G Gundam: Revenge of the J Gundam


In FC 60, a dying man vows to his enemy that the Gundam he created will get revenge for him. Later, Neo Japan Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu and his mechanic Rain Mikamura fly over the ocean in the Shining Gundam‘s Core Lander. Rain fantasizes about a romantic getaway with Domon to a beach resort, but when they reach the resort in Neo Dodo, they find it in ruins. They’re met by Amigos Company President Mocchi Ohgane, and Rain complains about the resort not looking at all like the pamphlet. A cloaked figure watches from atop a destroyed building as Ohgane explains that his company has been opening up resort towns across Earth to show people from the space colonies what Mother Nature is like. Ohgane adds that Dodo Town just opened three days ago, but it was attacked by a mysterious Gundam that destroyed the town. Ohgane says he doesn’t know who did it, and Domon agrees to look into it. He then asks what Neo Dodo’s Gundam did during the attack and reveals that he knows Ohgane is the nation’s Gundam Fighter, but has been using his position to enrich himself rather than participate in the Gundam Fight. Rain speaks to residents and tells Domon that they were warned to leave the town before the Gundam returned in three days – which is today. The cloaked figure then appears, and Domon rushes in to attack. He quickly discovers that the mysterious boxer is as strong as Neo America’s Chibodee Crocket, if not stronger. The boxer vows to get revenge for the professor and lands a surprise uppercut on Domon, knocking him down. The boxer then ditches the cloak, revealing itself to be a kangaroo. The kangaroo then kidnaps Rain and escapes. The kangaroo takes Rain to the professor’s home and launches in the Jumping Gundam to attack the town. Domon summons the Shining Gundam and demands to know where Rain is, but the kangaroo says it doesn’t understand. The two attack each other, and the Jumping Gundam unleashes a small Jumping Gundam from its pouch to launch another uppercut, but Domon catches it. Rain then arrives with a bunch of animals and tells Domon that Kangie the kangaroo was only trying to avenge Dr. Jonathan. Ohgane then explains that Jonathan was the previous owner of the island, but he only opened it to animals and refused to work for Ohgane. Ohgane then used his President Gundam to kill Jonathan, and he called Domon to investigate so that he and the Jumping Gundam would take each other down. Ohgane then vows that he’ll use his money to eventually take total control of Earth. The President Gundam fires its mega president buster, but Domon deflects the blast with his Shining Finger and destroys the President Gundam’s head. After the battle, Domon sees a photo of Jonathan and his daughter and realizes that she looks like Rain, which is probably why Kangie grabbed her. Rain thinks Jonathan was ahead of his time for creating a Gundam and making a kangaroo smarter, but she wonders why he hated people. Domon wants to move on, but Rain suggests they rest for a few days on the island. While she relaxes on the beach with the animals, Domon boxes with Kangie.


In keeping with the weirdness of G Gundam, this one-shot manga gives us a talking kangaroo Gundam Fighter, plus another corrupt Gundam Fighter using his position to enrich himself. Presumably, this story takes place while Domon and Rain are travelling the world, but before he goes to Neo Japan and meets Master Asia. There isn’t much to say about this short manga – it’s enjoyable for what it is, but too short to tell anything other than the most basic story possible.

No Rating

Revenge of the J Gundam Info

Masayuki Fujiwara

Masayuki Fujiwara

1 short story

Manga Release:
Japan xx.xx.1994


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