GN-011Z Gundam Zerachiel

General and Technical Data

Model number: GN-011Z
Code name: Gundam Zerachiel
Unit type: custom mobile suit model kit
Inspiration: GN-011 Gundam Harute (Gundam 00 the Movie)
Force: Ain Soph Owl
Builder: Ain Soph
Dimensions: overall height 19.0 meters
Weight: max gross 81.1 metric tons
Armor materials: plastic
Equipment and design features: Trans-Am System; GN Radome Unit
Fixed armaments: 2 x GN Huge Cannon, mounted on backpack; many x GN Nose Vulcan, mounted on main body, operable only in GN Sky/Bull modes; 2 x GN Sword Rifle, mounted on back, hand-carried in use; 2 x GN Cannon, mounted on back
Optional hand armaments: hyper DODS rifle magnum
Remote weapons: 10 x GN Scissor Bit

Technical and Historical Notes

The GN-011Z Gundam Zerachiel was a custom Gunpla created by the Diver Ain Soph from Force Ain Soph Owl. It was based on the GN-011 Gundam Harute from the 2010 anime film Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie. Compared to the original, the Gundam Zerachiel featured improved ground combat capabilities. It could transform into two alternate modes: the air combat GN Sky and the ground combat GN Bull, both inspired by the G-Fighter from the 1979-80 anime TV series Mobile Suit Gundam. Taking the name of the angel of death, Ain Soph customized his unit for the task of performing vigilante hunts on the Mass Divers who used illegal Break Decals to enhance their Gunpla in GBN. This custom equipment included a GN Radome Unit that could track opponents and scan for Mass Divers. The suit’s armaments included a pair of GN Sword Rifles, 10 GN Scissor Bits, two GN Cannons, two GN Huge Cannons and GN Nose Vulcans.

Miscellaneous Information

Pilot: Ain Soph
First appearance: Gundam Build Divers Break



Gundam Build Divers Break Info

Ryouji Sekinishi

Shiitake Gensui

Mechanical Designer:
Takayuki Yanase

3 volumes

Manga Release:
Japan 06.xx.2018 – xx.xx.2021


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