VOTOMS Ep. 24: Intersection


Chirico fights off a horde of Standing Turtles by himself while Fyana hides behind some rocks. The Standing Turtles close in on Chirico and damage the right leg of his Marshydog. Chirico destroys several Standing Turtles, and Fyana positions one of the Turtles’ rocket launcher and fires it to help Chirico. More reinforcements arrive and surround Chirico, but they’re suddenly destroyed when Kiderra, Potaria and Shako attack from above. They assist Chirico in destroying all the remaining Standing Turtles. Potaria asks Chirico if he’s seen Kan Yu, and Chirico admits that he killed him. They are all shocked, and Fyana comes out and explains that Chirico did it to protect her. Potaria asks who she is, and Chirico says she’s a PS. Potaria sees that she was Chirico’s objective all along. Kiderra thinks killing Kan Yu will cause some problems, and Potaria explains that the enemy’s main base is just ahead. They ask Chirico what’s going on, and he tells them everything about Melkia’s PS Project and the Secret Society. Kiderra says he can’t just let Chirico go, and Potaria says his intention is to go to the palace and kill Kanjelman. Kiderra thinks Kanjelman will have a nice bounty attached to him, and Potaria says it isn’t about money. He explains that Kanjelman was his commander when he served in the Kummen Royal Guard. He says he used to discuss his dreams of the future with Kanjelman. Kanjelman’s advisors tell him he should recall all their forces to the main base to fight off the enemy in one blow. He agrees with them and says he will show the enemy what he can do in the end. Ypsilon takes a jijirium shower, and Borough tells him that Chirico and Fyana must die. Chirico, Fyana and Potaria prepare to leave for the palace. Kiderra decides to join them because he has nothing else to do, but Shako decides to stay behind and wait for the main forces because he has a contract to fulfill. Along the route, an Assemble helicopter approaches and demands that Chirico hand over Fyana. Kiderra opens fire on the helicopter and damages it. Gon Nu is informed of the situation and names Chirico a traitor, wondering if he killed Kan Yu as well.

Rochina asks Gon Nu about his progress, and Gon Nu says they have located Fyana and are closing in on her. Rochina tells him to secure her before the big push starts because he doesn’t want to have her stolen from the Kummen military too. Vanilla, Gotho and Coconna drink coffee and wonder how Chirico is doing. Vanilla is paged over the loudspeaker with orders to takeoff. Coconna asks him to come back in one piece, and he tells her to stay faithful. Elsewhere, Chirico’s team travels along the river towards Kanjelman’s palace. Fyana says that there are enemies nearby. Kiderra thinks she’s imagining things, but Chirico says a PS’s senses are very sharp. Three Standing Turtles emerge from the water and attack. Chirico, Potaria and Kiderra fight while Fyana hides behind a rock. She shouts out to everyone the locations of all the enemy AT units. At the palace, Borough and Ypsilon speak to Killy in a video conference. Killy isn’t pleased with the situation and questions Borough’s competence. He says that they have to look beyond Kummen and see what a PS is capable of. He tells Ypsilon that a new PS custom AT has been completed, which directly connects the pilot’s thoughts to the AT. He tells Ypsilon to use it and think of nothing but battle. Chirico and the others travel up the dry riverbed and reach an old temple. Fyana infiltrates the temple alone to investigate it. She overhears the base commander arguing over the phone about the orders to fall back to the palace. She steals a Standing Turtle and begins to destroy all the vacant AT units. When several Standing Turtles attack, Fyana fights them off by herself and destroys them all. Chirico and the others arrive, and Kiderra shoots at Fyana when he thinks she’s one of the enemies. Fyana tells them what she overheard, and Potaria doesn’t understand why such a brilliant strategist like Kanjelman would make such a suicidal move. Vanilla flies by and reports to Assemble HQ that he’s spotted Chirico. He is told that Gon Nu is having a strike team sent out to wipe out Chirico. Chirico knows that Gon Nu doesn’t plan to let him go alive.


Everything is quickly building up to a big final battle between the Melkian/Kummen forces and the Veela. Once again, Chirico is caught in the middle with both sides after him. He reunites with his AT comrades and is joined by two of them in his quest against the Secret Society. We learn that Kanjelman was Potaria’s commander, and though it’s clear that Potaria respects Kanjelman, you can see that he also feels betrayed. Killy is rightfully displeased with Borough’s incompetence and gives Ypsilon a new AT so that he can finally kill Chirico and Fyana. With a new PS custom AT, he might have a good chance in the coming battle.

Overall Rating

Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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