Macross II Ep. 2: Ishtar


In space, Feff’s scout ship enters Earth’s orbit. Several Zentradi Battle Pods launch, and Feff is informed that without an Emulator they can’t be controlled. Feff says that it is necessary to use Zentradi to find Ishtar, and he doesn’t care if he can’t control their violence. He then launches in his Gigamesh mecha and heads for Earth. At SNN headquarters Hibiki gives his battle footage to the news director. The director explains that Dennis has no relatives, but the company plans to give him a proper funeral. He also says that U.N. Spacy has ordered a news blackout until their news conference the next day, but Hibiki isn’t worried because he believes the truth will come out. When he leaves the director’s office, Matsui asks him about a rumor that he brought someone back with him in the Valkyrie. Hibiki tells Matsui that he wouldn’t hide a scoop like that, and Matsui wonders if the company is going to blame him for Dennis’ death. Hibiki calls his friend Mash the hair stylist at a bar and asks him about the condition of the Ishtar. Mash says that he treated her wounds and sedated her. Hibiki returns to his apartment and begins videotaping Ishtar in his bed. He wonder who she is when she suddenly wakes up. They don’t understand each other’s language, so Hibiki speaks in Zentran and puts a translating device on Ishtar’s ear. He gives Ishtar a glass of water, but she drops it and falls asleep. Later, Hibiki explains to Ishtar that the Zentradi and Meltrandi live peacefully as miclones with humans. Hibiki tapes more footage of Ishtar, and when she asks him why there’s no footage of him, he says it’s because he’s not important. An alarm goes off for another Macross Energy Warning, and Hibiki is surprised that it’s going off so early. Ishtar sees the energy and wonders if its the ship of the Alus. She asks Hibiki about the Macross, and he tells her that it brought culture to the Zentradi 80 years ago. Hibiki turns his attention to the SNN report on TV and is shocked to see that his footage has been edited to make it appear that U.N. Spacy won the battle. He calls Matsui and demands to know what happened, and Matsui tells him that U.N. Spacy took the master tape and censored most of it. Hibiki knows that he still has Ishtar to report on and realizes that she’s vanished. Ishtar wanders the city and runs into a punk who plays her music. She’s shocked by the music and things such as people laughing. Ishtar heads into the forest and trips on the ground, but Hibiki arrives to help her up.

At U.N. Spacy headquarters, Exxegran, Nexx and several other officers view footage of Valkyrie IIs destroying a reconnaissance Battle Pod that entered the atmosphere. The officers thought that the enemy was holing back in Mars orbit, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Exxegran says that it’s clear that their song strategy no longer works, leaving them dangerously vulnerable. At the mall, Mash asks Hibiki why he’s being so nice to Ishtar. Hibiki says that she’s just a news scoop to him, and Mash asks him why he doesn’t just sell the footage of her if that’s the case. Hibiki says that it’s because of military censorship, but Mash thinks he’s in love. They go over to have a look at Ishtar’s new haircut, and Hibiki is amazed by how she looks. Ishtar asks Mash about the Macross, and he asks her if she’s in love. Hibiki explains that if they go to Culture Park they can see the Macross and other historical monuments. Nastasha is also at the salon for hair treatment and recognizes Hibiki. Hibiki takes Ishtar to Culture Park, which contains monuments such as the Roman Coliseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Great Wall of China. Nastasha and Sylvie follow them so that Sylvie can have a chance to embarrass Hibiki and get revenge. After a while, Sylvie realizes that Hibiki isn’t doing anything exciting. Suddenly, explosions are set off on the other site of the hill. Zentradi and Meltrandi Powered Suits land and begin destroying all the ancient monuments. Sylvie knocks Ishtar and Hibiki to the ground to protect them and orders Nastasha to call for help. The three jump into a jeep to escape from a Battle Pod. The Battle Pod blocks their path, so Sylvie drives off the side of road to escape. As they walk through a ruin, Hibiki asks Sylvie why everything becomes a mess when the military is involved. Ishtar says everything is her fault and runs away. Ishtar runs out of the building and spots the Macross in the distance. A Zentradi pilot tries to kill her, but Feff knocks him aside. He asks Ishtar to come back with him, but she hesitates. Hibiki runs over to Ishtar and falls on the ground. Feff pulls a gun on him, but Ishtar pleads with him not to shoot. She then removes her tracking bracelet and smashes it on the ground. Nexx arrives in his Icarus and grabs onto the Gigamesh. Feff escapes and heads back to space, but he doesn’t understand Ishtar’s actions.


It looks like Hibiki learns a hard lesson after finally becoming a true reporter. U.N. Spacy doesn’t want anyone to see their poor performance in the battle and allow the public to believe everything is fine. It makes you wonder why Hibiki didn’t make a copy for himself before handing over the master tape. He tries to show the delicate Ishtar about Earth culture, and although he claims she’s just a story, it’s obvious that he likes her. Ishtar is convinced that the Macross is the ship of the Alus and is determined to see it. While it’s nice to have all of Earth’s ancient monuments collected at Culture Park, it makes it that much easier to destroy them. Sylvie isn’t likely to let Hibiki off easy, knowing that he is harboring one of the enemy.

Original Review: May 1, 2000

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Macross II Info

Kenichi Yatagai
Ken’ichi Yatsuya

Sukehiro Tomita
Manabu Nakamura
Eitakeshi Arii

Mechanical Designer(s):
Junichi Akutsu
Koichi Ohata
Kazumi Fujita
Atsushi Okuda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Shiro Sagisu

6 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 05.21.1992 – 11.21.1992
U.S. 10.28.1992 – 02.10.1993


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