Macross Dynamite 7 Ep. 1: Wonder


In 2047, one year has passed since the end of the war between the Protodeviln and the Macross 7 fleet. Fire Bomber lead singer Basara Nekki waters his plant and sticks a note underneath it before leaving. Later, band member Ray Lovelock, Mylene Jenius and Veffidas Feaze find the note, which states that Basara is leaving. Elsewhere, a space transport lands on the planet Zola, and Basara takes a ride on a boat to Mabtista Plaza, where Zolans listen to the radio drama Zomeo and Zoliet. Several men break into a Commercial Valkyrie hangar, and when Basara asks what’s going on, they start shooting at him. He runs toward them, and the space patrol arrive and shoot Basara with a stun gun. They engage in a firefight with the thieves, and Basara comes to and grabs his guitar and starts singing “New Frontier.” A space patrol officer named Liza Hoyly threatens to shoot Basara with a stun gun if he doesn’t stop singing. The hangar suddenly explodes, and Liza knocks Basara aside to run over to it. The thieves escape with a Valkyrie and a boat, and the space patrol gives chase. Parts of the boat break away, revealing a spacecraft that flies out of the water. Liza’s younger sister Elma walks up to the docks, and Liza tells her the criminals were poachers before she drives off. Elma looks over and sees Basara get up from his fall. Elma takes Basara back to her house and treats his bleeding arm. She tells him that the planet is full of bacteria because of migrating whales, so people who weren’t born on Zola aren’t immune and can die from a cut. She also mentions that the thieves from before are poachers who steal Valkyries and use them to capture the whales. Liza’s snake pet Capy looks at Basara, and he asks her if there are many whales on the planet, and Elma says they only come during the migratory season. She says the whales are used for spaceship engines, but getting near them damages computer equipment. Basara misunderstands and thinks they’re in the ocean, but Elma tells him the whales are in space. From outside, the booming voice of Elma’s father, Graham, tells her she shouldn’t have strangers over. Basara thanks Elma for helping him and gets up to leave, but he becomes weak-kneed from the herb Elma used. As he falls outside, he sees that Graham is Zentradi-sized. Graham picks up Basara and looks at him. Elma looks at Basara’s guitar and realizes he’s from Fire Bomber. As Basara rests, Elma cooks dinner and sings along to a karaoke version of “Planet Dance” in Zolan.

On the Macross 7 fleet, work continues on the new Battle 7 designed to replace the one destroyed during the Protodeviln War. In City 7, Fire Bomber performs in concert, with Mylene singing “Go.” After the concert, Diamond Force leader Gamlin Kizaki gives Mylene flowers and asks her why she doesn’t look cheerful. She says she felt empty, and outside Ray wonders where Basara went to. The next morning, Basara looks around and sees Graham’s Zentradi-sized whaling suit. Elma and Basara drive into town, and she says Graham causes trouble when the whales come. Basara goes to a guitar shop to find a new string, but the owner doesn’t have any. He warns Basara to stay away from Elma because Graham becomes very brutal during whale season. Five years ago, his wife Maria Velasquez-Hoyly was a galactic whale artificer and was killed while examining them. Since then, Graham cloned himself up to Zentradi size to fight the large white galactic whale. Basara meets up again with Elma, and two of the thieves from yesterday spot him. At the house, Graham sharpens his spears, while Basara tries to play his guitar with five strings. Graham pulls out and shows Basara a large whisker from the white whale. Basara looks at a small piece and realizes it’ll work as a guitar string. With the guitar repaired, Basara starts playing again and says he wants to see the whales. Elma asks Basara if she can be his apprentice because she wants to be a singer. Just then, the thieves open fire on Basara and Elma. He wonders if they’ve come to kill him, but Elma says they’ve come to steal the Valkyrie. She says her mother used to sing in the Valkyrie, and she wants to as well. Graham picks up one of the thieves, and Basara tries to play his guitar. Graham shakes and drops the thief, and they escape. Graham gets into his whaling suit, and Basara asks to borrow Maria’s Commercial Valkyrie. Graham takes off in his Whaling Boat and heads for space, followed by Basara. The Zolan space patrol detects the whales, and Liza launches in her Star Mirage with orders to arrest poachers. A poacher fleet approaches the whale, and the space patrol orders them to stop. Basara’s computer begins to malfunction, signaling the arrival of the whales. He flies over to the white one, and the poachers open fire. Graham rushes toward the white whale head on and fires several spears at it. Liza orders him to return, but he ignores her and fires more spears. Basara starts singing “New Frontier” as he approaches the white whale, which is struggling with Graham. Elsewhere, Gamlin gets a call that Basara’s song energy has been detected. Graham is tossed aside by the whale, and Basara’s Commercial Valkyrie is destroyed, leaving him exposed to space.


Set one year after the end of the Protodeviln War, Dynamite 7 is noticeably different from the TV series. For one, as an OVA series, it has a much higher budget than the TV series, giving us much more detailed (and colorful) background. The Valkyrie combat also looks more natural, compared to the stiff flying seen in the first half of the TV series. Incidentally, as was the case with the TV series, viewers with sharp ears will spot music from Macross II and Macross Plus. Also, for whatever reason, Basara comes across as more likeable in this OVA. He’s not really out to prove anything to anyone, but he just accidentally gets caught up in an adventure and goes along for a ride. This series introduces us to a new race of aliens, the elvish-looking Zolans. They’ve never been mentioned before, but given their appearance, I wonder if they’re also descended from the Protoculture. The Zolans have their own set of problems, mainly the appearance of violent poachers who want to capture the whales. Interestingly, most of them are in it for profit, but Graham is in it solely because he has a Captain Ahab-like obsession with getting revenge for his wife. It turns out his wife was a popular singer who sang in Valkyries, and that’s enough to get Basara interested in seeing the whales. Too bad for him his Valkyrie gets destroyed and he’s not wearing a spacesuit.

Original Review: September 23, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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