MW-01 Mobile Worker Model 01 Colony Coating Type


Model number: MW-01
Code name: Mobile Worker Model 01 Colony Coating Type
Unit type: prototype mobile worker
Manufacturer: Zeonic Company
Operator: Principality of Zeon
Rollout: UC 0078
First deployment: January UC 0079
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 15.9 meters; head height 13.9 meters; overall width 18.7 meters
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: Minovsky type fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Performance: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; 4 x wire tensioner, mounted on shoulders; 2 x large tank, mounted on lower body; spraying device, connected to main body via forearm attachments
Fixed armaments: none

The MW-01 Mobile Worker Model 01 Colony Coating Type was a variant of the Principality of Zeon’s MW-01 Mobile Worker series. The Colony Coating Type’s lower body was replaced with a six-wheeled buggy like vehicle. The new bottom mounted two large tanks with heat resistant liquid. The forearm attachments were replaced and connected to a spraying device, while the shoulders mounted four wire tensioners that secured the Mobile Worker to the colony’s surface. As the One Year War broke out in January UC 0079, Zeon forces captured Island Iffish, the capital colony of Side 2 Hatte. Multiple Colony Coating Type units were deployed to spread heat resistant material on the colony’s windows to prepare it for Operation British. After the coating was complete, GG Gas Infusion Vessels pumped poison gas into Island Iffish and killed its inhabitants. Zeon forces then attached rocket boosters to the colony and broke it out of its stable orbit, sending it on a path to crash into the Earth Federation Forces’ Jaburo headquarters in South America. However, the colony broke up into three pieces during atmospheric reentry, destroying the city of Sydney and causing severe damage to Asia and North America.

First appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (anime)
Original mechanical designer:
Kimitoshi Yamane


Rear view

Gundam: The Origin Info

Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Takashi Imanishi

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (manga)

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Mika Akitaka
Kimitoshi Yamane
Junichi Akutsu

Character Designer(s):
Tsukasa Kotobuki
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Takayuki Hattori

6 episodes (OVA); 13 episodes (TV re-edit)

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 02.28.2015 – 05.08.2018
U.S. 08.01.2017 – 07.02.2019

Airdates (TV version):
Japan 04.29.2019 – 08.12.2019
U.S. 07.06.2019 – 10.05.2019


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