Gundam Wing Ep. 40: A New Leader


On the Peacemillion, Howard examines the situation and concludes that Relena might be using Romefeller, but either way Earth is moving toward piece. On the other hand, White Fang’s rebellion is plunging space into chaos. The way Howard sees it, there are five powers in play: White Fang, OZ, the Gundams, the Peacemillion and colonial citizens not affiliated with White Fang. Howard decides to join forces with the Gundams as Zechs intended, but he wonders why Zechs hasn’t returned from Earth yet. OZ forces continue to fight rebels on Earth, but now in the name of Queen Relena and world peace. Heero joins the battle in Wing Zero and quickly destroys the Virgo mobile dolls. He then chases after the commander’s Taurus and slices it in half. Heero says to himself that Relena is nothing but a figurehead for Romefeller who has created a false peace. At a Romefeller executive meeting, Relena thinks to herself that she’ll be used to continue the war. Weridge asks her about her policies for the World Nation, and she says Romefeller has to set an example on how to properly bring peace to the world. She says they must withdraw all OZ troops stationed around the world under the pretense of maintaining peace, as well as announce an end to military rule. Dermail objects and tells Relena that her ideas are overly simplistic, citing the threat from guerillas and independent nations with military forces. Relena counters that Romefeller is the real threat, and that when a ruler asks the people to discard their weapons, the ruler must be the first to do so. Dermail says that’s not the way Romefeller intends to govern the world, and Relena answers that it’s time to make changes. He thinks there’s no need to change their traditions, and she asks if that’s just his personal opinion, or the opinion of Romefeller as a whole. Dermail believes he speaks for the foundation as a whole, but the other members say they haven’t reached a consensus on the issues. Another member expresses support for Relena’s ideas, leading Dermail to make an outburst. He’s stunned by everyone’s silence and quickly apologizes. He explains that he just wanted to point out how unwise it would be to base all their plans just on Relena’s opinions, and Weridge tells him it’ll come up at tomorrow’s general meeting. In space, Duo tells Noin that they’ll probably have to give up on Wufei because he does what he wants. Noin wonders if they should head back to Earth, but Quatre points out that their area is being patrolled by White Fang. Trowa picks up an encrypted transmission from Howard, who asks Duo to go on a mission for him. Dermail tells Dorothy that Relena is an obstacle now, but she tells him not to even think of doing anything, because he’d be the prime suspect if something happened to Relena. Dorothy suggests that Dermail deploy the OZ Space Force and not fight a losing battle at the general meeting. Dorothy happily reports to Relena that Dermail has left for space, and Heero knocks out an OZ soldier and steals his uniform.

Wufei attacks White Fang’s mobile suits and approaches the battleship Libra, which confuses Quinze because he thought the Gundams were fighting for space independence. Sedici orders the deployment of all their forces, but a lackey points out that much of their force has left to seize Barge, meaning there aren’t many left to guard Libra. Sedici then orders them to use Libra‘s beam cannons, while Wufei continues to fight Virgos and Tauruses. Relena addresses the Romefeller assembly and says that the organization has to make some changes, while Heero takes position on a balcony and draws his gun. Relena declares that to build a peaceful world, OZ must be the first party to discard its weapons. Wufei destroys more mobile suits and barely dodges Libra‘s beam cannon attack. White Fang believes the Altron Gundam was destroyed, but Quinze cautions Sedici that more Gundams might appear in space to attack them. Sedici doesn’t understand why the Gundams are being hostile to them, and Zechs says it’s because the Gundams are now fighting for Earth, and the colonies are Earth’s enemy. Zechs tells Sedici he has to declare war and consolidate the desires of the colonies. As the damaged Altron Gundam floats through space, Wufei says to himself that White Fang is acting just like OZ did. Relena continues her speech and declares that in addition to disarming, Earth must coexist with the space colonies, which shocks Heero. Relena looks and sees Heero pointing a gun at her, and she thinks to herself that he should go ahead and kill her. Heero begins to squeeze the trigger, but just then Romefeller members begin applauding for Relena. Weridge comes on stage and tells Relena that Romefeller will listen to her and make changes. She then looks up again and sees that Heero is gone. Heero thinks to himself that he’ll let Relena try what she wants to do while he fights his own enemy. On the Peacemillion, Howard’s mechanics perform the space adjustments for the Gundam Sandrock. Trowa says he needs a mobile suit too, but he doesn’t remember where he left the Gundam Heavyarms. Duo asks Howard why he’s supporting them, and Howard answers that he feels it’s his responsibility as someone who helped build the Gundams. Noin is surprised to hear this, and Howard explains he helped build the Tallgeese. Noin asks if he can help to find Zechs, and he says he’s sure Zechs is alive somewhere. A mechanic then tells Howard that White Fang is declaring war on Earth, so Howard turns on a monitor to watch. Quinze shows a video of Wufei’s battle and falsely states that Gundams are attacking the colonies in support of OZ. White Fang broadcasts live as its forces attack Dermail’s shuttle and destroy it. Quinze then introduces their new leader Milliardo Peacecraft, who declares that he will eliminate Earth.


The situation continues to be very fluid. Romefeller decides to support Relena’s ideals for disarmament, and soon after Dermail is killed by White Fang. But just as peace appeared to be imminent, Zechs stepped forward as Milliardo to lead White Fang and declare war on Earth. That was done with the unwitting help of Wufei, who was used to help justify Quinze’s propaganda. That’s what he gets for having a one-track mind and always ignoring help from others. Not surprisingly, Heero sets out once more to kill Relena and can’t bring himself to do it, so you have to wonder why he even bothers to try. On another note, it’s nice to see Dorothy show some emotion other than excitement over war as she watches her grandfather Dermail die on TV. As one of the main antagonists of the show, there’s no sympathy for his death. He was an out of touch aristocrat with outdated ideals who couldn’t see beyond himself and realize that his policies were wrong for the future.

Original Review: February 6, 2001

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Gundam Wing Info

Masashi Ikeda
Shinji Takamatsu

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Akemi Omode
Toshifumi Kawase
Masashi Ikeda
Katsuhiko Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Ko Otani

49 episodes

Japan 04.07.1995 – 03.29.1996
U.S. 03.06.2000 – 05.11.2000


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