The Mechanista Cleanup

Gundam SEED Re: header
Gundam SEED Re: header

Today’s update is a rather large one, in various ways. First, our Podcasts category has been updated with the entire back catalog of Mechanista in G, a great show produced by our content partners at Scanline Media. Their latest episodes will be a regular feature on our homepage, and if you enjoy their work, I would encourage you to support their Patreon.

The other part of this update relates to the first. In creating all these podcast pages, I’ve also created new mecha profiles to fill in gaps of things discussed on Mechanista that were not previously on MAHQ. This has resulted in the creation of three new sections:

This effort has also resulted in the creation of many individual new profiles, including:

Special thanks go out again to Dylan and Six for continuing to produce great content. There are more gaps in Mechanista episodes that you will see filled in the future (but definitely not for beans or cars).


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