AMX-007 Gaza-E


Model number(s): AMX-007; MMT-3
Code name: 
Unit type: transformable mobile suit
Manufacturer: Axis Zeon
Operator: Axis Zeon
First deployment: UC 0088
Accommodation: pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in head
Dimensions: mobile suit mode: overall height 24.76 meters, head height 16.27 meters; mobile armor mode: overall height 7.20 meters, overall length 27.36 meters, overall width 17.14 meters
Weight: empty 34.8 metric tons; max gross 68.2 metric tons
Armor materials: Gundarium alloy
Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 2,280 kW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 59,300 kg total (2 x 14,290 kg, 4 x 7,860 kg); vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 7
Equipment and design features: sensor radome, range 11,690 meters
Fixed armaments: 2 x beam cannon, power rated at 10 MW, mounted on shoulder binders; 2 x 24-tube missile pod, mounted on shoulder binders
Optional hand armaments: bazooka, 5 rounds

The AMX-007 Gaza-E was part of the transformable Gaza series developed by the Zeon remnants based at the asteroid Axis. After the completion of the AMX-003 Gaza-C, the Axis Zeon forces began developing new machines with higher performance and more specialized capabilities. The Gaza-E was developed simultaneously with the AMX-008 Ga-Zowmn, but where the Ga-Zowmn was designed for higher fighting strength in mobile suit form, the Gaza-E emphasized cruising performance in mobile armor form. The mobile armor form of the Gaza-E could even fly in the atmosphere while carrying another mobile suit on its back, thus functioning as a sub-flight system along the lines of the Base Jabber or the Dodai Custom series.

Because the Gaza-E was designed to operate mainly in mobile armor form, its handheld armament was limited to a projectile-firing bazooka. The large binders on its shoulders were equipped with missile pods and powerful beam cannons, giving it high firepower in both mobile suit and mobile armor forms. Due to its relatively high cost, which was twice that of a Gaza-C, the Gaza-E was produced only in limited numbers. A handful of these machines were deployed by the space battleship Gwaley to protect the New Desides as they escaped from Ayers City on March 28, UC 0088. There were also reports that at least one Gaza-E was present aboard the space battleship Gwadan during the final stages of the Gryps War.

First appearance: Gundam Sentinel
Original mechanical designer:
 Hajime Katoki
Note: “alternate colors” custom lineart by v_zubko


Rear view (Mobile suit mode)

Gundam Sentinel Info


Masaya Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Mika Akitaka

1 volume

Novel Release:
Japan 09.xx.1987 – 08.xx.1988


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