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Gespenst Haken


Model number: none
Code name: Gespenst Haken
Unit type: unmanned personal trooper
Manufacturer: Formido Heim
Operator(s): Formido Heim; Shadow Mirror; Haken Browning
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: none
Dimensions: head height ~3 meters
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: unknown
Equipment and design features: AI unit for independent action; electromagnetic transmission equipment, allows the unit to disable radar and hack systems; teleportation system
Fixed armaments: 2 x grand slash ripper, mounted on the back; 2 x plasma slicer, stored on left arm, hand-carried in use; grand plasma slicer, stored on left arm, hand-carried in use; blaster cannon, mounted in chest
Optional hand armaments: none

The Gespenst was the third personal trooper unit created by the demon world of Formido Heim. Like the Alteisen Nacht and Weissritter Abend, the Gespenst was based on data found inside the front half of the Shadow Mirror battleship Neverland that crashed on Formido Heim. Originally intended to be a full-sized, piloted mecha, it was to be the personal machine of W00. It was equipped with two grand slash rippers stored on the back, and a powerful blaster cannon in the chest. Its left arm held two plasma slicers and a larger grand plasma slicer for melee combat. It was capable of transmitting data across a variety of electromagnetic bandwidths, allowing it to disable radar and hack enemy control programs. It also had the ability to teleport independently.

The Gespenst was built for the purpose of defeating the Alteisen Nacht, Weissritter Abend and ArcGain, which had gone rogue after the Ten Year War between Formido Heim and Elfetale. It traveled the different worlds of the Endless Frontier in search of its prey. Called Phantom, it was also known as the Black Specter by the residents of the world of Kagura Amahara. It eventually gained a price on its head, putting it in the sights of bounty hunter Haken Browning. At some point, the Gespenst encountered Shadow Mirror android W06 Cardina Basirissa. As the Gespenst was originally a Shadow Mirror machine, it was programmed to follow Cardina’s orders. During the second encounter with Haken and his comrades, the Gespenst was heavily damaged and shut down. Haken dragged the machine back to his ship, the Zeit Krokodil, where scientist Marion Sumii reprogrammed it to follow their orders. The Gespenst then traveled with Haken as he journeyed around the Endless Frontier. Haken eventually encountered the Alteisen Nacht and Weissritter Abend, and upon the defeat of those machines, the Gespenst uploaded Marion’s control program into them, making them loyal to Haken as well. After the defeat of the Einst Wahrschein Lichkeit, and the subsequent merger of the Endless Frontier into one land, the Gespenst remained in Haken’s service.

First appearance: Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier
Original mechanical designer: Kazue Saito


Rear view


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