Zeta Gundam Ep. 7: Escape from Side 1


On the Alexandria, Jamaican states disapprovingly that they’ve lost half their mobile suits and that Jerid is a Titan in name only. He adds that Lila’s team is doing better than them, and Lila speaks up in Jerid’s defense by saying the enemy is especially skilled. Jamaican doesn’t understand, so Lila explains that the Argama reminds her of the White Base in that it looks open to attack, but then turns out to be well guarded. Jamaican gets a call from the bridge that the enemy fleet looks to be heading toward Side 4, and he wonders if they want to use the debris cluster to shake off pursuit. Lila thinks they might be Newtypes, but Jamaican insists there’s no such thing and that Newtypes are a product of media hype. On the Argama, Kamille is surprised to hear that Blex wants to make him an official pilot because he presumed going out on his own would result in being locked up. Blex explains that right now they’re relying on the GM II pilots from the Mont Blanc so they don’t need Kamille to fight immediately, but he wants to see how much further they can develop Kamille’s skills. Kamille asks if he’s a Newtype experiment, and Blex responds that that’s work for other research labs. Blex states that he’s more interested in Kamille’s role since the Argama is a military ship. Kamille questions being a soldier at his age, but Blex notes that many of the crew on the White Base were the same age. Blex also notes that there’s a shortage of experienced soldiers, and Kamille says he wants some time to think about it. In the mobile suit hangar, Quattro tells Kamille that he’s also interested in his abilities, and Kamille asks if it’s right to send a kid to war because of such interest. Quattro mentions that despite searching EFF personnel records, there’s no way to find where Amuro is. Quattro says that the souls of people on Earth are weighed down by gravity, and Kamille asks how becoming a pilot will change anything. Kamille asks Quattro why he became a soldier, and Quattro answers that it’s the only way he knows how to make a living. Torres makes a ship wide announcement that they’ve reached Side 4 and all crew are to wear normal suits. Lila takes a shower and hears Jerid outside demanding to speak to her. He wants to know why she stood up for him in front of Jamaican and reiterates that if he’s to ever lead the Titans, he needs to deal with guys like Jamaican on his own. Jerid says that her standing up for him doesn’t sound like the same person who lectured him earlier, and Lila responds that Jerid wasn’t listening to what she said. She notes that she was talking to Jamaican about the Argama and not Jerid at all. Jamaican is informed that Gryps is on the move, and Gady reports that the Argama has entered Side 4. Jamaican presumes that from there the ship will head to either Side 2 or the Moon. Emma and several other crew float in space on tethers to act as visual observers for small amounts of debris, allowing Saegusa to adjust the ship’s course. Jamaican conducts a pilot briefing and says they have no way of knowing where the Argama will go, so Lila suggests splitting the fleet in three. Jamaican insists that he’s the strategic advisor, and Lila says she just wants to repay the Alexandria for conducting repairs to her team’s mobile suits. She proposes returning to the Bosnia and taking a different route to chase the Argama, and Jamaican admits it’s a good idea. He cautions Lila not to rush into battle because he’s heard that she loves war. Lila says that Jamaican’s biased opinion, and he decides to leave it to her how to handle the enemy if she runs into them, with the ultimate goal of rendezvousing with the Alexandria. As Lila prepares to launch, Jerid asks her about what happened, and she says she knew what Jamaican would say. She says she wanted to make it clear to Jerid how much she dislikes men like Jamaican. Jerid asks Lila if she wants to get a drink sometime, and she says she’ll think about it, if he becomes a fine man. Torres recalls the observers to the ship, and Henken awkwardly asks Quattro where Emma is because he wants to speak with her. The Bosnia picks up the Argama on sensors, and Chan asks Lila what their prospects are for winning, to which she answers that she’s not sure. Henken meets privately with Emma and gets a call from the bridge that they’re approaching Side 1’s Colony 30. Henken says that he wants Emma to see this colony because it explains why the AEUG exists. The Argama then docks in Colony 30’s bay, and Kamille, Quattro and Emma disembark wearing pilot suits. Lila and Chan are informed of the Argama’s location, and she wonders if Colony 30 is their secret base. Chan thinks it would make a perfect base given its current state, and Lila says she wants to investigate by entering another way to go unnoticed. Chan suggests that Lila should wait for the Alexandria to arrive, but she answers that it’s better if she has information on the situation to advise Jerid with. Chan agrees and tells Lila to return as soon as she determines if there’s a base or not. Kamille walks through an abandoned town and sees a mummified corpse sitting on a park bench. 

