RCX-76-02 Guncannon First Type

General and Technical Data

Model number: RCX-76-02
Code name: Guncannon First Type
Unit type: prototype artillery mobile suit
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics
Operator: Earth Federation Forces
Rollout: unknown
First deployment: UC 0078
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: head height 17.5 meters; overall width 8.1 meters
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Performance: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: low-recoil cannon, mounted on left shoulder; Gatling gun, mounted on right shoulder; 2 x vulcan gun, mounted in head, shield, mounted on left forearm
Optional hand armaments: rifle

Technical and Historical Notes

The RCX-76-02 Guncannon First Type was developed by Anaheim Electronics as the successor to the RTX-65 Guntank Early Type. Despite its humanoid shape, the Guncannon was given the same main battle tank (MBT) classification as the Guntank. The Guncannon’s humanoid design mirrored similar developments within Zeon. The Guncannon was intended to be more versatile than the Guntank, and its three-fingered manipulators could be changed with different armaments depending on the mission. The RCX-76-02’s design was based on data from two evaluation units, the RCX-76-01A and RCX-76-01B. The units used by the Iron Cavalry Squadron were equipped with a low-recoil cannon, two vulcan guns, a Gatling gun and rifle. In UC 0078, the Iron Cavalry Squadron engaged Zeon in history’s first mobile suit battle at Mare Smythii on the lunar surface. The Guncannon First Type had a disastrous showing against Zeon’s MS-05 Zaku I. As a result, developer Tem Ray pushed the EFF to allow him to develop the RX-78-2 Gundam.

Miscellaneous Information

Pilot: Erdush
First appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (anime)
Original mechanical designer: Hajime Katoki



Gundam: The Origin Info

Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Takashi Imanishi

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (manga)

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Mika Akitaka
Kimitoshi Yamane
Junichi Akutsu

Character Designer(s):
Tsukasa Kotobuki
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Takayuki Hattori

6 episodes (OVA); 13 episodes (TV re-edit)

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 02.28.2015 – 05.08.2018
U.S. 08.01.2017 – 07.02.2019

Airdates (TV version):
Japan 04.29.2019 – 08.12.2019
U.S. 07.06.2019 – 10.05.2019


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