Gundam X Ep. 26: Don’t Say a Word


In a dark room, Shagia and Olba play cards with three men to decide who will face the Double X first. The winner is a man named Demar Griffe, and he is given the experimental mobile suit Correl. He yells at the Frost brothers and demands that it be painted white. In Estardo, the citizens celebrate an end to the air strikes. Most of the Freeden‘s crew eat lunch at the palace. Tiffa thinks to herself that Toniya is forcing herself to be happy to cover her sadness over Ennil’s departure. Nearby, Jamil, Garrod, Witz and Roabea meet with Willis and his staff. While Lee wants to start a new military operation, Grant wants peace. Willis is indecisive yet again, and Roabea decides to leave because he’s bored. Later, Grant meets with Roabea and asks him to convince Willis to go for peace. He says that Lee is only fighting to one up Gastar and improve his position. Roabea refuses to do it and tells Grant he doesn’t like him either. Jamil asks Luchs if Estardo has a future, and Luchs answers that it depends on Willis. In the conference room, Willis asks Garrod what it was like to live in North America. Elsewhere, Lee offers to help Kid upgrade the Freeden. Kid is a bit hesitant, but Witz says he’ll take Lee’s offer. He says the Gundam Airmaster needs to be upgraded because the new units from the New U.N.E. have higher performance. Tiffa looks out at the city and is joined by Toniya. Toniya asks her if she’s spoken to Garrod recently, and she says she hasn’t. Willis tells Garrod he’d like to live like him, but Garrod thinks being a prince is better. Willis says he’s just a puppet who approves what his other advisors have already decided. He says he only became the ruler because his father was, but he doesn’t have the power to lead the people. Garrod understands and says that people often treat him like he’s just some kid. On the New U.N.E. landship Bandaal, Shagia meets with Romanov to discuss Operation Sacrifice. The plan calls for a massive assault on Northernbell’s capital Berude. Afterwards, they will offer a peace treaty to either Estardo or Gastar to sow distrust and play off their ethnic hatred of each other. In the hangar, Witz shows off his newly upgraded Gundam Airmaster Burst. Roabea drives off, and Tiffa rushes to tell Garrod that something bad will happen. Elsewhere, the New U.N.E. begins its assault of Berude. On the Bandaal, the maniacal Demar finishes painting his Correl all white.

Lee asks Jamil if he can help in the defense of Berude, but Jamil tells him the Freeden isn’t ready to move. Witz volunteers to go because he believes in the fight, but he also wants to test out the abilities of the Airmaster Burst. Garrod volunteers as well, and the two head for Berude. Sara wonders where Roabea went, and Toniya thinks he’s just loitering somewhere. Luchs reports to Willis that their forces have set out to provide aid to Northernbell. Garrod wants to protect the government leaders in Berude, but Witz says they only have to drive the New U.N.E. out of the city. Garrod lands in the cramped streets and realizes he can’t use the twin satellite cannon. Overhead, Shagia and Olba fly over the city. Demar tells them he wants a one-on-one fight and asks them to set it up. As Garrod fights off the New U.N.E. forces, he comes under attack from the Gundam Virsago. He chases after Shagia and is led into a town square. In the air, Witz faces off against the Gadeels and is now able to destroy them easily. In the town square, Demar attacks Garrod and slices into the Double X’s waist. Demar makes another pass and slices off the Double X’s left arm, followed by a stab into the backpack. Nearby, Witz destroys the remaining Gadeels and is attacked by Olba’s Gundam Ashtaron. Shagia watches as Demar’s lightweight Correl uses its beam knife to trash the Double X. Garrod realizes he’ll die if he keeps fighting the same way. Demar moves in for the kill, but Garrod blocks the beam knife with his beam rifle and causes an explosion. Demar is knocked back, and Garrod fires all his vulcans at the Correl to destroy it. Shagia and Olba escape because the test failed, and Witz wants to keep fighting the New U.N.E.. Garrod tells him that’s useless and points out that the New U.N.E. has conquered the city. After all the forces retreat, Garrod wonders what more they could have done, but Witz doesn’t want to talk. In Estardo, Roabea has a drink in a bar and watches a beautiful woman play the piano.


The Estardo arc continues with this action-packed episode. Although the allied forces won a slim victory in the last episode, this time they face a crushing defeat. I don’t think they were expecting the New U.N.E. to do something as devious as Operation Sacrifice. Within Estardo, things aren’t looking so well either. You’ve got a major clash between hawks and doves, and Willis is just the helpless puppet. Since we’re about halfway through the series, it’s time for some new Gundam upgrades, and Witz is the first in with his Airmaster Burst. This time he performs much better against the Gadeels. Garrod faces off against the first of three card playing maniacs and barely wins. The Frost brothers seem to be testing New U.N.E. pilots for Newtypes, but with their hatred of Newtypes I think they’re just setting it up for these guys to die. We’ll see what happens next.

Original Review: August 23, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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