Kamille asks why all the corpses were left like this, and Quattro answers that there’s too many to bury. He then asks how anyone could kill people like this, and Quattro says it’s because they’re not doing it themselves, and because their hands aren’t stained with blood, they feel no guilt. Lila’s Galbaldy team launches from the Bosnia, and she takes note of the G3 gas containers still attached to the colony. Lila is surprised to find electricity still running and wonders if the AEUG is using the colony. Lila and her wingmen spot someone in the distance, but a gust of wind reveals that it’s just another corpse. Lila spots a jeep nearby and tells her men that it’s still usable. Quattro tells Emma that she might think the AEUG is at fault for staging a protest at the colony, but he says that if the people of Earth care only about reconstructing Earth and pay no mind to the welfare of Spacenoids, it’ll result in demonstrations. The protesters simply asked that aid on Earth be limited and that all of humanity move to space. Emma doesn’t understand why Bask did this, and Quattro asks her why she thinks it happened. Kamille walks by a school, and Lila spots him as she drives through town. Lila warns Kamille that a corpse is flying toward him, and she then draws her gun and ducks behind her jeep. She orders Kamille to put his hands up and asks if he’s AEUG, but she then notices that he’s a kid. She asks why he’s wearing a pilot suit, and he says it’s a long story. Lila asks again if he’s AEUG and drags him into a building when she hears Quattro’s voice. She sticks her gun against Kamille’s head and threatens to kill him if he tries calling for help. Kamille asks Lila if she’s a Titan, and she answers that she isn’t. Lila hears Emma talking to Quattro and recognizes her voice. Emma still doesn’t understand the situation behind the massacre, and Quattro explains that the people on Earth are afraid that Spacenoids will turn into Newtypes and someday become the ruling class. Emma asks if people can kill just for that, and Quattro says you could argue it’s more reasonable than killing for money. Lila screams that’s a lie and reveals herself with Kamille as hostage. Emma recognizes Lila, and Lila says that Bask wouldn’t kill so many people for that reason. Quattro tells Lila to just look around, and she says they’re being deceived by the logic of Zeon remnants. Quattro tells Lila that the Earth Federation is on the path to becoming the next Zabi family. Lila pushes Kamille away and escapes in her jeep as Emma shoots at her. Quattro figures that Lila came in a mobile suit and decides that they should return to the ship. The Argama pulls out of Colony 30 and picks up the Bosnia and its three mobile suits. Blex decides that he wants to have Kamille lead the attack with the Rick Diases as backup. Quattro asks if he’s testing Kamille, and Blex answers that he’s checking the abilities of the Gundam Mk-II. Kamille launches in the Gundam Mk-II, followed by Quattro who is borrowing Apolly’s Rick Dias. Kamille immediately comes under fire from Lila’s Galbaldy and fires his bazooka in response. Kamille’s flight path brings him in front of the Bosnia, so he flies around the colony to avoid their weapons fire. He then slams into the Galbaldy to make direct contact and asks if the pilot is Lila. She recognizes his voice as the kid from earlier, and he reminds her of what Quattro said earlier. Lila kicks Kamille away, and he says he’ll shoot if she insists on fighting. Lila notes that Kamille is strong and wonders if he’s always been piloting the Gundam Mk-II. Gady is informed that they’ve picked up signs of battle at Side 1’s Colony 30, and Jamaican sees that Lila was right. Lila thinks that Kamille must be a Newtype, and while pursuing her, he blasts another Galbaldy in the head with his bazooka. Lila vows that she can’t lose to a kid, but none of her shots land and Kamille tells her that she’s lost her cool. Kamille gives chase, but Lila loses sight of him behind one of the colony mirrors. Jerid asks Jamaican why he won’t launch reinforcements, and Jamaican answers that he wants to wait until the Argama has depleted more of its resources. Jamaican also says this will teach Jerid to be a better officer because a soldier needs to control his emotions. Kamille hides inside a hole on the colony wall and uses his Newtype senses to snipe Lila as she flies past. He then emerges from the hole and fires his vulcans at close range, but Lila responds by attacking with her beam saber. Kamille dodges and fires his beam rifle, landing a shot straight through the cockpit. In an instant, Lila recognizes that Kamille isn’t just anyone, and the antipathy she feels is what it must be to be an Oldtype. Jerid is enraged when he sees Lila’s Galbaldy explode, and he hears her voice calling to him. Jerid cries and wonders what Lila was trying to tell him about becoming a fine man. After the battle, Henken congratulates Kamille and announces that he’s now a full-fledged pilot. Blex declares that Kamille is the second coming of Amuro, and Quattro agrees, but Kamille tells them he hasn’t decided yet to become a soldier. He says he wants to stay as he is a while longer, and Emma thinks that he’s sensing something she can’t understand. The Argama heads on course for the Moon.


There’s a lot going on in this episode, not the least of which is Kamille adding to the tit-for-tat kill count between him and Jerid that will continue throughout the series. The Argama takes a detour to Side 1’s Colony 30 so that Emma and Kamille can see for themselves what the Titans are really like. I can believe that the Titans would massacre an entire colony for daring to protest the government, but I do wonder how you cover up such large scale murder. They didn’t even bother to remove the G3 containers they used to gas everyone, so maybe they had a cover story and declared the colony a hazardous zone where travel is prohibited. Either way, it shows that nothing will stand in the way of the Titans as they seek to gain and consolidate their power. Their arrogance comes into play again as Lila, clearly a superior officer strategically, struggles under the authority of a mediocre man like Jamaican. Unfortunately, she let herself get spooked by the idea of Kamille being a Newtype, and her calm demeanor went out the window and directly led to her death. Otherwise, it’s doubtful that Kamille could’ve beaten her at this stage. Of course, this means that Jerid will be locked in as his rival and seeking revenge. Although Kamille does well for a rookie, having people like Blex and Quattro put the mantle of “second coming of Amuro Ray” on him is a big burden to bear, and it doesn’t seem like he wants that burden at this point. It’s also rather creepy how eager all these adults are to push a teenager into battle, and it feels like they’re trying to inflate his ego with all the Amuro comparisons.

Original Review: June 13, 2000

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Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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