Gundam: The Origin Ep. 6: Rise of the Red Comet


The Zeon and EFF fleets trade fire with each other head on, and Dozle orders his ships to change formation. Tianem is confident that the Zeon will be quickly wiped out, and Dozle sets his sights on Revil’s fleet. Degwin monitors the battle from the Great Degwin and thinks that Tianem is a fool. Due to Minovsky particle density, Dozle’s fleet vanishes from the Tianem fleet’s radar. Saberfish “Duckbill” pilot Ryu Jose and his radar officer detect the Zeon fleet but are unable to send a message. Char’s Zaku flies at high speed into the EFF fleet and opens fire on multiple ships. Revil is informed of the disappearance of Dozle’s fleet just before Dozle’s flagship Valkyrie appears alongside the Ananke and opens fire. The Ananke suffers heavy damage as the rest of Revil’s fleet comes under fire from the Zeon. Revil orders them to turn around because he knows Dozle will come around for a second pass. The EFF ships receive more damage from below as the Zaku force arrives, led by the Black Tri-Stars. Several EFF ships launch Saberfish fighters to intercept the Zakus. Ryu’s fighter attempts to land on its Columbus mothership, which is suddenly destroyed. A Zaku then broadsides the Saberfish, knocking the cockpit block away from the fighter. Thanks to their size and maneuverability, the Zakus are able to easily attack the EFF ships. the Black Tri-Stars attack the Ananke to take out Revil, who prepares to escape as all hands abandon ship. Ortega cuts through the ship with his massive heat hawk, and Gaia and Mash capture Revil’s Space Launch as it attempts to escape. Ryu wakes up and finds himself floating in a debris field. Char attacks a Magellan and decides to take down more ships with his remaining three bazooka rounds. Cozun offers to give Char a spare bazooka, but Char tells Cozun to work hard for his own glory and for Ramba, who couldn’t join them. Kycilia apologizes to Gihren and congratulates him on his impending victory. She thinks peace talks will go well, but he counters that this is just the start of things. Kycilia asks about the Great Degwin being exposed, and Gihren answers that this is what their father wanted. She asks what Degwin would do if the Tianem fleet attacks. Garma thinks they’ve made a complete sweep of the EFF, but Degwin notes that the Tianem fleet could still attack the Zeon homeland. Tianem’s fleet picks up the Great Degwin on sensors, but he decides to have his fleet change course to assist Revil. Garma is happy about the fleet turning and tells Degwin that he wants to fight next time and will do whatever he’s ordered to. Degwin tells Garma that he’s immature and doesn’t yet understand the horrors of war. Dozle orders his forces to cease fire momentarily for a moment of silence to honor all the soldiers who just died.

