Gundam X Ep. 12: He is My Masterpiece


Garrod pushes forward with his thrusters, but the GX Divider falls into the snow. Kid tells Garrod to use the divider, and Garrod uses its thrusters to hover past the Frost brothers and open fire with his beam machine gun. Shagia jumps to attack, but Garrod predicts the move and blasts the Gundam Virsago. Everyone on the bridge is amazed by Garrod’s skills, and Jamil says that he’s a genius of adaptability. Shagia tells Olba it’s too dangerous to fight the upgraded GX Divider right now, but Olba thinks they can still fight. Shagia says this isn’t the place for them to die and they both take off. Olba doesn’t want Garrod to think he’s won, so he turns around and begins attacking again. Kid tells Garrod to use the harmonica cannon built into the divider shield. Garrod fires the harmonica cannon’s 13 beam guns at Olba, but Shagia takes the shot and is injured by an explosion in the cockpit. Olba transforms the Gundam Ashtaron into mobile armor mode and flies off with the damaged Gundam Virsago. Garrod then flies toward Fort Severn, but he stops and realizes that if he fights Carris now he’ll lose. At Fort Severn, Nomoa conducts a CAT scan on Tiffa and is amazed by the results. On the Freeden, Kid creates a combat simulator for Garrod to practice fighting bits, but Garrod loses. Jamil is impressed with the system, and Garrod says he wants to keep practicing. At their airplane, Olba watches over the wounded Shagia and vows to get revenge on the Vultures with his own hands. At Fort Severn, Toniya and Sara meet up in a coffee shop after doing some reconnaissance in the city. They overhear several men discussing a newspaper article about Tiffa being mistreated by the Vultures, and one of the men mentions that she’s at city hall now. Toniya and Sara leave the coffee shop, and Ennil drives by them on the street. Back at the ship, Garrod has spent three days practicing with the bit simulator, but he still can’t destroy them. In the bar, he crushes a soda can and says he wants the power to defeat a Newtype and save Tiffa. Toniya and Sara return to the ship and report to Jamil that Fort Severn’s propaganda has vilified them. Garrod begins to run off, and Jamil tells him if he’s going to leave he should do so by himself. Techs asks Jamil why he let Garrod go, and Jamil answers that Garrod knows his limits right now. At Fort Severn, an officer informs Nomoa that Ennil wants to speak with him. Nomoa says he doesn’t know her, and the officer gives him an envelope that Ennil says will make him want to see her. Nomoa opens the envelope and is shocked by the photo he finds inside.

Garrod sneaks into Fort Severn by riding under a truck. Ennil tells Nomoa that she knew the picture would work, and he asks her if she wants money. Garrod enters city hall and crawls through the air ducts, but he stops when he hears Ennil’s voice in Nomoa’s office. Tiffa senses something and runs to the door, but Carris enters the room and asks if she was expecting Garrod. Ennil apologizes to Nomoa and says she didn’t want him to think she was threatening him. He asks her why she even has the picture, which shows him and another man standing in front of a Bertigo. Ennil asks Nomoa to look at her face closely, and he realizes that she’s the daughter of Gen. Narda El, the man in the picture. Nomoa says that Nada took good care of him during the war, and Ennil mentions that her parents are dead now. Nomoa asks Ennil if there’s anything he can do for her, and she tells him she wants Garrod – dead or alive. She offers to help him and says that Nada told her much about what he was planning before the war. Nomoa takes Ennil down to the Patulia‘s hangar, and Garrod watches from a hidden position. Ennil remembers that the Patulia was part of Operation Lilac, and Nomoa asks her to call him by his real name, Professor Dorat. He tells her that Operation Lilac would’ve ended the war quickly if it had succeeded. The plan was to send the Patulia down to Earth with an escort of five Bertigos to attack the U.N.E., but unfortunately the Bertigos were destroyed during re-entry and the Patulia changed course. Nomoa asks Ennil if Nada was in one of the colonies, but she tells him that he was murdered after the war by people who discovered he was in the S.R.A. Ennil wasn’t killed because her mother was from Earth. Nomoa says that even though he preaches peace to the citizens and world unification to Carris, his real intent is to punish the Earth as revenge. Ennil asks Nomoa if Carris is his work, and Nomoa tells her that Carris is the best artificial Newtype he’s ever created. His dilemma now is whether to have Carris or Tiffa pilot the Patulia. Garrod accidentally makes noise, and Nomoa shoots at him. Alarms are sounded throughout the city, and Jamil orders Witz and Roabea to launch and help Garrod. However, just as they launch, Olba returns to attack them again. Garrod tosses a flashbang at several soldiers and barges into Tiffa’s room, where Carris is holding her at gunpoint. Garrod tells Carris that he’s being deceived because his Newtype power is fake, but Carris says he knows that. He was a normal person, but he wanted power to change the world and volunteered to become an artificial Newtype for Nomoa. Garrod says he wanted power too but realized he was wrong. Carris says that Tiffa will be against him, but Tiffa says she’s different because she was born as a Newtype. Garrod rushes toward Carris, but several soldiers shoot at him. Nomoa and Ennil enter the room, and Ennil declares she’s going to kill Garrod for refusing her.


Garrod enters combat for the first time with the GX Divider, and he’s lucky that he has Kid as a tutor. Even though he fumbles around a bit, he manages to successfully use the GX Divider’s powerful new weapons to keep the Frost brothers at bay. Shagia was smart to want to retreat, but Olba let his pride get in the way, causing Shagia to get injured. Garrod trains to defeat Carris’ bits, but his results aren’t so good. Instead, he goes to Fort Severn to rescue Tiffa, and we learn a couple of important items. First, Ennil is the daughter of an S.R.A. general who was killed by angry Earth citizens after the war. That explains why she’s a loner, as well as why she’s attracted to Garrod. The next bit of news is that Carris is an artificial Newtype created by Nomoa. In the Universal Century, Cyber Newtypes were problematic and had mental/health issues, and artificial Newtypes from After War are no different. Finally, there’s the bit that Nomoa is actually a S.R.A. scientist named Dorat. Though he styles himself as the mayor, he’s really planning to exact revenge on the people of Earth for the war. All this places Garrod in a pretty tough position.

Original Review: August 17, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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