Macross 7 Ep. 12: Spiritia Farm


Mylene drives out of control, and her kimono’s sleeve gets caught on the gear shift. She almost crashes into a tree, but Guvava uses his teeth to get the sleeve off the shift in time. She stops by Basara’s apartment to drop off the notes for a song she rearranged, and Ray asks what’s up with that outfit. Basara thinks it’s overboard and doesn’t lend itself to going wild, and Mylene says she isn’t wearing it because she intends to go wild. Basara asks Mylene if she’s going to stay for practice, but she says she has a date. Mylene meets Gamlin at a fancy restaurant and has lunch with him. Across the street, one of Michael’s men spies on them from a rooftop. Gamlin asks Mylene if she likes to sing, and she tells him she does a lot of karaoke. Gamlin points out that her sleeve is in her plate, and Guvava jumps out. She explains that Guvava was a gift from Max and that he’s always with her. She goes to the bathroom and tries to wash out the stain. Guvava senses something, and a vampire appears an knocks out Guvava. Guvava tries to attack, but the vampire knocks him out. Later, the police investigate the scene and treat it as a kidnapping. The spy reports the news to Michael and gets yelled at. Michael reports the news to Milia and is in turn yelled at and ordered to search. Max arrives, and Milia informs him that Mylene has been kidnapped. An officer shows Max and Milia several case files and reports that about 20 people have gone missing in the last week. The officer concludes that the cases are probably kidnapping perpetrated by the enemy. Exsedol thinks they might be stealing the people themselves, and the officer notes that two military personnel were also kidnapped. Milia says they have to create a special operations force to find the kidnapped citizens, and she says she’ll assign a portion of that force to look for Mylene. Geperuniti asks for a report on the samples and is told that their Spiritia levels seem to be unlimited. Michael rushes into Basara’s apartment and asks if he knows what happened to Mylene. Basara, Ray and Veffidas rush to the scene and find Guvava. Gamlin tells the detectives that a suspicious delivery truck was in the area. Guvava suddenly puffs up, and Basara says he must know where Mylene is, so they hop into the van and drive off.

Guvava points in the direction where Mylene is, and Ray follows. Sally and Miho report to Max that a worker from the fold section was kidnapped while on his break. Exsedol wonders if they’re trying to interfere with the lives of the citizens, and Max says it would’ve been better if he’d been kidnapped. Basara and the others end up in a warehouse district, and Ray says it’ll be tough to search every morning. Just then, the police detectives and Gamlin pull up. The detectives begin to question Basara, but Gamlin says he’ll take care of it. Gamlin demands to know why Basara is always getting in his way, and Basara answers that they’re searching for a friend. Ray asks why a pilot is involved in the search operation, and Gamlin says he’s looking for Mylene. Basara realizes that Mylene was on her date with Gamlin. Gamlin wants to know why he has Guvava and what his connection to Mylene is, and Basara says that she’s in the band. Gamlin wants to look for her too, but Basara tells him he won’t find her. On the Varauta flagship, Geperuniti orders Gigile to begin his assault. Basara and the others set up their instruments and speakers, and Gamlin comments that it’s no time for a concert. Basara says there’s no way to search such a large area, so if Mylene is nearby and hears the song, she’ll respond. Basara and the others then begin playing “Planet Dance.” Held in a room with the other captives, Mylene hears Basara’s voice. Mylene begins to sing herself, and eventually the other captives join her. Guvava hops over to a stairwell, and Basara, Ray and Gamlin follow. Kinryu calls Gamlin and tells him he has to launch because the Varauta are attacking, and Gamlin tells Basara he’s counting on him. As the Varauta forces approach, Exsedol concludes that they must be coming for the kidnapped people. Gamlin launches in his Nightmare and catches up with Kinryu and Physica. The room Mylene and the captives are held in is actually a cargo container, which the Varauta load onto a transport ship. Basara runs to get his Excalibur while Ray tries to stop the airlock from opening. As the transport ship launches, Basara fires speaker pods into the Elgersolns’ cameras and gun barrels. He then uses a pinpoint barrier punch to smash into the transport ship and retrieve the container. He manages to get back into the ship, and Ray closes the door before the Varauta can enter. Just then, the ship begins to rock as the emergency separation system is activated. City 7 begins a space fold, and Gigile realizes he was used as a decoy again.


The results of Geperuniti’s experiments have come in, and he’s decided to move forward with his Spiritia Farm Project. To Gigile’s dismay, that means that the sample retrieval mission was nothing more than a decoy. Mylene has another meeting with Gamlin, and he’s trying to piece together her connection with Basara. He obviously doesn’t listen to rock music, otherwise he’d have already known the simple fact that Mylene is part of Fire Bomber. He finds out anyway, but only Basara has to plainly lay it out for him. Although Basara and Ray manage to rescue Mylene, it’s all for naught when the Varauta break City 7 away from Battle 7 and initiate a fold operation.

Original Review: May 13, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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