Back in Side 3, large crowds of citizens cheer over Zeon’s victory. Degwin tells Gihren that he wants to force the EFF to the negotiation table and get a quick peace out of them. Gihren vows to keep on fighting to the end, and Degwin tells him he’s making the same mistakes as Napoleon and Hitler. Gihren thinks their experiences are outside of human history because Spacenoids are a new race. After Gihren storms off, Degwin tells Kycilia that he’s scared of what he sees in Gihren, and that only Kycilia can stop him. Degwin fears that Gihren’s ambitions will destroy the country and their family. Garma argues with Dozle that he doesn’t want to work a desk job because Char will outshine him with accolades earned in battle. Dozle offers to just give Garma the same rank, but Garma insists that he wants to prove himself so that people take him seriously. Dozle reluctantly agrees to speak to Gihren about the issue. Later, Zeon holds a ceremony to honor the heroes of Loum, including Dozle, the Black Tri-Stars and Char. Gihren gives a speech and proclaims that Spacenoids are superior to all other people. He notes that people in Loum are still resisting them and need to be wiped out. Ortega fumes with anger over the fact that Char is getting all the attention of the women, even though he wasn’t the one who captured Revil. Garma speaks to Char and boasts that he’ll be handling the mop up operation in Loum. Garma becomes agitated and declares that he’s his own man and that Char shouldn’t underestimate him. Later, Zeon sends forces to fight within Loum’s colonies and pacify the resistance. Garma leads the attack from a Gallop and orders his forces to take no prisoners. Degwin visits the POW facility where Revil is being held. M’Quve is taken on a private museum tour of ancient Earth artifacts and dismisses every item as a fake. Degwin tells Revil that he wants to bring the war to an end. He laments that Deikun’s hope for a new future led to so much devastation. Degwin wonders what can be done, and Revil answers that there isn’t much he can do in his current situation as a prisoner. Degwin states that he understands and leaves the cell. Kycilia tells M’Quve that she wants him to act as an emissary for peace negotiations, but in reality she’s appointing him to lead the Earth invasion force. M’Quve asks who he is to fight if the EFF loses its will, and he mentions that he doesn’t want to be a sacrificial pawn. Kycilia answers the second question first by saying that she’ll assign Garma to him as assurance that he won’t be abandoned. She then tells M’Quve that she finds Gihren detestable. Dozle complains to Char that M’Quve has been selected to represent Zeon at the peace negotiations. Dozle then reveals to Char that the EFF is secretly developing a new mobile suit under the code name “Operation V.” He then orders Char to follow any and all clues that could lead him to the Operation V suit and destroy it. Their shuttle flies to a space dock where Dozle reveals Char’s new ship, the Falmer. He states that the ship has a hand-picked crew and that Char has authorization to do whatever is needed for the mission. After the ship launches, Char announces that he’s a mobile suit pilot, not a sailor, so he wants Dren to serve as captain.

At the Zeon POW facility, Kycilia’s special forces begin a secret operation to break Revil out of confinement. Revil asks where he’s being moved to and gets no answer. Under cover of darkness, he’s transported to a cargo terminal and given an EFF uniform to change into. The APC carrying Revil barges into the cargo terminal, and Revil comes under fire as he runs to a launch. The launch takes off under a hale of gunfire and explosions before docking at a nearby Salamis ship. The Falmer conducts a mega particle cannon test in a debris field and picks up an active Salamis moving through the field. Char tells Dren to order the ship to stop, and he notes that their options are to capture or destroy it. When the ship doesn’t stop, Char tells Dren to follow up with warning shots. The Salamis then cuts its engines, and Char decides to have a closer look. He launches in his Zaku and lands on the deck of the Salamis before coming aboard. He asks the bridge crew why they’ve snuck into Zeon territory, and one of them pulls a gun, but Char blasts him in the hand. He repeats the question and vows that they will be harmed if they don’t answer. Revil then steps onto the bridge, and Char salutes him. Revil asks what Char is going to do, and Char answers that he was unaware of Revil’s presence and will leave him be. The Salamis then takes off, and Char tells Dren that he didn’t want to ruin some political theater. M’Quve then heads to Earth for the negotiations of what is being called the Antarctic Treaty. Mirai pilots a Yashima shuttle and flies her father to Side 7. Kai stops Amuro’s car on the street, and he says that Tem must be part of the military and accuses him of wanting to drag Side 7 into the war. Amuro tells him to get out of the way and drives off. Amuro tries to get into the secret construction block and is denied permission until he asks what a Gundam is. He’s taken into custody and questioned by an officer named William Kemp about what he knows regarding the Gundam. Kemp asks how Amuro heard the name, but Amuro insists on asking his questions. At the same time, a group of men break into the Ray house. Kemp releases Amuro and promises not to tell Tem about what happened. When Amuro gets home, he’s shocked to find that all his father’s computer equipment has been hastily removed from his office.

