Get Your Ass to Mars

Nadesico header
Nadesico header

Although I typically save conversion updates for the end of the week, this one is a bit special because it’s not typical. The following sections have been converted to the new site:

What’s noteworthy here is that in addition to a new section, all of these include mecha profiles. The old version of MAHQ never included Nadesico mecha content, but it almost did. Work on a mecha section began in 2007, at around the same time the anime reviews debuted. A partially constructed mecha section was prototyped way back on version 1 of MAHQ, but for one reason or another, it just sat there for 12 years. Now it finally gets its due, so I’d like to thank AmuroNT1 and Kuruni for their work long ago putting together the mecha listings. In addition, I’d also like to thank Lucas Tan for using the Internet Archive to track down all the old lineart that is otherwise no longer available. I know I said that new mecha content would include higher quality lineart, but since this is technically “old” content I’m going to let that slide this time. In the future, Nadesico lineart will be updated wherever possible.


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