires his beam rifle. Jerid dodges, but Kamille slams into him and through direct contact accuses Jerid of killing his mother. Jerid doesn’t understand, and Emma tells Jerid to back off because a kid is in Unit 3. Lila’s Galbaldy team arrives on the battlefield and opens fire on Quattro. Apolly and Roberto arrive in their Rick Diases to provide backup just as additional Hi-Zacks show up. Kamille maneuvers behind Jerid and repeatedly hits him while shouting that he didn’t have to kill Hilda. Jerid recognizes the voice and remembers his encounter with Kamille in Green Noa 1. Jerid tries to break free of Kamille, so Kamille fires vulcans and damages the Hi-Zack’s backpack. He then runs out of ammo, which allows Jerid to get in close with a ramming attack. Lila opens fire on Quattro, while Emma tells Jerid and Kamille to stop firing. Kamille screams at Emma not to interfere and scans his display for other weapons. He then pulls out a beam saber and takes a swipe at Jerid, who manages to dodge. Kamille then chases after Jerid and fires his beam rifle. Lila confronts Emma and asks if she’s an ally or enemy, and Emma answers that she’s an ally and that they should give the enemy more time to think to avoid a meaningless battle. Quattro returns to the Argama to make contact with the bridge and report that they’re at a disadvantage. Blex asks if Quattro is suggesting they give in to Bask’s demands, and Quattro answers that they don’t have any choice. Quattro says that Emma doesn’t want to have this fight and he feels they can trust her, and Henken agrees. Quattro returns to the battle and fires signal flares to indicate a retreat, but Kamille continues to attack Jerid. Quattro grabs Kamille from behind and tells him the battle is over, but Kamille yells at him not to interfere. Jerid escapes, and Emma approaches from the front and tries to hold Kamille back. Emma tells Kamille that a hysterical man is a disgraceful sight, and he asks how she can say that when he just watched his mother die. Quattro tells Emma to stop needling Kamille and states that the AEUG will hand the Gundams over. Quattro exits his cockpit because he’s worried about Kamille, and Emma joins him. Quattro opens the outer cockpit hatch on Unit 3, but Kamille refuses to open the inner hatch. Emma and the Hi-Zacks haul away all three Gundams, with Kamille still in the cockpit of Unit 3. Blex wonders if the whole point of this was to convince Franklin to join the AEUG, and Quattro responds that he can think of that way if he wants. Henken wonders if Emma is a Newtype, and Quattro answers that he’s not sure, but he thinks she isn’t really with the Titans. After the three Gundams are brought to the Alexandria, Bask tells Jamaican that they now have enough military power to go after the Argama and destroy it. Mechanics use an override code to open Unit 3’s hatch, and Emma finds Kamille in a catatonic state. She slaps him when he doesn’t answer her question about Hilda being in the capsule, and she further asks if it wasn’t a hologram. Kamille answers that the fingers on Unit 3 will show the truth, and Emma floats down and sees blood splatters there. Kamille finally exits the cockpit and tells Franklin that Hilda is dead, murdered by the Titans. Franklin asks if that’s true, and Kamille says they were both hostages. Kamille laughs and says that things will now go easier for Franklin and Margarita, and Franklin slaps him across the face. Franklin asks why Hilda had to die, and Kamille says he was trying to rescue her. Bask watches the conversation from the bridge and takes interest at the news of Franklin having a mistress. Franklin heads to the bridge to speak to Bask, and Bask shuts him down by joking that this is great news for his mistress. Two crewmen escort Kamille through a corridor, and Jerid tells Kamille he didn’t know that Hilda was in the capsule. He says it must be tough for Kamille since he’s still a baby, and Kamille tries to break free of the crewmen holding him back. Emma places her hand on Kamille’s to stop him, and he tells Jerid he understands that it’s a soldier’s duty to follow orders. Kamille says that he forgives Jerid and that he’s a better pilot than Jerid and his Hi-Zack. He says that the military is at fault for what happened here, so now he’ll direct his hatred there. The crewmen drag Kamille away, and Emma tells Jerid to stop because he’s already lost this fight. She tells him he needs to have some self-respect and move on.

