Macross Delta Mission 25: Singer of the Stars


At a team meeting, Kaname reports that Makina’s condition has stabilized, but she won’t be able to perform for a while. Hayate asks Freyja about her bandaged hand, and she lies that she scratched it on Windermere. Ernest states that because Mikumo was captured and they failed to destroy the Protoculture system, her song was heard throughout the galaxy with readings unlike any ever recorded. Chuck wonders if Mikumo betrayed them, and Kaname retorts that she’d never do that. Freyja thinks that she performed the Star Song, a legend from before the time of the Singer of the Wind. She also says that Mikumo’s voice felt different, like the color of darkness. Later, Reina calls everyone to Rag-Nyan Nyan and tells them that she has the flight recorder from Wright’s Sturmvogel, which Makina found and she reconstructed due to it being damaged. Hayate tells her to play it, and Wright reports having to change course due to turbulence, but the flight controller sees no turbulence and orders Wright to return to his original course. The flight controller then picks up two enemies on Wright’s tail and tells him to go to the ruins at Derwent. Wright says that he has to get farther away, and Reina comments that at that point the controls were remotely overridden and the Dimension Eater arming sequence initiated. The recording ends with Wright saying he won’t be able to get home and calling out to his wife, Asahi, and to Hayate. Mirage sees that he pretended to follow orders and tried to fly as far away as he could to minimize civilian casualties. Chuck wonders why they would detonate the Dimension Eater if it didn’t reach its target, and Arad thinks it might’ve been fear over what Wright might reveal if captured. Arad doesn’t remember hearing the “Falcon 2” call sign used in the recordings, and Reina reveals that the recorder had pictures of Protoculture ruins and that Wright was apparently in special intelligence. She says that NUNS was already investigating seven years ago the theory of Protoculture ruins being an ultimate weapon. They were afraid that Windermere would beat them to it, so they deployed the Dimension Eater. Berger arrives in a shuttle to speak to the Xaos crew and tells them that Mikumo is the Singer of the Stars. He explains that seven years ago, Wright discovered a DNA sample of the Singer of the Stars on Windermere. Somehow, that DNA sample got to Lady M, and from that she cloned Mikumo. He adds that the Protoculture system reacts to the Singer of the Stars and causes humanoid neural activity to synchronize at the delta level, which creates a large network. He says that at this level, the information becomes too much for a person to handle and threatens their sense of individuality. Berger says this proves his theory about music being the ultimate weapon, and he notes the legends about the Singer of the Stars existing only to sing, and obeying only the royal house of Windermere or a similar authority. Kaname wonders if Mikumo is being controlled, and Ernest says they might have to kill her. Roid announces to Heinz and the Aerial Knights that the Singer of the Stars’ stage, the Temple of the Stars, has appeared on Ragna. With that, her song can reach the entire galaxy at full strength. Theo wonders why it’s on Ragna, and Roid explains that Windermere and Ragna are the two poles of the Globular Cluster. Hermann thinks her singing is dangerous, and Roid explains that their runes make them more immune to the Star Song than any other humanoid. Bogue thinks that the Wind Song should echo throughout the galaxy, and Heinz tells them to do as Roid says. He opens his robe to reveal his crusted white chest and declares that he’ll sing as long as he can, but he wants them to follow Roid. Roid is informed that a NUNS fleet has entered the Domain of the Wind. Xaos hears the same news, and Berger comments that they’re going to use Dimension Eaters. Berger explains that he told NUNS about the Domain of the Wind being destabilized, which got him information about Wright in exchange. Kaname asks why he would do this, and he answers that Epsilon likely won’t be able to recoup its investment in Windermere. He says that in using Dimension Eaters, NUNS will likely cover it up as the Protoculture system going out of control. New orders come in from Lady M for the Macross Elysion to head to Ragna immediately and intercept Windermerian forces before NUNS attacks in two hours. Heinz says that nothing has changed in seven years and that NUNS will wipe out anything that gets in its way, but he intends to break the cycle and free the galaxy. Sigur Berrentzs takes off, and Keith tells Roid that he still thinks he’s hiding something. Roid recalls the thrill of when they first flew together, and that feeling hasn’t changed for him. He wants to establish everlasting peace in the galaxy, but Keith says he only cares about Windermere.

