Gundam X Ep. 10: I Am a Newtype


In the wintry city of Fort Severn, Mayor Nomoa Long delivers a speech in front of a crowd of citizens and promises to bring them peace. He says that Vultures and other groups want to destroy them, but he says they have nothing to worry about as long as the Newtype Carris Nautilus commands Fort Severn’s army. Carris addresses the crowd and says that people discovered special abilities after living in space, and he thinks they must all become Newtypes. He notes that using the power of Newtypes in the 7th Space War nearly led to the destruction of humanity, along with the deaths of nearly every Newtype. The Freeden travels over a frozen landscape and heads toward Fort Severn, which is the city Tiffa drew in her picture. The bridge crew discusses the possibility of encountering a Newtype, and Jamil says he’ll protect a Newtype and if necessary let them stay on the ship like Tiffa. Toniya thinks it would be a big joke if the Newtype they encounter is a bad person, and Jamil says he is worried precisely about that. In the mobile suit hangar, Kid quizzes the crew on how to maintain a mobile suit for cold climates. Garrod comes down to the hangar, and Kid asks him if he spoke to Jamil about upgrading the Gundam X. Garrod thinks there’s no need for that because the Gundam X is invincible with the satellite cannon, but Kid says it’s too large and useless for urban combat. He shows Garrod a large collection of parts that he’s gathered for the upgrade: battleship beam cannons, mobile armor thrusters, shields and more. Kid says he gets excited at the idea of upgrading the Gundam X, but Garrod is already gone. In another part of the ship, Roabea supervises as the crew sets up a bar. Garrod asks what’s going on, and Roabea explains that he and Witz want to set up an entertainment room since they have a long-term contract to stay on the ship. Garrod leaves to find Tiffa, and Roabea shows the bar to Toniya and Sara. Sara asks if Roabea has permission from Jamil, and she offers to get it if women are admitted for free. Later, Garrod and Tiffa come to the bar and sit down in a corner. Tiffa has a vision of a Bertigo mobile suit. Later, Garrod joins her on the deck and tells her she’ll catch a cold if she stays outside too long. He asks her if she senses a Newtype, and she tells him she faintly feels one. At Fort Severn, Carris tells Nomoa that he senses Tiffa. They take an elevator ride down to a secret hangar where the massive mobile armor Patulia is stored. Nomoa says the After War world is foolish and confused, but they can unite it by using the Patulia. However, they’ll need Newtype power for the Patulia, and Carris offers to capture Tiffa. On the Freeden, Tiffa wakes up from a vision where the Gundam X is heavily damaged.

Ennil drives on a snow-covered road and gets information that a Vulture ship is heading for Fort Severn. Tiffa tells Jamil that she thinks someone is waiting for them up ahead, and Jamil orders a full stop. He orders the Gundams to be placed on standby, and Tiffa runs off the bridge. Toniya scans the area with binoculars and spots a squad of snowboarding Juracg “Polar Bear” mobile suits. In the mobile suit hangar, Tiffa tells Garrod that he shouldn’t join the fight. He asks what’ll happen if he goes, and she says he’ll lose. Roabea and Witz launch, and Tiffa grabs onto Garrod to stop him. He tells her that he believes her, but he wants to see for himself. He then launches in the Gundam X and joins up with Witz and Roabea in front of the ship. He begins to charge forward, but his thrusters kick up the snow beneath them and create a thick cloud that blinds everyone. The Juracgs close in and attack with their machine guns, and Garrod jumps forward and fires his beam rifle. The Juracgs focus their fire on Garrod, so Witz and Roabea open fire to cover Garrod. As Carris closes in with his Bertigo, Tiffa senses him. He flies by the battle and lands in front of the Freeden. Garrod pulls back and tells Carris to get away from the ship, and Carris replies that he’s looking for a comrade. He telepathically contacts Tiffa and asks her for name. Garrod slashes at Carris with his beam sword, and Carris says that he can’t win even if he is piloting a Gundam. Garrod says that if Carris is a Newtype, he can’t lose to him. Carris then deploys his bits, which surround the Gundam X and open fire. Ennil watches the battle from nearby so that she can see Garrod die. Sara tries to fire one of the Freeden‘s cannons to cover Garrod, but Carris destroys it. Witz transforms the Gundam Airmaster to flight mode to fly back to the ship, but his path is blocked by two Juracgs. Garrod watches the incoming weapons fire and realizes that this is the power of a Newtype. Carris tells Tiffa to watch carefully as he destroys the Gundam. The bits gather in front of the Gundam X and open fire at the same time, inflicting heavy damage. Ennil watches happily and says that anyone who denies her should die. The battered Gundam X crashes into the ground, knocking Garrod unconscious. Witz and Roabea try to attack Carris from behind, but he turns his bits on them and says normal people can’t defeat him. He recalls Garrod’s comment about not losing to a Newtype and says that reality is a cruel thing. Looming over the Gundam X, Carris thrusts his beam saber down toward the cockpit.


So begins a new arc that has the crew of the Freeden searching for a Newtype. Unfortunately, Jamil’s fears prove correct, as Carris Nautilus is an aggressor who wants to kidnap Tiffa. This is Garrod’s first big loss, and there are several signs pointing to it in advance. While discussing potential upgrades to the Gundam X, Kid mentions that the satellite cannon is useless in urban combat and asks Garrod what he’d do if the Moon wasn’t out. His questions prove correct, as it’s neither night time, nor is the satellite cannon any good against a Newtype fighting with bits. Tiffa also has a vision of the Gundam X being damaged, and though Garrod believes her, he goes out to fight anyway. Jamil makes a comment that Garrod isn’t fighting an enemy, but against the word “Newtype.” That’s certainly the case, but Garrod’s desire to win caused him to be sloppy, which puts him in a dangerous situation.

Original Review: August 17, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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