On the bridge, Bask tells Emma that he prefers to avoid using hostages and wants to hear her suggestion next time on how she’d handle things. Bask wants Emma to capture the Rick Dias in a fair manner, and he says he believes in her since she’s so capable that she’s willing to disagree with him. Bask says he wants her to work with Lila’s team and she can use all three Gundam Mk-II units. Jerid wants to pilot one of the Gundams to make up for his disgrace, but Bask dismissively responds that he first has to show he’s capable. On the Argama, Quattro calls Henken from the hangar and says he has a feeling that Emma will be back soon. Henken comments that Blex doesn’t feel the same way, but they’ll stay in the area for a bit. Emma knocks out the guard outside Franklin’s cell and frees him. She asks if he can operate the Gundam Mk-II, and he answers that he can since he designed it. Emma offers her condolences on Hilda’s death and asks Franklin if he’s willing to escape the Alexandria with her. Franklin presumes she means to go the AEUG and asks what will happen if he refuses, to which she responds by showing him her gun. She then frees Kamille and asks if he wants to join her. He agrees to go with her if she’s telling the truth, and she responds that she is. Kamille is surprised that she also invited Franklin, and she asks if there’s a problem with that. Emma tells them to act like they’re under escort until they reach the room with the normal suits. As they head for the room, Kamille wonders what Franklin is up to. Emma finds Kacricon and pilot Dava Baro in the normal suit room and tells them to hurry up. Kamille enters the room and punches Kacricon in the face while Emma pistol-whips Dava. Kamille and Franklin then put on Titans pilot suits, and Franklin asks Kamille if he’s piloted the Rick Dias. Emma tells them to save the talking for after they escape, and she says that she’s not doing this because she feels sorry for them. Kamille and Franklin lower their helmet visors to cover their faces as they pass Jerid in the hangar. Jerid floats over to talk to who he presumes is Kacricon, but Franklin immediately closes the hatch. Emma starts moving her unit, and Jerid says she’s leaving too quickly. Emma threatens to blast the hatch if they don’t open it and tells anyone not in a normal suit to get to the airlock. Emma bangs on the hangar wall, and Jerid tells the hangar controller not to open the hatch because Kacricon isn’t one of the pilots. Emma threatens to use her beam rifle next, so the controller opens the hatch. Bask returns to the bridge and asks for a report on that tremor, and Jamaican informs him that Emma is stealing all three Gundams. The three Gundams launch from the hangar, and Bask wonders if Emma is defecting to the AEUG. Jerid calls the bridge and reports to Bask that Emma took Kamille and Franklin with her. The Bosnia opens fire on the Gundams and launches Lila’s Galbaldy team. Lila catches up to the Gundams and opens fire, forcing them to break formation. Kamille is annoyed that Franklin is getting in the way, and he fires a shot at Lila, but misses. Kamille fires more shots that don’t land, and Emma cautions him that the beam rifle’s energy pack has a limit. Blex asks if the Gundams are returning, and Henken answers that he’s not sure, but it seems that way. Quattro, Apolly, and Roberto launch in their Rick Diases, and Kamille criticizes Franklin for not using his rifle. Kamille chases after Lila and fires several more shots at her, but his rifle runs out of energy, forcing him to switch energy packs. Quattro reaches their location and wonders who is piloting the Gundams. After the Gundams are loaded onto the Argama, Quattro welcomes Kamille back, and Kamille responds that he owes it to Emma. Quattro tells Emma that he’s reluctant to believe her change of heart because the Titans are a very selective group. Quattro asks if anything happened at the Titans base and then says the change must’ve happened inside Emma. She answers that she wishes to live according to her beliefs and that hasn’t changed. Kamille comments that Emma is a nice person, and Franklin is lost in thought looking at Quattro’s Rick Dias. Kamille thinks that Franklin has no understanding of the situation. The Argama and Mont Blanc continue on course for Earth.


Picking up from the last episode, we see Kamille suffer a mental break after watching his mother get killed by Jerid. He’s understandably full of rage and not thinking straight, and while it’s a miracle he’s able to fight Jerid, it’s no surprise he gets captured. For all the annoyance that Kamille showed regarding his parents in earlier episodes, it’s clear that he loved Hilda, given his reaction here. On the other hand, Franklin doesn’t seem too broken up about it and is far more interested in learning about the Rick Dias. The cruelty of Bask’s actions pushed Emma over the limit and led to her defecting from the Titans, but given her personality, she never belonged with them in the first place. Franklin would seem like a more natural choice for defecting given that the Titans just murdered his wife, but Kamille knows that he’s scheming something up. Jerid, meanwhile, has to deal both with the disgrace of having been beaten by a kid, and Bask having no sympathy for his desire to avenge himself.

Original Review: June 12, 2000

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Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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