Reina and Freyja visit Makina in the infirmary, and Mirage runs into Freyja in a corridor. Roid tells Mikumo that he comes from a long line of priests that maintained the Temple of Time, and the first legend he heard about the Protoculture was the Singer of the Stars. He was fascinated and began researching the Protoculture, but the life of a Windermerian is too short to absorb all that knowledge. Berger contacts the Macross Elysion and explains that it’s easier to open a hyperspace gate on Ragna. He also mentions a rumor that when the Vajra Conflict ended in 2059, Xaos picked up a hyperspace transmission on Ragna that matched the frequency of the Megaroad-01, which disappeared over 50 years ago. It’s at this same time that the mysterious Lady M appeared, and with that he says goodbye. Arad asks how much of their equipment comes from Epsilon, and Ernest answers that replacing it would cost ten times their annual budget. Kaname tells Arad that even with Walkure not at full strength, they will still sing for the entire galaxy. Chuck eats a bento lunch and vows that he’ll take back Ragna and find Marianne. Mirage tells Hayate that she’s glad they learned the truth about Wright. She tells him he should go see Freyja before the final battle. Hayate asks around for Freyja and finally finds her on the observation deck. Hayate gets a package from his mother Asahi and opens it, revealing letters and souvenirs from Wright. Freyja looks at a photo of Wright and young Hayate and realizes that Wright was the man who gave her the music player. Freyja comments that Wright tried to protect everyone, and Hayate vows to do the same. The Macross Elysion disconnects from the Island Jackpot and takes off. Roid assures Heinz that his plan will work and asks for his approval. Heinz says “Rudanjaar Rom Mayan” to take control of Mikumo and make her sing the Star Song. The power of the Star Song surpasses the power of NUNS’ fold jammers. Under Var control, Marin activates the Dimension Eaters and destroys the NUNS fleet. Roid is amazed by the power of the Star Song. 


The penultimate episode sets up what will likely be a rushed finale and also reveals the truth of some long-running mysteries. The most important of those is what really happened with Wright and the Dimension Eater. We learn that he was an intelligence agent who investigated Protoculture ruins and found the DNA sample used to clone Mikumo. He was ordered to drop the Dimension Eater on Derwent to stop the Windermerians from discovering the Protoculture secrets, but he violated orders and tried to fly away. Unfortunately, NUNS initiated remote control and forced him to drop the Dimension Eater, albeit not on the intended target. That definitely backs up Arad’s assertion that Wright wasn’t the type to harm innocent people. It’s also confirmed that Wright gave young Freyja her treasured music player, in a good scene that features a piano rendition of “Do You Remember Love?” There are some downsides to this episode, mainly in the form of Berger, the walking exposition machine. He’s decided for whatever reason that Windermere is no longer a safe investment and decides to tell the cast more about the plot, including a random bomb drop about the Megaroad-01. We know from Flashback 2012 that the Megaroad-01 launched with original series stars Misa Hayase, Hikaru Ichijyo and Lynn Minmay, but the ship mysteriously disappeared in 2016. This is a mystery both within the Macross universe but also in the meta sense since Shoji Kawamori has never explained anything about the ship’s fate. This revelation fueled existing fan speculation that the mysterious “Lady M” was potentially Misa or Minmay. It seems very odd to randomly drop that nugget in the second-to-last episode of Delta, which barely has enough time left to sort out its own plot, let alone deal with the Megaroad-01. This speaks to wider problems with the show’s second half. If the story hadn’t ground to a halt with earlier episodes that were unnecessary, this finale setup could’ve been slotted earlier and given more time to breathe, and maybe things could’ve been explained more organically without another Macross history recap from Berger.

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Kenji Yasuda
Shoji Kawamori

Toshizo Nemoto
Tatsuto Higuchi
Ukyo Kodachi
Touko Machida

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Hidetaka Tenjin
Stanislas Brunet

Character Designer(s):
Chisato Mita
Masaru Shindo

Musical Composer(s):
Saeko Suzuki
Mina Kubota

26 episodes

Japan 04.03.2016 – 09.25.2016


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