Gundam Evolve 1: RX-78-2 Gundam


On December 31, UC 0079, the final battle of the One Year War is fought. As Char Aznable causes havoc with his Zeong, Amuro Ray sits in the mobile suit hangar of the White Base while waiting to launch. As he sits in the Gundam‘s cockpit, he recalls the battle with the Elmeth where he accidentally killed Lalah Sune. He then thinks about his first battle in the Gundam at Side 7. He also recalls his battles with Zeon aces such as Char, Ramba Ral and M’Quve. Next, he thinks of the battle with the Black Tri-Stars when Mathilda Ajan was killed. He recalls the heroic sacrifice by Ryu Jose that saved the ship, along with the death of Sleggar Law while fighting the Big-Zam. He thinks of more battles until it’s time for launch. Sayla Mass calls him and says that if they can overcome the war, the rest of humanity should as well. Amuro agrees with her and launches in the Gundam, fully armed for the final battle.


Directed by Yuuichi Abe (SD Gundam Force), this first entry in the Evolve series compiles clips from various parts of the original Gundam series. Story wise, it takes place right before Amuro launches in the Gundam for the last time to face Char’s Zeong. It presents a quiet moment for him where he thinks about everything that has happened to him so far. Although the short is well edited, it would have been nice to see some of the CG used in the later Evolve shorts.

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Gundam Evolve Info

Yuuichi Abe
Ryukow Masuo
Takashi Imanishi
Shinya Horii
Shukou Murase
Kenichi Suzuki
Yasuaki Matsuki
Masaki Kitamura
Kei Momose
Shigehito Kawada
Yoshitomo Yonetani


Mechanical Designer(s):

Character Designer(s):

Musical Composer:

15 shorts

Video Release:
Japan 09.26.2003 – 01.26.2007
U.S. 05.03.2016


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