Patlabor Ep. 47: Condition Green


Division 1 is deployed to respond to an incident where bank robbers have barricaded themselves inside a temple. Gomioka and Yuuki deploy in their Zeroes, and Shinobu gives them orders to move in. The priest isn’t happy, and Shinobu tells Gomioka to use a stun stick if the suspect resists. Gomioka and Yuuki enter the temple grounds and find an Economy Type Mk. II, which rips out a light pole and tries to attack them. Yuuki grabs the Mk. II from behind, allowing Gomioka to manually open its cockpit and peacefully end the situation. Back at the station house, Shinobu gloats about the positive press that Division 1 and the new Zero are receiving, and she asks Goto if he’s worried about comparisons to Division 2. Kumagami sees Ota looking at the Ingrams and asks if the Zero has shaken his confidence. He says all he can do is keep pushing his way through, and Kumagami tells him not to let the media get to him. Shinshi and Hiromi run over to invite Ota and Kumagami to dinner at Shinshi’s house. Asuma walks in and asks everyone if they’ve seen Noa because she’s gone missing. In Hokkaido, the Izumis close up their liquor shop for the night when Noa shows up. Noa eats dinner with her parents, and her mother brings out more and more food. Noa tells her father that he shouldn’t gain weight at his age, and he pours some sake for them. He asks her how work is, and she tells him everything is great. Noa goes to grab a glass so she can out drink her father. At the station house, Ota asks Asuma why he’s polishing Unit 1, and Asuma says it’s because he’s her partner. Goto gets a call and is surprised to see all of Division 2 polishing the Ingrams, but he calls Asuma over. Noa rides her bike out to the field where Alphonse the dog is buried and recalls her father telling her she has to move on because everyone’s time comes eventually. He told her that dogs don’t live as long as people do, so you have to appreciate the short time you have with them. He told her that Alphonse wouldn’t want her to cry, so she hugged him. Noa thinks to herself that it’s the same now like it was then. As she crosses a bridge on her way home, she’s surprised to see Asuma there. He asks if she needed a break, and they ride back to her shop, where she says she has to go back to Tokyo. Her father notes that she just got there, and Asuma tells him that Goto sends his thanks. Later, Asuma and Noa arrive at the airport in Tokyo and finds Hiromi waiting for them with their uniforms because they’ve been mobilized. He explains that there are terrorists in the Kawasaki Complex and Division 1 is already on the scene.

Gomioka and Yuuki split up to search the area, and Shinobu tells them not to use revolvers or stun sticks because a fire would be catastrophic. Goto asks Shinshi for a progress report, and Shinshi tells him the terrorist picked a perfect place to hide. Noa apologizes to Goto for making her worry, and he tells her there’s no time to talk. Noa deploys in Unit 1 and says she’ll push Alphonse to the very end with no regrets. Noa joins the search, and Shinobu tells her men that everything could depend on whether the Ingram or Zero finds the terrorist first. Ota asks Kumagami to watch the monitors as he raises himself up to search with his own eyes. Kumagami spots a labor’s heat signature, and a Crabman High-Leg jumps out and rips off half of Unit 2’s left arm. Asuma borrows Goto’s car to drive to the scene. The Crabman moves past Yuuki and knocks him down before piercing his cockpit. The Crabman escapes and is chased by Yuuki and Ota to where Gomioka is waiting. Gomioka attacks the the Crabman and temporarily stops it, but it pins him against a fuel tank and pierces the tank. Gomioka tells Yuuki to not use the stun stick, and Ota pushes him aside to tackle the Crabman. The Crabman loses a leg and escapes, with Ota in pursuit. Noa calls Asuma and asks him what a Crabman weighs. He tells her it’s about 13 tons fully equipped, and she says she can do it. She starts running toward the Crabman and swoops under it to grab it from beneath. She grabs it and throws it over her head, but the exerted force damages Unit 1’s knees. Shinobu is surprised to see that Fukushima was on the scene, and Goto tells her that intelligence isn’t Fukushima’s strong suit. She asks if Fukushima said anything about the division reorganization, and Goto tells her that the decision is to keep everything the way it is for now. He also tells her that the Zero has been officially named “Peacemaker,” which she thinks is a fitting name. Sakaki tells Shige that he’s going to leave the Zero in his hands. Noa tells Sakaki that she’s really enjoyed piloting the Ingram and asks him to take good care of it. Sakaki comments that the Ingram is probably the last machine he’ll work on because technology is advancing too quickly for him. Gomioka compliments Noa on her throw, and she says it’s just because by know she knows what Alphonse can do. Gomioka says he’s looking forward to working more with Noa and shakes her hand. Later, Noa asks Asuma if he wants to see a movie, and he tells her that she’s changed. Both divisions of SV2 leave the crime scene and head back to the station house.


The series comes to a close with this episode, which concludes the story from the previous one. Noa has abandoned her job and runs all the way north to Hokkaido, but it’s here that she finds the answer she needs. She recalls the death of the first Alphonse and her father telling her she had to move on. She realizes that she’s in the same situation and that Alphonse the Ingram won’t be around forever. But she’s ok with that now and returns to Tokyo just in time for a situation that requires both divisions to work together. This is something we’ve never seen before since Division 1 was always crippled by its inferior Pythons. Now they’re on better footing with Division 2, but even the new Peacemaker isn’t invincible, as seen when it tangles with the Crabman. In the end, Noa saves the day because she knows what Alphonse can do and pushes it to its limits to get the job done. Despite everything going on, every member of the cast gets a moment to do something before the episode ends. This is the kind of ending you wish other shows could have, as it wraps up the themes that it’s been developing throughout its entire run. Although the TV series is over, the story of Patlabor isn’t, thanks the second OVA series.

Overall Rating

Patlabor Info

Naoyuki Yoshinaga

Kazunori Ito
Mamoru Oshii
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Naoto Kimura
Tetsuo Takahashi
Michiko Yokote
Hibari Arisu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yutaka Izubuchi
Yoshinori Sayama

Character Designer:
Akemi Takada

Musical Composer:
Kenji Kawai

47 episodes

Japan 10.11.1989 – 09.26.1990


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