In Antarctica, delegates from both sides arrive at the domed Scott City, an international joint observatory habitat. Officer Judock reports to Adm. Elran that all media arrangements are complete. At Miranda Colony, Sayla tells a doctor at her hospital that she can’t stay at the colony with it under Zeon control. The doctor offers her a new job at Side 7, which is currently under construction and located in the opposite direction of Side 3. Sayla accepts the job. Revil arrives at Luna II and is greeted by Wakkein. Adm. Gopp speaks to Elran and wonders what Revil will say. Elran thinks a treaty will be worth it to ban weapons of mass destruction. Revil begins a live broadcast, which surprises both delegations in Scott City. He faults his own strategies for leading to his capture and imprisonment. He takes full responsibility for the loss of soldiers, and he sees it as a sign from God that he must redeem himself for that loss. He mentions the peace talks and declares that any truce would be nothing more than surrender to Zeon tyranny. Degwin watches and is filled with rage over Revil’s betrayal. Degwin addresses the commanders of the Earth invasion force and tells Garma to give every effort against the war-loving ingrates of Earth. Mirai asks her father if the war will continue, and he answers that there hasn’t been enough destruction yet. Fraw plays in a lake with Kikka, Katz and Letz, and she tells Kai and his friends to join them. Kai listens to Revil’s speech and declines the offer. Fraw calls out to Amuro as he walks by, but he ignores her and walks away. The kids ask Hayato to join them, but he answers that he has judo practice. They don’t take no for an answer and push him into the water. Amuro thinks to himself that the Gundam is on the other side of the construction wall. Sayla takes a shuttle to Side 7 and is harassed by several creepy men. Revil declares that the EFF must continue to fight and be victorious over the Zeon. Several months later, the new assault landing ship White Base takes off from Earth and heads for Side 7. Capt. Paolo Cassius comments to junior officer Bright Noa that the White Base is a fine ship, and Bright agrees. Paolo asks where Tem is, and Bright says he’ll bring him to the bridge later. In his cabin, Tem thinks about how the Gundam is finally complete and how he hasn’t made life easy for Amuro.


The anime adaptation of Gundam: The Origin wraps up with an ending that leads directly into the start of the original TV series. However, not everything in this finale works perfectly. It definitely feels disjointed that the Battle of Loum began in the previous episode and is concluded here. The EFF have been consistently portrayed as incompetent bunglers in this series, but this episode takes it to new levels with Dozle’s Tusken Raider-like single file “sneak” attack on Revil. Gundam as a whole isn’t always great about depicting space combat in a truly three dimensional way, and that is especially true here (with the added annoyance of ships “falling” in space that so many SF properties feel compelled to use). This episode depicts several notable points of OYW history that have been touched upon in expanded lore, including Revil’s capture, escape, and the famous “Zeon is exhausted” speech that stopped the EFF from surrendering with the Antarctic Treaty. Char plays a notable role in this by encountering Revil during his escape and letting him go, knowing full well what’s going on. Unfortunately, there isn’t much for the rest of the original series cast to do here, aside from setting up Sayla in Side 7 and Amuro stirring up trouble about the Gundam. Garma is still presented as a spoiled moron desperate to not be out shown by Char, and while he was definitely that vain in the TV series, he didn’t come across as that stupid. More interesting is the sparring between Degwin and Gihren over the prosecution of the war, which of course extends into the TV series and eventually leads Gihren to committing patricide. It’s surprising to see that Degwin regretted the devastation of the war so quickly after its start, but then again, any decent person would after seeing Gihren commit genocide. Degwin, of course, is not a decent person and had the power to prevent this all from happening in the first place. Overall, these flashback portions from The Origin manga stand well on their own as an OVA series, but I wouldn’t recommend this as a starting point to Gundam newcomers. In addition to the jarring transition to the old animation of the TV series, a lot of the small moments and cameos here really only pay off if you’ve already seen the original series.

Overall Rating

Gundam: The Origin Info

Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Takashi Imanishi

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (manga)

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Mika Akitaka
Kimitoshi Yamane
Junichi Akutsu

Character Designer(s):
Tsukasa Kotobuki
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Takayuki Hattori

6 episodes (OVA); 13 episodes (TV re-edit)

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 02.28.2015 – 05.08.2018
U.S. 08.01.2017 – 07.02.2019

Airdates (TV version):
Japan 04.29.2019 – 08.12.2019
U.S. 07.06.2019 – 10.05.2019


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