AGMF-X56S/l Impulse Gundam Lancier


Model number: AGMF-X56S/l
Code name: Impulse Gundam Lancier
Unit type: custom mobile suit model kit
Inspiration: ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam (Gundam SEED DESTINY)
Force: Avalon
Builder: Karuna
Dimensions: overall height 17.8 meters
Weight: max gross 75.9 metric tons
Armor materials: plastic
Equipment and design features: Leg Flyer parts swapping with AGMF-X56S/a Impulse Gundam Arc
Fixed armaments: 2 x beam missile launcher, mounted on hips; shield, mounted on left forearm
Optional hand armaments: lancier javelin

The AGMF-X56S/l Impulse Gundam Lancier was a custom Gunpla built by the Diver Karuna of Force Avalon. It was based on the ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam from the 2004-05 anime TV series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY. As a vice captain of Avalon, Karuna frequently worked with vice captain Emilia. As a result, his Gunpla shared functionality with her AGMF-X56S/a Impulse Gundam Arc. Both units could separate into Chest Core and Leg Flyers and swap places with each other. Combining with Emilia’s Leg Flyer formed the Impulse Gundam Lancier-Arc. The Lancier’s armaments included two missile launchers and a lancier javelin and shield, which could both combine with the Chest Core Flyer. The lancier javelin could generate a laser blade on its tip at the moment of impact, which enhanced its power. Karuna used the Impulse Gundam Lancier in battle when Avalon joined the Coalition of Volunteers to stop Force Build Divers from rescuing the EL-Diver Sarah. Two years later, Karuna participated in a restaging of the Lotus Challenge as a rehearsal battle to help Force BUILD DiVERS prepare for their final mission on Eldora. When that final mission resulted in Alus invading GBN from Eldora, Karuna joined the fight to protect GBN.

Pilot: Karuna
First appearance: Gundam Build Divers


Rear view

Gundam Build Divers Info

Shinya Watada

Noboru Kimura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kanetake Ebikawa
Junya Ishigaki
Junichi Akutsu
Kenji Teraoka
Ippei Gyoubu
Naohiro Washio
Takayuki Yanase

Character Designer:
Shuri Toida

Musical Composer:
Hideakira Kimura

1 episode (prologue), 25 episodes (TV)

Japan 04.03.2018 – 09.25.2018
Streaming 04.03.2018 – 09.25.2018


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