Gundam X Ep. 27: I Bid You Farewell


Yurina Sanohara wakes up in the morning and finds that Roabea is making breakfast for her. When he goes back into the kitchen to get some coffee, she checks a basket underneath her bed that is filled with guns. As they eat breakfast, Roabea asks if he can stay with her for a while. She asks him if he’s being chased by someone, and he tells her he just felt uncomfortable in his environment. Yurina tells him that she can understand that because their area used to be part of Estardo, but now it has been conquered by the New U.N.E.. As occupiers, the New U.N.E. has treated the citizens badly. In Estardo, people are worried by the fall of Northernbell. At breakfast, Techs discusses the situation with Shingo and Kid. With Northernbell gone, Estardo and Gastar face the possibility of being enemies again and setting off another war of ethnic cleansing. Toniya wants Tiffa to help her wake up Witz and Garrod, but Techs asks them not to because they are exhausted from yesterday’s battle. Toniya finds Sara alone in her room and observes that everyone has changed since the appearance of the New U.N.E.. Off the coast of Sains Island, Ennil surveys the area with Lumark. He tells her that the New U.N.E. conquered the island in a matter of days. She asks him about Miles, and he tells her that all government officials on the island were executed. He then offers to show her his inventory because he knows she wants a mobile suit. Tiffa goes to Garrod’s room and watches him sleep. She says to herself that she still feels he is drifting away from her. Witz asks her in the hallway if Garrod woke up, but she runs away. In an Asian forest, a New U.N.E. Daughtress pilot is attacked by metal-cutting wires. His suit is sliced to pieces by Duett Langraph’s experimental mobile suit Britova. Shagia and Olba watch and are amazed he can kill his fellow soldiers with no hesitation. They find Duett playing with a small puppy and tell him he’ll be promoted two ranks if he can destroy the Double X. He continues to play with the puppy, and they ask him to pass along the information to his “other” self. Later that evening, Estardo is rocked by news that Gastar has signed a peace treaty with the New U.N.E.. Willis holds an emergency meeting with his cabinet to decide what to do. While the cabinet unanimously agrees to surrender, Lee insists on fighting to the end. Luchs tells Willis that the decision is his, and Willis asks for more time to think. Luchs says they don’t have time and takes it upon himself to decide on Willis’ behalf. He says they have no choice but to surrender because they cannot face the New U.N.E. or risk a war of ethnic cleansing with Gastar. Later, Lee defies orders and leads a group of nine Pyrons with his old Estardooth mobile suit. Jamil thinks that Lee wants to fight to die, so Garrod and Witz take off to stop him.

Shagia and Olba inform Duett that the Double X is on the move. They fly high in the sky with their transport plane and drop Duett’s Britova. After taking off, Duett asks his other self to take over. Olba and Shagia discuss the dual personalities that Duett possesses: one is a kind young man, but the other is a bloodthirsty killer. Duett detaches both of his boosters and slams them into Witz and Garrod. The two crash in a forest below and try to evade Duett. Duett blocks their path and fires missiles at them. Shagia and Olba watch from a nearby hill and wonder when Duett will use his special weapon. In Estardo, Luchs tells Willis that Lee went out into battle against orders. He worries that this could give the New U.N.E. and Gastar and excuse to start a fight. Grant gives Willis a letter from Lee stating that he is going out on his own volition and not from orders issued by his government. The advisor tells him that Lee apparently sent the same message to the New U.N.E. and Gastar as well. Luchs sees that Lee planned everything neatly before going out to die. Elsewhere, Duett lets up on his missile attack. Witz thinks he has an opening to attack, but Duett deploys his wire cutters and destroys Garrod’s beam rifle. The two attempt to dodge Duett’s furious attack as he slices trees apart with his wire cutters. Lee arrives at the border to Gastar and finds many Daughtress suits waiting there for him. Witz tells Garrod they don’t have time to fight Duett, and Garrod has an idea. He asks Witz to be bait for him, but Witz objects and says he doesn’t want the Airmaster Burst to be sliced apart. Garrod wants Witz to distract Duett so that he can move in and destroy him at close range. Witz agrees and draws Duett in close enough for Garrod to fire at his torso. As the Britova makes a fast descent, Duett reverts to his kind mode and wonders how the puppy is doing. The Britova crashes and explodes, and the Frost brothers conclude the second candidate wasn’t a Newtype either. Garrod and Witz arrive at the battlefield and find that Lee is the only one left among the allied forces. Garrod tells Lee he will save him, but Lee refuses. Two Daughtresses stab Lee’s Estardooth, but he overpowers them and destroys them both. He then holds Estardo’s banner high as the remaining Daughtress unleash a barrage of machine gun fire on him and destroy him. Later, Yurina meets with a man who tells her it’s time for them to fight. Witz tells Garrod things are okay because the general went out as he wished, but Garrod doesn’t agree. In his office, Luchs contacts the New U.N.E. and says he has a special request to make before Estardo surrenders.


Well, things don’t seem to be going well for the war effort against the New U.N.E.. First, Northernbell was conquered, and now they have signed a peace treaty with Gastar. Operation Sacrifice seems to be going exactly as planned. The Frost brothers continue to test potential Newtypes in battle against Garrod, and they don’t seem to be bothered by their psychopaths losing. It seems clear that their secret objective is to wipe out all of the New U.N.E.’s Newtypes. This time, Garrod goes up against a psycho with split personalities. Since there were three men at the card game in the last episode, there’s still one more maniac to fight. Lee makes a heroic and useless last stand, and he dies in exactly the manner you’d expect a stubborn old warrior to go out. Garrod and Witz are again too late to help anyone, and that’s bound to affect them. Roabea sits out this battle, and it seems the woman he’s shacked up with is some kind of guerilla. Finally, why is Luchs secretly contacting the New U.N.E.? What is he up to?

Original Review: August 23, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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