Dunbine Ep. 25: Joint War


A group of Garou Ran sneak through the water towards the Zelana. At the Zelana, Keen and Riml fight over the positions of the Aura Battlers in the ship. Chum helps prepare dinner but can’t resist sneaking in a snack. Doruboru and Shou work on upgrading the Zelana. Nie is worried about him being transferred to Upper Earth again. They spot Aura Battlers in the air and are unaware of the Garou Ran sneaking their way onto the ship as crewmembers. One of them spills paint on the Dana O’Shee. Todd with other soldiers of Ku waits nearby, hoping the Garou Ran succeeded in their mission so Riml can be captured and used as a gift for Drake. The ship Grimley from Lao lands at the hiding place with the Aura Battler Botune. Abe, an advisor from Lao tells Nie and the others that it appears that Drake is appearing to attack either Lao or Na. King Foizon wants them to depart from their hiding place. Nie wonders if Drake would be able to challenge a country as powerful as Na, but Abe says it appears that he’s going to team up with the land of Ku to do so. Shou thinks back to when he saw Bishot Hate with Louser near Laas Wau. The Garou Ran return and report to Todd, telling him that Riml will be in the Dana O’Shee. Todd spots Bern flying around in the Leprechaun and attacks him with one of his Drumlos. Bern destroys the Drumlo then hides, but Todd finds him. The two fight until they realize who the other is. Bern is surprised to find out that Todd is still alive. The Zelana departs from its hiding place and Shou heads out in the Dunbine, finding the acceleration a little too hard to handle. Todd is amused at Bern’s recent difficulties. Todd wonders if he wants to join with him as a soldier in Ku, but Bern still has his loyalty to Shot. Bern begs Todd to team up with him so they can defeat the Zelana and Todd allows it as long as he’s in charge. The two of them head out towards the Zelana. Riml rushes out on the Dana O’Shee immediately and Marvel takes the Botune. Keen decides to take the Bozune.

Shou attacks Todd’s Vierres with the Botune, which she is finding a lot stronger than the Bozune. Speaking of the Bozune, Nie decides to take it out, only to find Keen has already done so. Keen, with little Aura Battler experience has trouble fighting a Drumlo. Todd spots Riml’s Dana O’Shee with the paint spilled on it and Bern, unaware that she is inside attacks it relentlessly. Todd reveals to Bern that it was Riml inside and they retreat. Once they land Todd slaps Bern for disobeying orders. Bern is about to draw his sword on Todd, but hesitates. Riml, in the damaged Dana O’Shee has trouble contacting the others and the Garou Ran from before spot her. Shou and Marvel return to the Zelana, with the bad news that they were unable to find her. Riml heads out but is surrounded by Todd and Bern. Todd reveals himself to her and tells her he’s bringing her back to Laas Wau. He tears the canopy off the Dana O’Shee. Shou attacks them and the blast causes Riml to fall out of the Dana O’Shee. She is saved by one of the Garou Ran, who grabs her while she’s falling. Bern fights Shou underwater and his Leprechaun is dealt heavy damage. He launches one last attack on the Dunbine and both of their swords are knocked away causing them to fight with hands alone. Their Aura Power generates tremendous amounts of heat and Bern manages to break holes in the Dunbine’s cockpit, causing water to flow in. So much Aura Power flows through them that all the water pulls away from them. Todd decides to leave, now that they have Riml. The Dunbine tears both the arms off the Leprechaun, then collapses from all the stress, causing the water to crash back down on them. The Dunbine makes it out of the water and Shou tells Marvel he’s alright. They look around for Riml but realize she was taken by the enemy. Bern, who made it to shore angrily proclaims he will defeat Shou.


Man, how the mighty has fallen. At the start of the series Bern was the highest ranking Knight under Drake, commanding hundreds of soldiers and leading massive attacks on other countries. Now he has to beg Todd, a guy he used to be so critical of to help him. Todd on the other hand has seemed to have increased his skills tremendously after being such a pathetic pilot at the start of the series. Although some of that might have to do with the powerful Aura Battler he possesses. Shou’s troubles with the Dunbine on the other hand seem to be fixed for the time being with its upgrade. This episode results in the end of Riml’s short lived stay on the Zelana as she’s captured by the Garou Ran working for Todd. I wasn’t particularly too happy with her there, so glad to see her going back to Laas Wau.

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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