Macross Frontier Ep. 19: Triangler


Ranka has a dream where she’s crying out in a field with her brother. As Ranka sleeps, Ai begins to glow and escapes into an air duct. On the roof, Brera plays “Aimo” on his harmonica, with Ai watching from a nearby rooftop. Later, a squadron of Cheyenne IIs fires their cannons as part of the parade to commemorate Ranka’s singing and the escape from the Vajra, which has been declared Aimo Memorial Day. At the heart of the parade, Howard rides in an open air limo, and the crowd is disappointed that Ranka isn’t there. Howard wonders where she is and hopes she’ll make it to school in time for the concert. Nearby, Ranka disguises herself with a big pair of glasses and runs off into an alley to look for Ai. Brera scans a trash can to find Ai, but he instead discovers an angry alley cat. Ranka watches the exchange and laughs at him. Elsewhere, Alto crawls through bushes to sneak into his family’s mansion, but he’s shocked to find Yasaburo already waiting for him. Yasaburo is happy that Alto is back, since he swore he’d never return. On the Macross Quarter 25, Mena complains about being on duty, and Lam comments it must be nice for Cathy to have the day off. On Island 1, Cathy buys hot dogs for herself and Ozma, which she uses as cover to tell him they’re being followed. On the street, Ranka and Brera continue to look for Ai with no success, so she buys him some ice cream. Nearby, Michael walks with Klan in tow to return her favor for helping him. At the mansion, Yasaburo escorts Alto to where Sheryl is, and for a moment Alto sees his mother when he looks at Sheryl. Sheryl angrily asks Alto why he came, and he asks how she’s feeling. Nanase tells Luca that Ranka ran off with Brera to find Ai. Luca offers to help search, so Nanase starts drawing a sketch of Ai. At the mansion, Sheryl tells Alto that she’s tired of singing and wants to try something different. Alto reminds her of her own words about working hard, but she says she was just lying to herself. He tells her she’s the Galactic Fairy, and she says she’s Sheryl whether she sings or not. Alto says he’ll be stunt flying at Ranka’s concert, so he wants Sheryl to be there. Elsewhere, Grace shows Leon the new MDE bomb created by analyzing fold quartz, which in essence makes it a smaller version of the Dimension Eater. Leon asks how mass production is going, and Grace says it’s irrelevant because she’s discovered the secret of the queen that even Mao and Ranshe couldn’t. Because of that, Leon decides to move forward with his other plan. Outside the school, a sniper loads his rifle.

Yasaburo tells Sheryl she’s quite the actor, and he tells her about Alto’s mother, Miyo. Sheryl asks Yasaburo if he brought her to the mansion as a way to lure Alto back and make him nostalgic. If so, she says she won’t be of any use, but Yasaburo says he still has hope. He says that performing on stage is a poison too sweet to give up, which he says she knows as well. Elsewhere, Ozma and Cathy decide that they have enough evidence to bring down Leon. Ranka continues to search at Griffith Park and wonders if Ai is really gone, but Brera pats her on the head and says it’ll be ok. She says he reminds her of an older brother and asks if he has a sister, but he reveals that he has no memories. She tells him she’s the same, and he asks why she sings. Ranka answers that she likes singing, and he says that lately she doesn’t seem happy even when singing. He asks whom she’s singing for, and she thinks of Alto. Later, Ranka’s concert begins at school with “Interstellar Flight.” Michael, Alto and Luca take off in their EX-Gears and leave trails of colored smoke as they fly over the school. Michael comments that Ranka is singing well today, and Alto says they can’t screw up their part of the show. Alto and the others write Ranka’s name in the air, along with a heart and arrow. Nearby, Sheryl watches from a forest and begins to walk away, but Klan tells her not to leave. Michael asks Alto about Sheryl, and Michael tells Alto he’s too dense and needs to give Ranka an answer. He says that Ranka is specifically singing to Alto, and the same goes for Sheryl. Alto asks him what he knows, but Michael says nothing. Alto says he doesn’t want to hear a lecture from a womanizer, and Michael admits that he’s a coward. He tells Alto that he’s different, but he stops when he sees Sheryl emerge from the stairwell. Luca takes a look at Nanase’s drawing of Ai and realizes that it’s a Vajra larva. Elsewhere, Vajra begin to break out of their eggs. Cathy and Ozma confront Leon to arrest him for planning a coup, but he tells them they’re too late. As Howard walks back to his limo, the sniper takes aim for his head. Michael tells Klan she did well and says everyone wants to like someone. Ranka runs up the stairwell to the roof, convinced she can finally tell Alto how she feels. When she reaches the roof, she’s surprised to see Sheryl in Alto’s arms.


In a somewhat strange move, this episode is titled after the first OP song. I guess it’s fitting since the love triangle takes center stage here. On one side, Michael and Klan are trying to push Sheryl and Alto to each other, and Ranka finally decides to confess to Alto. At the same time, the conspiracy storyline also takes some leaps forward. Leon’s intentions are fully revealed, and he’s sent a sniper to assassinate Howard during Ranka’s concert. Ozma and Cathy finally come forward after investigating for several episodes, but it seems like they might be too late. It’s also made clear that Ai is indeed a Vajra larva, and there’s certainly a lot more hiding on the ship, which would explain Ai’s appearance in the first place. Not surprisingly, this setup ends in a triple cliffhanger, with love triangle misunderstandings, hatching Vajra and a sniper taking aim at Howard.

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Macross Frontier Info

Yasuhito Kikuchi
Shoji Kawamori

Hiroyuki Yoshino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Junya Ishigaki
Takeshi Takakura

Character Designer(s):
Risa Ebata
Yuichi Takahashi

Musical Composer:
Yoko Kanno

25 episodes

Japan 04.03.2008 – 09.25.2008


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